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<br />'ij <br /> <br />- ~ - - <br />-" - - <br /> <br />- ~----~~ -- - ----_.--~ <br />'. <br /> <br />.-_ _ _-C' . <br /> <br />---------.--- -~---- - .. ~---~---_.- ------ - ---.". - -~-- -- ----- -- ~ - - -~ <br />- -- ~ - <br /> <br />~ <br />441 <br /> <br />and that a warrant be drawn for it. Motionwas seconded and the ayes and nays <br />were called, Councilmen voting aye 7, nay none, absent Z~walt. <br /> <br />The Finance Committee, by Chairman Hendershott, presented a list of tax <br />statements concerning city properties that the city needed to pay to protect the <br />city's equity, and moved that they be paid and a warrant drawn for the same. <br />Motion was seconded and the ayes and nays were called, Councilmen voting aye 7, <br />nay none, absent Zumwalt. <br /> <br />The Finance Committee presented the following bills to the Council witha <br />recommendation that they be allowed and motion was made and seconded that warrants <br />be drawn for the same. The ayes and nays were called, Councilmen voting aye 7, <br />nay none, absent Zumwalt. <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />Scobert Warehouse Co. <br /> <br />MUNICIPAL PLAYGROUND FUND <br />9.25, <br /> <br />. <br /> <br />General BOND INTEREST FUND <br /> <br />F. Wentworth, Treas. <br />F. Wentworth, Treas. <br /> <br />3362.50 <br />3325.00 <br /> <br />F. Wentworth, Treas. <br />F. Wentworth, Treas. <br /> <br />IMPROVEMENT BOND SINKING FUND <br /> <br />~. Wentworth, Treas. <br /> <br />2118.75 <br />INTERSECTION FUND <br />1443.06 <br />, GENERAL FUND <br /> <br />F. Wentworth, Treas. <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />Aetna Life Ins. Co <br />Robert B. Roe <br />Chase Company <br />Montie Lesley <br />Central Heating Co. <br />,J. Vi. S i 1 va <br />McLean-Sanders Ins. Co. <br />A. E. Simmons Company <br />Burroughs Adding Machine Co <br />Kirchoff Insurance Agency <br />Eugene Water Board <br />General Be$vfuiligum Corp <br />Hanson Blue Print Co. <br />The A. Lietz Co. <br />Nordling Parts Co. <br />Stevenson's Inc. <br />Eugene Steam Laundry <br />Manerud-Huntingt'on Fuel Co <br />The National Geographic <br />Northwest Cittes Gas Co <br />Willfamson Co. <br />Coe Stationery Co <br />Firestone Service Stores <br />Imperial Lunch <br />Postal Telegraph-Cable Co <br />Western Union Telegraph Co <br />S. M. Calkins, City Attorney <br />Chet Daniels <br />Eugene Sand & Gravel Co. <br />Granzer's <br />Oregon Supply Co. <br />Scobert's Warehouse <br />Simmons Company <br />Simmons Company <br />Strobel & Miller <br />C. P. Tillman Co <br />Van's Distributing Co. <br /> <br />.' <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />77.16 <br />9..75 <br />5.00 <br />5.00 <br />2.00 <br />5.00 <br />5.00 <br />36.00 <br />2.25 <br />112.50 <br />74.11 <br />.50 <br />20.89 <br />5.24 <br />1.32 <br />.50 <br />21.79 <br />10'.00 <br />3.00 <br />10.07 <br />13.00 <br />2.95 <br />.50 <br />37.25 <br />.72 <br />1.00 <br />10.50 <br />75.00 <br />20.00 <br />.42 <br />9.71 <br />18.50 <br />4.70 <br />56.97 <br />1.75 <br />2.07 <br />7.00 <br /> <br />Eugene Concrete Pipe Co. <br />Brund Saw Shop <br />Ralph & Stanley <br />Williams Bakery <br />Gabriel Powder & Supply <br />Midgley Planing Mill Co. <br />American Brush Co. <br />Eugene Water Board <br />E. D. Furrer, M.D. <br />Eugene Water Board <br />Eugene Printing 00 <br />Natron Printing Co. <br />Koke-Chapman Co <br />Eugene Register Guard <br />State Ind. Ace. Commission <br />League of Oregon C i t ie s <br />Eugene Public Library <br />Central Heating Co <br />Chase Company <br />Eugene Water Board <br />Cressey's <br />'Korstad's Directories <br />Preston & Hales <br />Carlson, Hatton & Hay, Inc. <br />Eugene Water Board <br />J. W. Quackenbush & Son <br />Twin Oaks Lumber Co <br />R. A. Babb Hardware Co- <br />Hen~ershott's Gun Store <br />Lundstrom Bros. <br />A. E. Hansen Paper Co. <br />Valley Printing Co. <br />Eugene Morning News <br />Standard Oil Company <br />Union Oil Company <br />Pacific, Tel. & Tel. Co <br />F. Wentworth, Treas. <br /> <br />~:' <br />~: <br /> <br />.....~.::-. <br /> <br />500.00 <br />537.50 <br /> <br />1.50 <br />3.5Q <br />3.39 <br />2.95 <br />16..60 <br />8.75 <br />16.75 <br />166.80 <br />35.00, <br />2325.;56 <br />,11.25 <br />51.60 <br />39.00 <br />4.70 <br />195.96 <br />75.00 <br />500.00 <br />29.25 <br />1.00 <br />9.69 <br />12.25 <br />40.00 <br />27.70 <br />28.62 <br />6.24 <br />1.14 <br />15.70 <br />15.84 <br />3.50 <br />3.70 <br />12.16 <br />195.55 <br />1.4(v.09 <br />lOO.94 <br />73.54 <br />13.30 <br />183.55 <br /> <br />The Pollee Committee, by Chairman Simon, presented the application of Charles <br />Munson for a beer license at 47 East 7th Ave., which had previously been approved <br />on the condition that he move his place. It was moved, seconded and carried that <br />this new location be accepted. Councilman Simon asked for two weeks more time for <br />the consideration of the application of ~ee~e & Brown. <br /> <br />The Recorder then read the letter from ~he Oregon Liquor Control Commission <br />concerning the Broadway Cash Store, and the Combination Wine Licenses. <br /> <br />e: <br /> <br />~ <br />