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it would be reauthorized. She said she would provide a more detailed report later. She commented on the <br />efforts of Vancouver, Washington to preserve historic buildings in the downtown area. She described a <br />housing project in which 40 percent of the housing was reserved for people making $7 to $9 per hour. She <br />said the project had a number of progressive features and she felt Eugene could learn a lot from Vancouver. <br /> <br />Mr. Kelly joined Ms. Ortiz in commending the new Monroe Street Substation with its expanded services and <br />welcoming environment. He said he also attended the event at Crescent Village and thought the development <br />was a good example of density, diverse housing types, and mixed uses. <br /> <br />Ms. Bettman requested abbreviated training in cultural competency as a follow-up to the Communities of <br />Color forums. She hoped it would be scheduled in November when new members of boards and commis- <br />sions had been appointed. City Manager Taylor replied that the training was tentatively scheduled for <br />November 29 and a draft agenda would be in the council’s Thursday packet. <br /> <br />Mr. Pryor said a financial report was presented at the recent Lane Metro Partnership Board meeting and the <br />organization was financially sound with many activities in progress. He attended the rededication of Acorn <br />Park and commended Carolyn Weiss and her staff for the project. He said many people from the neighbor- <br />hood attended the event. He said community health centers, which operated under the auspices of the <br />Human Services Commission, were exploring ways to restructure, achieve some efficiencies and expand <br />services. He noted that a priority was protecting existing staff from loss of wages or benefits. <br /> <br />Mr. Papé said he was surprised at news that City Manager Dennis Taylor had applied for another job and <br />hoped that Mr. Taylor kept his expertise and career in Eugene. <br /> <br />City Manager Taylor apologized to the mayor and the council for the awkward way with which they were <br />notified that he was a finalist for a job with the City of Lawrence, Kansas. He said concern with issues <br />related to the police auditor, the City Charter, and the City Attorney’s opinion had prompted him to consider <br />the job with the City of Lawrence where he had been an undergraduate. He expected a decision would be <br />made sometime in October and if he was selected he would also have a decision to make. <br /> <br />Mr. Papé did not think an apology was necessary and hoped that any issues could be resolved and Mr. <br />Taylor would remain in Eugene. He reported that the United Way campaign was launched at Lane <br />Community College with a goal of raising $5 million. He said organizers were optimistic that goal could be <br />achieved as the community had always been generous. He said the Lane Council of Governments Board met <br />last week and took action on some minor bylaws amendments primarily related to executive committee <br />membership and meeting schedules. He said there was a presentation on and discussion of the Lane County <br />income tax measure for public safety. <br /> <br />Ms. Solomon reported on her attendance at a Good Neighbor Day event at the Good Neighbor Care Center <br />in Santa Clara. She said the center was an assisted living facility and it was a pleasure to attend the first <br />annual event. She said a citizenship award was given to someone from the Alzheimer’s Association for his <br />work on behalf of victims of Alzheimer’s disease. <br /> <br />Mayor Piercy noted a memorandum from Council, Public, and Government Affairs Manager Mary Walston <br />regarding recruitment of Budget Committee members. She said that committee member Bob Peters had <br />withdrawn as a candidate for a second term and Ms. Walston was recommending that the recruitment be <br />reopened. There were no objections to reopening the recruitment. <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />MINUTES—City Council September 25, 2006 Page 2 <br /> Work Session <br /> <br />