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RESOLUTION NO. 5130 <br />A RESOLUTION SUPPORTING A CARBON PRICING POLICYFOR <br />THE STATE OF OREGON. <br />The City Council of the City of Eugenefinds that: <br />A. <br />The City Council is compelled by the scientific consensus that carbon dioxide <br />emissions are the primary cause of global climate change. <br />B. <br />The City Council agrees that climate change is a crisis demanding immediate <br />measures to reduce its negative effects. <br />C. <br />Climate change is a threat to public health, national security, food security, and <br />business supply chains. These have costs to our society that are not reflected in the price of <br />fossil fuels. <br />D. <br />The City Council believes that assigning a cost to carbon dioxide emissions is <br />one of the most efficient waysto decrease carbon pollution, discourage consumption of fossil <br />fuels and encourage development of alternatives. <br />E. <br />The 2013 Tax and Shift: How to Make it Work for Oregon’s Economyreport <br />published by the Portland State University Northwest Economic Research Center and the <br />December 2014 report to the legislature on the feasibility of a fee or tax on greenhouse gas <br />emissions, also by Northwest Economic Research Center,conclude that imposing a price on <br />carbon within the State of Oregon would have relatively small impacts on the economy and <br />would significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions. <br />NOW, THEREFORE, <br />BE IT RESOLVED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF EUGENE, A Municipal <br />Corporation ofthe State of Oregon,as follows: <br />Section 1. <br />The City Council requests that the Oregon State Legislature carefully craft <br />legislation to impose a carbon pricing policy,in part relying on modeling described in the <br />reports outlined in the above findings and the experience of British Columbiawith special <br />attention for mitigating adverse impacts on low income families. <br />Section 2. <br />The City Council urgesthe Environmental Protection Agencyto allow <br />states the option of voluntarily usingmarket based,economy-wide carbon pricing as an <br />alternative compliance mechanism for the Clean Power Plan. <br />Section 3. <br />A copy of this resolution shall be forwarded to Governor Brown, Senators <br />Resolution -Page 1of 2 <br />