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<br /> ~ <br /> 489 <br /> . <br /> "~~-_. -~-....------ --- - -' --~~- ---~ ---..--.. --- --____ _ _"'r _.._~ _~. __ ., -- .- - n.._ - <br /> . - < - - .' ~"'- -- - , _ > r __ _.'. -- <br /> . .__'C ~---- ',--- ..-- ",.-, - ' .- ----. - --, . ---- --- . - ---- - --. ---- , .. _. -- -.,. - - -- -- - <br /> - --, -- - ---' ---. - - - -- '. . - . .- - .-.' - .--- - - -- <br /> Council Chambers, Eugene, Oregon <br /> Julv 27, 1936 <br /> I The minutes of the adjourned meeting of the common council held at the hour of, ~. <br /> ",' '00 <br /> " ,j 7~OO o'clock p. .~ July 27, 1936. Council was called to order by Mayor Large and ~ :(..0 <br /> all councilmen present except Simon. -.' .... <br /> Mayor Large extended greetings to members of 'the Eugene Water Board and ex- <br /> pressed his appreciation for. their attendance' at the meeting~ The Mayor pointed <br /> out that Mr. C. A~ Horton, Accountant of the city records for the year 1935 re- <br /> commended a deTinite settlement of the $57,,970.98 Electric Utility and $22,843.67 <br /> Water Utility Indebtedness to the city of Eugene. The Recorder being called upon <br /> by the Mayor, read the following Resolution, to-wit: <br /> r <br /> ., ' <br /> , <br /> WHEREAS, the attention of the Common Council of the City of Eugene has <br /> been directed to two items carried upon the books of the hugene Water <br /> Board, one in the sum of' $57,.970.98 which it is claimed resulted from <br /> the drawing of) warrant.s by the city in excess of money borrowed to <br /> ., I start the City's utilitYJ and 6ne in the sum of $22,843.,67 which is an <br /> appraised value in excess of that shown at the time the utility was <br /> -' taken over, both of which items appear ~o be proper credits to be ,trans- <br /> i-,: ferred to the general credit of the city and to be debited to the Water <br /> Boardls account; <br /> ,; Now, Therefore .\ <br /> :;. <br /> BE IT RESOLVED by tne Common Council of the City of bugene that the <br /> matte~ be taken up with the Eugene Water Board and a suitable adjustment <br /> made which shall be consonant with the facts as they appear. <br /> /' <br /> Councilman Lamb moved and Hendershott seconded that the resolution be adopted. <br /> ... / At this ti e tpe Mayor called for a discussion on the subject. Mr. J. W. Mcarthur, <br /> Superintendent of the Eugene Water Board, addressed the council stating that since <br /> the m~tter had been officially acted upon by the common council that the Eugene <br /> Water Board would take the matter up thoroughly and requested the Mayor to call <br /> I, / upon Mr. Percy W. Brown, President of the Eugene Water Board, to state the Boardls <br /> I views.. Having been called upon, Mr. Brown stated that he was not in a position to <br /> I make any statements and asked that time be given to take the matter underconsidera- <br /> t ion. He, however, expressed the willingness of the Board to cooperate with the <br /> city of Eugene in every way possible to bring,about an adjustment. The following <br /> , statemen~ was read by Mr. Brown: <br /> "To the Honorable 1vIayor and Common Counc iI, July 27, 1936 <br /> City of Eugene, By P. W. Brown, <br /> I Eugene, Uregon V' <br /> Pres., E. ~. B. <br /> I <br /> The Water Board is not in a position to give you an answer immediately, but <br /> will take the matter under consideration, and act as quickly as possible. <br /> Now, while not being able to go into detail, it might be well for me to <br /> II state something of how the Board feels about the matter. It has been the <br /> present Board's belief that all the questions raised by you have been <br /> settled acceptably and satisfactorily long ago, by p~eceeding Councils a~ <br /> I Water Boards, but if this has not been done the ~ater Board will certainly <br /> . cooperate with the Council in working out an adjustment now. <br /> I Naturally, the most logical time to settle a thing of this kind is at <br /> , <br /> the time of its occurrence,.and the Board has heretofore had no reason <br /> to think that any of these matters had not been so settled in due.time <br /> and order. All concerned at that time were aware of all the facts and <br /> details, but, now, after from 19 - 25 years' time has elapsed, it will <br /> be difricult to recover all the facts and details, and to settle a mat- <br /> ter like this as it was intended to be settled in the first place. <br /> The questions now raised by the Council have their origin in the acts <br /> .. of the City Council itself in the purchase of the water system in 1908. <br /> and in building of the Walterville power plant during the years of <br /> 1909 and 1910. This all occurred before the Water Board was created. <br /> Therefore, except for the reference to two sums as the City's "equityll, <br /> I' in the report of the Public Service Commission of Oregon, in 1917, and <br /> a few references in the minutes of the Water Board, the records must <br /> all be found in the proceedings of the City Council itself. These pro- <br /> ceedings, of course, the Board has never had any reason to examine. We <br /> assume that the records of the City will be open to the Boardls represen- <br /> tatives in search for facts and figures concerning the questions raised <br /> by the Council. The City Council bought the water system, and built the <br /> Walterville power plant as a part of the water system. Power was needed <br /> to pump water. <br /> As provided by Charter, these properties were all turned over, after <br /> .. their completion, to the V;'ater Board for management.. The Board had nothing <br /> ~ <br /> -.- <br />