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<br />. <br /> <br />~ <br />443 <br /> <br />.---~ --- ---~-~-_._----- -- ,----.----- ---~---- <br />. - - - - ~ <br /> <br />-_.._------~---~---------~_.- -_.~--------~ - ------- -~--- <br />. . - - . ~ - ~- <br /> <br />._~ ._- ---~------_._-~- ---- <br />-- - - -_.' - . <br /> <br />1 <br /> <br />Council Chambers, Eugene, Oregon <br />February 24, 1936. <br /> <br />,~ <br />,~ <br />~ <br /> <br />Minutes of the adjourned meeting of the Common Council held at the hour of <br />7:30 o'clock P.M., February 24, 1936. Council was called to order by Mayor Large, <br />with all Councilmen present except Reid and Zumwalt. <br /> <br />Minutes of the regular meeting of Fe~ruary 10, 1936 were 'read and no <br />objections or corrections appearing, they were ordered filed as read. <br /> <br />1 <br /> <br />Mr. Gordon Wells addressed the Council and presented a petition in behalf of <br />the movement to place the Eugene Police Department under civil service. It was <br />pointed out by the speaker that the people of the City of Eugene are certainly in <br />favor of civil ser,vice as is expressed by their vote at the last election. He' <br />further pointed out that if the Council would pass the necessary resolutions and <br />meet all the requirements necessary before March 15, 1936, the people of the City <br />of Eugene could vote on it at the May Primary Election. Mr. ~ells pointed out <br />that since his residence in Eugene which dates from 1919 there had been four ' <br />differ,ent Chiefs of Police, which he feels is not justifiable. After a number of <br />years has been to give a man training to give better service to the people, some- <br />thing arises and they let him go. He stated that he wasn't criticizing the local <br />police force, he merely wanted to point out that under civil service they would <br />enjoy a sense of security of their position which would enable them to render a <br />more efficient service to the public. In closing, it should be remembered that by <br />holding this Election at the same time as the State Election the expense involved <br />would be very negligible. Mr. Roy Morse addressed the Council, very heartily <br />endorsing the placing of the Police Department under civil service, stating that <br />a number of local business men with whom he had talked were 100 per cent for it. <br />The Mayor then asked Councilman Simon, Chairman of the Police Committee, if he had <br />heard about this movement, and he stated that he had heard about the petition~ but <br />had not seen it, but he pointed out that several times in the past he had persnally <br />suggested placing the Police Department under civil service, and that he would like <br />to have it known at this time that he felt that this should be done. Councilman <br />I Harris then asked if there weren't other means by which this measure could be <br />referred to the public rather than by means of the Common Council. Meaning, of <br />course, that he felt that it was the duty of the people to bring this to a vote <br />by means of an initiative petition. Councilman Carlson expressed the opinion that <br />this was in line with the duties of the Council and that as a result of the past <br />election he felt that the Council should immediately proceed with the necessary <br />steps to place this question upon the ballot, and he wanted it understood that he <br />is 100 per cent for the civil service proposition. Mayor Large pointed out that <br />he felt that the Council, before taking further steps, should give the civil <br />service for the Fireman a trial and then proceed accordingly. Councilman Simon <br />wanted to know whether or not, if this additional department were added ~o the <br />civil service, the Commission appointed for the Firemen would also be able to take <br />care of the Policemen, and wanted to know if it wo~ld be possible for the model <br />ordinance, which was to be drawn by the League of aregon Cities, to also make <br />provisions for the covering of other departments. The Ma~or pointed out that fue <br />other cities involved were. not considering these additions as far as he knew, and <br />it was very likely that the model ordinance would be concerned only with the <br />Firemen. He further stated that he did not know whether or not the same commission <br />could handle the various departments. Councilman Hendershott felt that due to the <br />fact that this would not have to be acted upon until the next meeting that we <br />should wait until the League of Oregon Cities had prepared and presented the model <br />ordinance. Councilman Bond stated that he was in favor of this movement, but was <br />willing to wait until the next meeting. Councilman Simon stated that he could see <br />no object in waiting until the next meeting, and felt that it should be acted upon <br />at once. City Attorney Calkins asked the Council for specific instructions as to <br />whether or not he should come to the next meeting prepared with mSlterial for <br />placing this op the ballot at the primary election. Councilman Carlson moved that <br />the City Attorney be instructed to come prepared at the next meeting, with the <br />necessary forms. Councilman Bond seconded the mqtion, and it was so carried. <br /> <br />. <br /> <br />.' <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />Stanley Stevenson then addressed the Council concerning the erection of a <br />building on his property on East 11th between Willamette and Oak Streets, poiijting <br />out that he had had Mr. Graham Smmth, the Architect, prepare ,plans for the building <br />flush with his property lines, and that the lease had been entered into under those <br />conditions, but they had learned that the Zoning Ordinance provides that there shal <br />be a 7 foot set-back on that particular location. He stated that he had taken this <br />up with the Zoning Board of Appeals and that a contract had been drawn according <br />to their recommendations, which would prOVide for the waiver of those particular <br />conditions for a certain period of time. The Recorder then presented the recommend <br />ation of the Board of Appeals on this subject, and Mr. Calkins pointed out that it <br />should be clearly understood that if this agreement was entered into the City could <br />not widen East 11th for a period of 5 years, but that after that time if the city <br />decided to widen the street then Mr. Stevenson waived any claim for damages by <br />reason of having to tear down part of his building. It was moved, seconded and <br />carried ~hat the recommendation of the Board of Appeals be adopted, and the <br />Officers of the City be authorized to execute a contract with Mr. Stevenson. <br /> <br />.' <br /> <br />~ <br />