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RESOLUTION NO. 5174 <br />A RESOLUTION DECLARING THE CITY OF EUGENE’S <br />COMMITMENT TO BEING A WELCOMING, INCLUSIVE, AND SAFE <br />COMMUNITY FOR EVERYONE <br />The City Council of the City of Eugene finds that: <br />A. <br />As theMayor and City Council ofthe City of Eugene,we are united in our <br />commitment to serve the people that we represent after the culmination of one of the most <br />divisive general elections in our Country's history. <br />B. <br />In alignment with City Council’sgoal of creating a safe and welcoming <br />community,we are firm in our resolve to ensure that all people residing in, visiting and passing <br />through the City of Eugene are safe. We choose to be a leader in promoting human rights and <br />social justice and equity, public safety and social well-being. <br />C. <br />The City of Eugene has a long standing history and commitment ofsupporting <br />many communities who are experiencing hate, bias and discriminationand the City Council has <br />adopted Ordinances and Resolutions that demonstrate this commitment, including: <br />1. <br />Human Rights Municipal Code provisions, EC 4.613 -4.655 (adopted in <br />1971, with the most recent amendment adopted in 2014which madeit <br />unlawful to discriminate based on gender (Ord. 20523)) <br />2. <br />Resolution 5073 (adopted2012) Support of a Statement of Principles for <br />Immigrant Integration <br />3. <br />Resolution 5142 (adopted in 2015) A Resolution Declaring the Urgency of <br />the Housing and Homelessness Crisis <br />4. <br />Resolution 5148 (adopted in 2016) A Resolution Declaring the Second <br />Monday of October as Indigenous Peoples’ Day <br />5. <br />Resolution 5150 (adopted in 2016) A Resolution Supporting the Oregon <br />Convention on Elimination of All Forms of DiscriminationAgainst <br />Women <br />6. <br />Resolution 5154 (adopted in 2016) A Resolution Declaring the City of <br />Eugene’s Commitment in Protecting Refugees <br />D. <br />We believe in and are committed to continue our work to build a community that <br />is welcoming, inclusive, just and safe for everyone. <br />Resolution -Page 1of 2 <br />