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<br />5~~ <br />. <br /> <br />- ~ --- - -- -- --- -~ ----- >-- -_..~---- <br />______.. __.C. <br />- - - - - .-- -- <br />- - ~-- <br />--- -- --- -_.- - -. --- -.:-.--.-- - :-.--. - .-.-.---.,---- _ _or _ __ _____~_ _ _. <br />-- -~ _._.__..._--~_.- --_.-. <br /> <br /> <br />Council Chambers, Eugene, Oregon <br />September 28, 1936. <br /> <br /> <br />1 ~ <br />Minutes of the adjourned meeting of the common council held at the hour of .f~ <br />. 7 :-30 0' ciLock P. M.; Ser)tember 28, 1936. Counc i 1 was call, ed to order by Mayor~ ~1 <br />Large, with all councilmen present except Reid and Simon. Minutes of regular <br />meeting of September 14th were read and approved. <br /> <br />Attorney E. O. Potter, defending his client, Joseph Vogl, asked for cancel- \ <br />1 1ation of sewer assessment against the following described property: <br /> <br />The West 50 feet of the following descripti~n: <br />I Beginning at a point 60 feet North of the point where the <br />'west line of Lawrence Street intersects the North line of <br />19th Street, and running thence West 150 feet, thence North <br />60 feet, thence East 150 feet, thence South 6Q feet, to <br />the place of beginning in the City of Eugene, Oregon. <br /> <br />tt It was pointed, out that an abstract of title had been prepared by the Lane County <br />- Abstract Company and it had been reported QY the City Treasurer that there were no <br />city liens against the property. 'rhe matter was referred, to the Judiciary Com- <br />mittee, City Attorney and City Engineer for adjustment. <br /> <br />Mr. H. W. Petrick's request for amendment of the zoning ordinance to allow <br />construction of a retail lumber and shingle business on property described as <br />Lot 9, Block 1, Pairmount Amended Addition, was referred to the Board o~ Appeals __ <br />2 with the understanding that if prior to the next meeting of the council the Board <br />of Appeals makes a recommendaotion for adoption of this request., that Mr.. Petrick <br />could proceed without formal acceptance by the council. Upon motion made and <br />seconded, it was so ordered. <br /> <br />I co~man Harris, chairman of the Judiciary Committee, reporting on the <br />I J. W. Maltman request, recommende~waiver of interest. The Judiciary Committee <br />3 also acted favorably on the T. A. Stivers' request, recommending waiver of five "- <br />per cent penalty and extra amount of interest on certificate of foreclosure., <br />I Upon motion made and seconded, report of the Judiciary Committee was adopted. vCity <br />Attorney Calkins asked for further time in considering the request of the Southern. <br />Pacific Railroad Company. <br /> <br />Councilman Hendershott, chairman of the Finance Committee, requested the <br />city recorder to present to the council the various offers for city property, and <br />they were presented as follows: <br />v <br />Offer of $750.00 by D. :Jr: Mains for property "Beginning at a point _ <br />255.5 feet south of the southeast corner of Lot Nine in Huddleston's Addition <br />to Eugene, run thence 48 feet south, thence 66 f~t, thence 66 feet to the <br />place of beginning" was rejected. Mr.. Raymond H. Fawver's offer of $919.00, <br />$100.0U down and $10.00 per month fo~ the same property was ~n motion made <br />and seconded, accepted. The sum of $500.00 cash by Irvin D. Custer for Lot <br />17, Block 5 ~ Blair Street Addi tion, was re jected. The, Recorde.r was ~struc ted <br />to collect $15..00 per month rent for said premises. O~r of Claude Loper for <br />Lot 6, Block 2, Tiff's Plat was acce~ed. Mrs. Ida M. Stough'S bid for the same <br />property was rejected. Lynn F. McDonald's offer of'$550.00 for lot 4, block 2~ <br />West 6th Street Addition was upon motion made and seconded, rejected. Upon motion <br />41 made and seconded, city recorder was instructed to collect $10.00 rent per month <br />. for the same. Offers for lots 7 and 8, block 11, Hendrick's Amended Addition were <br />4 three in number, as follows: Kieth Fennell, $1000; W. H. Goddard, $1000; and <br />Frank J. Anderson, $1000. All were rejected. The recorder was instructed to col- <br />lect $15.00 rent for the property. Offer of Dr. Wm. H. Dale for lots 5 a~6, <br />Gross Addition was upon motion made and, seconded, rejected. Kathryn Barney's <br />offer of $300 for lot 2,Block 6~ R. F. Scott's Addition was referred to the Finane <br />Committee. <br /> <br />Further time was granted councilman Sam Bond, chairman of the Fire and Water , <br />5 Committee, for removal of lamp standard in front of the Rex Theatre. <br /> <br />At this time Mayor Large reported that on Sunday, the 27th of this month, <br />he had received a long-distance telephone call from Governor Martin, in Salem, <br />asking the city of Eugene for cooperation in the present fire emergency on the coas <br />;1' by sending any possible available equipment to the scene of the disaster. Mayor <br />Large's failure to contact councilman Bond, chairman of the Fire and Water Com- <br />6 I mi ttee, dis cussed the matter wi th councilman Lamb and it was determined that they <br />should send one of the service trucks. The truck is now stationed at Coquille. <br />Upon motion made and seconded, the council extended unanimous approval to the <br />Mayor for his action. <br /> <br />Counci Iman Zumwal t, chai rman of the Health Comml tte.e, moved that 2000 feet <br />of 3 ,x 12 lumber at $10.00, per M be purchased from Joe Johnson for use at the <br />7 City Dump Grounds and it was so ordered. <br /> <br /> <br />. I <br />! .... <br />