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<br />,1 ~ <br />479 <br />. <br /> <br /> <br />, , <br /> <br />- "':_:=-- =~-~---- -:...:..~--- -~--~---_.~ ------'-~-------.--:...-.~~.- -~--~-------- ..~- - -~~- -'- -:::-:::-_-~ -:- --~-- - -- -- ---'~- --- - ~- -- --' ---- - - ~ --'.~- -- - -- . ~._.~~. - -- <br />-----~--- --~---- -- - - ~. ---..--.- ~- ,-- --_._-. ---- -- -~ -- - --- -- <br />--- - -- -.-- ._.~.-._- -- ..-----. -- .. - ~-- " - - .-"-~ - ---- .- -. .- r__ _ __ ___ _ __ n __ <br />" <br /> <br />Counc il Chambers, Eugene, Oregon ," <br />June 22, 1936 <br /> <br />~.,~. <br />':\ <br />I, <br />The minutes of the adjourned meeting of the common council held at the hour:'of <br />7;30 o'clock P. M., June 22,1936. Council was called to order by ,t-1ayor Large, fill ~ <br />councilmen present except Simon and Carlson. The City Recorder presented the minute :i <br />of June 8, 1936, and no objections appearing the same were ordered filed. ~ <br /> <br />Dr. J. L. Hesse representing the city board of health addressed the council <br />concerning the proposed ordinance on pasteurization of milk. Dr. Besse pointed out <br />: that the epidemic of scarlet fever has been very definitely traced to one dairy and <br />the source has been eliminated with no subsequent cases being reported. He stated <br />that it was the wish of the city and county health board that pasteurization of <br />milk be permitted by dairies outside of the city limits and an emergency clause was <br />incorporated in the proposed ordinance in order that the present situation could be <br />better taken care of. Councilman Reid stated that he was not clear as to whether <br />or not cows could carry these particular diseases and further pointed out that he <br />knew as a matter of record that they could not carry tuberculosis germs. Dr. Hesse <br />~ stated that tests have been made by Dr. E. D. Furrer indicating ti1at the animal was <br />~ 1 affected with the disease. Councilman Bond asked Dr. Helterline as to the feasibili y <br />of the dairies pasteurizing their own milk supply. Dr. Helterline answered that in <br />many instances the smaller dairies would necessarily have to combine themselves in <br />order to make it feasible, but that the larger dsiries 'could and will put in a com- <br />plete pasteurizing system. Mr. W. F. Reed of the Chula Vista Dairy being present <br />was asked to comment. He stated that he desired pasteurization, for some of his <br />customers wanted pasteurized milk but they wanted Chula Vista milk and under the <br />present set-up that ~las i~possible. He thought the present ordinance prohibiting <br />pasteurization outside of the city limits was unjust and therefore recommended the <br />passage of the proposed ordinance. The Recorder presented the communication from .... <br />the Lane County ~edical Society and the petition signed by nine milk producer-dis- <br />tributors. The Ordinance was read the first time and passed its second and third <br />readings by title under suspension of the rule by the unanimous consent of the <br />I council and was placed upon its final passage. The ayes and nays were called, <br />I councilmen voting aye, six, nay, none) absent, ::,imon and Carlson. The ordinance was <br />declared passed and numbered 8476.. ...;?W-,,_A_C(~ '["-~__/,-t - t='.:t.-1:,:t[.l!'-'-,-,,--, <br /> <br />I ' I C. Ford, Adjuta.nt-Officer in charge of the Salvation Army presented a detailed <br />report on expenditure of $400.00 allotted-by the city for r~lief work in the month <br />. 2 of ~a~ch and the same ~as ordered filed. It was the consensu~ of opinion that the ' <br />addItIonal request of ;350.00 be not granted at the present tIme, as the council I <br />determined the funds would be more urgently needed dur ing the w inter months. .:J":"(u( "htG" ""-", <br /> <br />The Judiciary Committee, by Chairman Harris, reporting on the Josephine R. Camp <br />bell request for rebate of interest on city liens, stated that the city had received <br />I a deed for the property and haq been given a contract in return as has been done in <br />I other cases; that the George ~urnbull request had been withdrawn by reason of the ~ <br />3 fact that their account had been paid in full. It was recommended that the Dr. E. T. <br />Helms and C. V. Simon reQuests both be denied and the C. ~. Henzler request be held <br />until a definite report is brought back as to the gentleman's agreement that had bee <br />entered into by previous officers of the city. Motion was made and seconded that /'-' <br />the report of the Judi c iary Commi ttee be adopted and it was so ordered. 7--,,&..( i!;."";, c",--<-t:""" <br /> <br />Councilman Lamb of the Street Committee reported that he had instructed the <br />City Engineer to repair a dangerous sidewalk in front of the property of S. S. Con- <br />.. 4 ger, ..;,~ot 4, Block, 7, ~acka~'d' s Addi tion, June 17, 193~, and ~he expense of the same "- <br />I was ~o.OO. The CIty hecoraer was ordered to send a bIll to Mr. Conger for the ,re- ~ I <br />I pai r of the same. J,,-tc tf 0''0 t..>li!t'l/ I 'f~- <br />~ ' ~ <br />The Fire and Water Committee, by Chairman Bond, reported that he had received <br />a report from the Eugene ~ater Board that the auxiliary pump had been installed on ' <br />5 Skinner's Butte Park, the pipe 1 ine extended, and the sarGe ready for servi ce. "ltHb'~I.t , <br />\..../ <br />/ <br />I The council gave unanimous consent to .Fire Chief Vt. E. Nusbaum to attend the "- <br />6 I Pi re Chi ef 's Convent i on at Marshf i e Id. 'ft,o, U."""" uti: r!" t.'f'.(I.....:'1 'fJ~J, <br /> <br />Councilman Bond further reported that the fire hose ordered through the League ~ <br />7 of Oregon Cities had been received and that the same appeared to be very good. <br /> <br />The City Engineer was instructed to survey the city dump grounds, submit a new <br />I description of the property thereof and with the assistance of the ,City attorney and" <br />8 health committee file a deed of correction. <br /> <br />I Communication dated June 18, 1936 was presented from Wayne M. Akers, member of _ <br />the park board, submitting his resignation. Motion was made and seconded that the <br />9 resignation be accepted and it was so carried. )~L ?CL.J...t-.:::.. h-f..lA.,,' <br /> <br />Communication from Robert O'Farrell of Burns, Oregon, offering for sale at a <br />10 I nominal price, six coyote wolf pups and a two year old badger for the Skinnfr Butte' <br />Park zoo, was presented and ordered tabled. ~..J-'.d J."A"Z !'_{,~''''''''''''''' <br /> <br /> <br />t. <br />.olllll <br />