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<br />""'-528 <br />. <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />-- _.--- - - ---- ---< ,--"', -. -"'--~-~--'~---~---- - --- ------~- .---- '- -_._-~-" --- ---'-_.- -- ----'--_._--~---_._~------_.__..._-~.__.~-- - ----_._~-- -.'---.--,--.--. -- --~--_._-- <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />Council Chambers, Eugene, Ore on <br />October 13 1936 <br /> <br /> <br />'~iThe minutes of the regular meeting of the common council held at the hour I <br />~.~ of '{:30 o'clock P. M., October 13, 1936. Council was called to order by Mayor <br />~~ Large; all councilmen were present except olmon, Zumwalt, and Carlson. Minutes of <br />meeting of oeptember 28th were presented and as there were no objections, they were <br />ordered filed as read. <br /> <br />Mr. Whitten ~wafford, defending his clients Anthony and Florence H: Van <br />Lydegraf, offered as a matter of compromise the sum of $64.89, principal and what- <br />ever penalties lawfully accrued in settlement of sidewalk claim against the ~ 50 <br />h~ feet, lots 12 and 13, Block 11, Fairmount. The matter was referred to the Judiciar <br />(11 Committee and City Attorney for study. <br /> <br />Mrs. William Pierce, 1257 Adams Street, addressed the council, asking that <br />I assessments made on certain property that she owned be transferred to property she <br />acquired. It was explained that such steps could not be taken as the city charter ~ <br />provides that assessments be made against the property and not the individual. It ~ <br />/ was moved by Councilman Lamb and seconded by Hendershott that the request be denied <br />2 and it was so ordered. <br /> <br />City Attorney Calkins stated that the present segregation ordinance should <br />be repealed and a new one prepared which would leave to the judgment of the coun- <br />cil as to whether or not certain proposed segregations should be allowed. Mr. Cal- <br />3 kins will present the ordinance at tbe next meeting. <br /> <br />Judiciary Committee by Chairman Harris recommended denial of the Joseph <br />Vogl request and the O. A. Prince request brought up for discussion at the former <br />/ meeting. The Mrs. William Mills' request for additional time for payment of assess <br />ments, was granted. It was moved and seconded that the recommendation of the <br />4 Judiciary Committee be approved and it was so ordered. <br /> <br />Finance Committee presented letters, written by Lane County Clerk, ~. B. <br />Dillard on hUgust 8th, notifying the city that they had received offers on the fol- <br />II low ing descr i bed properties: Lot 17, Block 5, Blair Street Addi tion; North 100 I <br />[II feet of Lot 1, Block 5, Croner's Addition; Lot 59, Foster's Addition; N. W. corner <br />I of the intersection of 11th and Almaden Streets. On August 25th the city tendered <br />,I the county a check for t80.46 this amount being the exact sum of taxes for which <br />I! the county had foreclosed the liens~ but the county had not issued the deeds. Mr. <br />I Calkins ruled that the entire amount of taxes would have to be paid in order to get <br />II tpe deeds. Councilman Hendershott suggested that since the sum of $89.46 had been <br />I paid that the recorder be instructed to draw a warrant for the difference, which \ <br />amounts to $307..14 in order that we may get the deeds to the property. Hendershott s <br />j I motion was seconded, and the ayes and nays were called, councilmen voting aye, five <br />5 J nay, none; absent, Simon, Zumwalt and Carlson. <br />Ii <br />Ii At the request of Councilman Hendershott, the recorder presented the follow <br />ing offers on lots 7 and 8, block 11, Eugene Hendrick's Amended Addition, located <br />at the Northwest corner of the intersection of 17th and Charnel ton streets: <br />/ Kieth Fennell, $1240.02; E. C. O'Neeland J. M. Hall, $1350.00; John J. Rogers, <br />! $1243.10. Upon motion made and seconded the offer of E. C. O'Neel and J. M. Hall <br />6 , was ac'cepted. ,. <br /> <br />II -~ <br />, Councilman Hendershott made the motion that the city call the balance of tt. <br />- Funding Bonds due, namely, the sum of $78,650.00 and that the General Bond Sinking <br />7 1 Fund be used for payment of the same. The motion was seconded and it was so ordere . <br />II <br />I Councilman Hendershott, chairman of the Finance Committee, reported the <br />following bills to the council with a recommendation that they be allowed and <br />II motion was made, seconded and carried that warrants be drawn for the saine. The aye <br />i and nays were called. Councilmen voting aye, five; nay, none; absent, Simon, <br />8 [I Zumwalt and Carlson. <br /> <br />i . GENERAL BOND INTEREST FUND <br /> <br />i, F. \'v'entworth, Treasurer 450.00 F. Wentworth, Treasurer 967.50 <br />~ F. Wentworth, Treasurer 630.00 F. Wentworth, Treasurer 125.00 <br /> <br />:'1 IMPROVEMENT BOND INTEREST FUND I. <br /> <br />i, F. Wentworth, Treasurer 3016.88 F. Wentworth, Treasurer 2598.75 <br />Ii <br />II INTERSECTION FUND <br />I: <br />II F. Wentworth, Treasurer 1117.62 <br />I <br /> <br /> <br />. <br />~~"~. <br />