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<br />~ <br />503 <br />. 9 <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />--~~--~ _._._~ -- -~ -- ~~--- - -- -_.~. <br />._--.~-- - ---., --.----_., ~ "--- - --"-'-'-"-_.~ ---- <br />-~.- .--. ---.-- ._-- -_.-- --, -- -- -- - --.- -- -- ---- .- -~ . .- -~, -~ -- - ~- <br />- -_.-, - - . - - - ---~._- -_.-.- "-- - - -_. - ----- - --- - . -- --.- <br /> <br />Council Chambers, Eugene, Oregon <br />August 24, 1936 <br /> <br /> <br />I Minutes of the adjourned meeting of the common council held at the hour of ~9 <br />7:30 o'clocl{ P. M. August 24, 1936. Council was called to order by Mayor, Large, t:~ <br />wi th all counc i Imen present except L8.mb and Simon. Minutes of the regular meet ing, ':.,; <br />August 10, 1936 were ordered filed. :~ <br />. .i'~~ <br />Mr. William Forrester addressed the council asking for waiver of interest on" <br />certain assessments that nad been placed against the North 40 of Lot 1 and North 40 <br />of the East one-half of Lot 2 in Bloclc 7 in Sladden's 3rd Addition. The Matter was -- <br />.1 referred to the Judiciary Committee, City Attorney, and City Engineer. <br /> <br />Mr. D. F. Skene, of the hugene Abstract and Title Company, speaking for his <br />client, owner of part of Lots 5 and 8 in Block 4, Eugene Original Addition, pointed <br />out that the property had changed hands three times and had been searched twice by - <br />two other abstract companies and once by himself and all searches showed no liens <br />against the property. Now, the present owner is being asked to pay principal and <br />. interest. He feels the same is not just. The matter was referred to the Judiciary <br />2 Committee, City Attorney and City Engineer. <br /> <br />Mr. Claire Kneeland 'addressed the council concerning certain assessments havin <br />been placed agalnst his properties, one located at 1799 Fairmount. He wished to <br />protest the entire amount as searches had been made and from all indications the <br />I property was clear of all assessments. Although a small amount is involved, he feel <br />. he should not be held responsible for the payment of the same. Then, on another <br />I property in his family's estate which had been reported 'clear and all taken care of, - <br />there is now a considerable amount in the way of principal and interest. In order <br />to protect his interest, it would be necessary for payment to be made to prevent <br />foreclosure and he has filed a written notice of protest with the City Recorder and <br />the same is as follo~s (letter omitted). The matter was referred ill the Judiciary <br />3 Committee, City Attorney and City Engineer. <br /> <br />Letter was presented from D. F. Mains offering $750.00 for property described <br />as follOWS: Beginning at a point 255.5 feet south of the southeast corner of Lot <br />Nine in Huddleston's Addi tion to Eugene, run thence 48 feet south, thence 66 feet, .'-... <br />I thence 66 feet to the place of beginning, t~300 .00 to be paid in cash and the re- <br />mainder to be rebonded on the city liens ac'counts. The matter V'laS referred to the <br />4 Judiciary Committee, City Attorney and City Engineer. <br /> <br />Judd Stauffer representing the local Veteran's Association, addressed the Mayor <br />and Council concerning the flag and citizenship of the United States, and at the <br />conclusion of his address presented to the Mayor in behalf of the city of Eugene an - <br />American Flag which is to be flown daily on the flag pole at Skinner Butte Park, <br />weather permitting. Mayor Large made a very fitting remark in the acceptance of the <br />flag in behalf of the city and the council and those assembled at the meeting ex- <br />pressed their feelings as well as their appreciation of this fine act on the part of <br />5! the Veteran's Association of Eugene by rendering very generous applause~ <br />I <br />Upon motion made and seconded the Commanders' Council of the city of Eugene, <br />an organlzation consisting of representatives of the Spanish American War Veterans, '- <br />the Veberans of Foreign Tars, the Disabled American Veterans and the American Legion, <br />presented a petition for permission to conduct a parade in the city of Eugene on <br />6 Armistice Day, November 11, ,1936, and the request Vias granted. <br /> <br />· Request of Mr. F. C. Westerfield for additional lights in Skinner Butte Park _ <br />7 for the safety of chjldren and adults was referred to the Fire and ~ater Committee. <br /> <br />Mr. G. E. Stratton's request for waiver of interest upon payment of principal <br />on part of 1 and 2 (46 x 150) Huddleston's Addition was referred to the Judiciary, , <br />8 City Attorney and City Engineer. <br /> <br />In the interest of thirty-five families, living beyond the city limits at <br />Judkins Point, Harold F. Allen addressed the council, requesting widening and im- <br />I proving of the Judkins Point Road for the convenience and safety of those using it. <br />Mr. Victor Todd, Superintendent of the WPA, being present, voiced his approval of t_e <br />I project. Mr. Karl Onthank, representing 75 families living within the city li~its, ~ <br />presented a like petition. Mayor Large stated he would refer this to the City <br />Engineer and Street COIDKittee. Councilman Reid of the Street Committee stated in- <br />vestigations had been made at previous times and due to the steepneBs of the point, <br />I they felt it inadvisable to widen the road. Mayor Large asked the Street Committee <br />and City Engineer to take the matter again into consideration and report at the <br />9 September 14th meeting. <br /> <br />I Called upon by Mayor Large, Percy W. Brown, chairman of the Eugene Water Board, ~ <br />presented the following statement: <br /> <br />"Since the joint meeting between the Eugene Water Board and the City <br />Council on July 27, the Water Board has made diligent search through <br />the records for facts and figures bearing on the 61aim of the Council <br /> <br />'. <br /> <br /> <br />, - ~ <br />~ <br />