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<br />~ <br />5~7 <br />. <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />- .---- ------ -------------- <br />--- - u_~_ _ _.. - ~ .,- - __ _ ___ _ _ ___ _ __ _ .____ ._u...._.. __ ____ <br />- - - - ~~ .. -- ~- <br />- -0 _ __ _ _ _ __ __ _ ~___ ___ _ _... ____. _ ______ _ _ __ __ _ __ __... _ _ _ __ _~____ _ __-::-:::--:~_-_~_"-_=:___-~-;.._.:.=- <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />Council Chambers, Eugene, Oregon <br />September 14, 1936 <br /> <br />I~ D ~ <br />-~ <br />The minutes of the regular meeting of the common council held at the hour of ~~ <br />7:30,o'clock P. M., September 14, 1936. Council was called to order by Mayor Large, <br />all councilmen present except Hendershott, Simon and Zumwalt. Minutes of the ad- <br />journed meeting ~f August 24th were read and ordered filed. <br /> <br />Mayor Large called for presentations from members of the audience. Mrs. Emma <br />Morrison, speaking in behalf of Dorothy D. Mitchell, asked for refund of her build- <br />1 ing permit fee due to the fact that circumstances were such that they were not able -- <br />to build at the present time. Upon motion made and seconded return of the building <br />fee in the amount of $2.00 was granted. <br /> <br />At this time Councilman Hendershott arrived. - ,----..... <br /> <br />Mr. John T. Evans presented a petition devising a system of traffic control <br />in the city of Eugene. Mayor Large stated that request had been made to the State <br />. Highway commission for investigation of our traffic conditions and until a report '- <br />2 had been brought in, then the city would be in a position to determine a proper <br />system of control. Mayor Large placed the matter in the hands of the Police Com- <br />mittee for consideration. <br />, <br />, <br />Mr. Ivan H. Ware, distributor of games of skill, presented to the council a <br />Rotary Vending Machine and asked that it be licensed under the regular Pin and Ball <br />Ordinance, together with a Miniature Bowling Game, the operation of which he ex- ............ <br />3 plained to the council. Councilmen Bond and Carlson expressed approval of both <br />machines and upon motion of Carlson, seconded by Bond, the Rotary Vending Machine <br />and Miniature Bowling Game were ordered licensed under the Pin and Ball Ordinance. <br /> <br />,Mr. A. F. Foss, Division Engineer of the Richfield Oil Company, addressed the <br />council, requesting permission be granted to erect a service station at the north- <br />east ~orner of 11th Avenue and Mill Streets. He also mentioned the types of __ <br />mater1.als to be utilized in the construction of the building. Mr. W. C. Clubb, <br />4 City Engineer, pointed out that under the Building Code, plaster must be used. Mr. <br />'1-- Foss stated that they would comply with the Engineer's request and plaster where <br />. they had planned to use other material. <br /> <br />, Mr. Art Campbell, at the request of the Engineer's Office, asked for a special <br />permit for the storage of wood at First and Madison Streets, as he was not located <br />,in a woodyard district and had stacked approximately 200 cords and for his own <br />protection.asked permission to maintain the wood there until he had completely sold " <br />out. Councilman Lamb suggested that permission be granted. Councilman Hendershott <br />objected as Mr. Campbell had set no definite time for the removal. Mr. Campbell pro <br />mised ,April 1, 1937 to be the time limit. Councilman Bond seconded Lamb's motion. <br />5 Councilman Harris believed it only just that Mr. Campbell obtain a petition from the <br />adjoining neighbors voicing satisfaction to the stacking of wood in that vicinity. <br />Question was called and due to the closeness of the vote, Mayor Large called for <br />the ayes and ~ays. Councilmen voting aye, Lamb, Reid, Bond and Carlson; nay, Hen- <br />dershqtt, and Harris; absent, Simon and Zumwalt. <br /> <br />, <br /> <br />The following requests placed before the ,Judiciary Committee for cancellation <br />of pr~ncipal orvprincipal and interest~ere acted ~on negatively by~he committee: <br />= 6 William Forrester, client of D. F. Skene, Claire Kneeland, G. E. Strfatton. The ___ <br />tt' Judiciary Co~ittee requested two weeks additional time for consideration of the <br />Southern PaCIfic Company's request. Upon motion made and seconded the report of the <br />Judiciary Committee was adopted. <br /> <br />Councilman Hendershott of the Finance Committee presented the bills for the <br />month of August with a recommendation that warrants be drawn for them. It was <br />seconded and the ayes and nays were called. Councilmen voting aye, six; nay, none; <br />absent, Simon and ZUIDwalt. <br /> <br />PLAYGROUND FUND <br /> <br />William Zimmerman 2.40 Adcraft Sign Company 4.00 <br />Allen Steinmetz 8.00 G. A. Sprague 40.00 <br />Marion Roe 4.00 G. A. Sprague 4.42 <br />Edith Hays 66.50 University of Oregon 34.17 <br />~I Lila Schumacher 63.00 Marion Weitz 36.00 <br />Kathryn Agee " 66.50 Leonard Scroggins 31.50 <br />James Smith 44.00 Helen Wells 4.00 <br />. I Marion Weitz 88.00 Stevens & Gro~hong 1.10 <br />Leonard Scroggins 77.00 Pacific Tel and Tel Company 4.61 <br />Doris Hack 27.00 D. E~ Nebergall Meat Co. 3.00 <br />R. L. Henagin 80.00 New Service Laundry 7.81 <br />R. G. Dykstra 5.00 Hendershott's Gun Store 6.50 <br />G. A. Sprague 120.00 Lightning Service 3.45 <br />Lucille Pickert 10.00 McMorran & Washburne 9.75 <br /> <br />. . <br /> <br />~ <br />