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Minutes approved 9/27/16 <br />Click here to view video of meeting <br />Board of Commissioners Regular Meeting <br />Board of Commissioners Conference Room <br />September 20, 2016 <br />9:00 a.m. <br />ROLL CALL <br />StewartBozievichSorensonFarrLeiken <br />PresentPresentPresentPresentPresent <br />ADJUSTMENTS TO THE AGENDA <br />1. <br />#PUBLIC COMMENTS <br />2. <br />Expected maximum time 20 minutes: Speakers will be taken in the order in which they <br />sign up and will be limited to 3-minutes. If the number wishing to testify exceeds 7 <br />speakers, then additional speakers may be allowed if the chair determines that time <br />permitsor each speaker's time may be reduced to fit within 20 minutes. <br />COMMISSIONERS' RESPONSE TO PUBLIC COMMENTS AND/OR OTHER <br />3. <br />ISSUES AND REMONSTRANCE (2 min. limit) <br />EMERGENCY BUSINESS <br />4. <br />A.ACTION/ Letter from the Lane County Board of Commissioners supporting the <br />formation of a partnership which will address invasive weed impacts particularly <br />within the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area. (Steve Mokrohisky, County <br />Administrator) <br />MOTION: FarrCOMMENTS: <br />SECOND: Leiken <br />VOTE <br />NameVote <br />Commissioner Faye Stewart YES <br />Commissioner Jay Bozievich YES <br />Commissioner Peter SorensonYES <br />Commissioner Pat FarrYES <br />Commissioner Sid LeikenYES <br />CONSENT CALENDAR <br />5. <br />A.COUNTY ADMINISTRATION <br />1)Approval of minutes: 9/13/16 <br />B.HEALTH & HUMAN SERVICES <br /> <br />