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<br />~ 532 <br />. <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />- - ._~.~ - --- --- -~- _._~ -~,---- ~ - ..,---- - - --- -- ~~. <br />-- ~- ._- <br /> <br /> <br />Council Chambers, Eugene, Oregon <br />October 26, 1936 <br /> <br /> <br />~~ Minutes of the adjourned meeting of the common council held at 7:30 o'clock I- <br />P. M., October 26, 1935. Council was called to order by Mayor Large with all . <br />councilmen present except Simon, Zumwalt and Carlson. Minutes of the regular <br />meeting were presented and ordered filed as read. <br /> <br />~] Mr. Harry Young, addressing the council, outlined a proposed lease between <br />;J the city of Eugene and the Eugene Municipal Airport on a five years basis as <br />follows: $20.00 per month for the first three months plus 2% of the gross income <br />of the field receipts; $25.00 per month for twelve months, plus 3% of <br />the gross intake of the field; and $35.00 per month for the remaining three and <br />lone-half years pl~s a fixed percentage taken from the first 18 months basis of <br />) operation with anooption for additional 5 years on the basis of $50.00 per month <br />V I plus a fixed percentage of the basis of operations. This matter was referred to <br />1 the Airport Committee to bring in a report at the next meeting. <br /> <br />I Mr. B. F. Mack's offer of $300.00 for the South 44t' of the North 100' of 1l <br />~II Lot 1, Block 7, Croner's Addition was referred to the Finance Committee for con- <br />2 I slderation. / ;' <br />II .,< ,y <br />Ii" ~-- <br />i Mr. N. J. Nudelman asked for permission to ma/k ~a'; "no parking zone" in <br />J front of his place of business located at 63 \'!est 8}:h ..lfvenue as that area in <br />v11 front of his place is the only access from which efitr~1e can be made. The Police <br />3 I Committee was instructed to bring in a report a~/th,'/ next meeting. . <br /> <br />Councilman Harris, chairman of the Judic{ari Committee, reported adversely <br />to the request of Fred Porter which was for wa{ver of interest of $16.20 on pro- <br />perty described as "The west 10.67 feet of the north 106.67 feet of Lot 1, Block <br />.111 5, Campbell's First Addition. It was moved and "seconded that the recommendation <br />4 I of the Judiciary Committee be adopted and it was so ordered. <br /> <br />II. City Recorder at the request of Councilman Hendershott, chairman of the <br />Finance Committee, reported that an appraisal of $800.00 had been placed on Lot 2, . <br />Block 6, R. F. Scott's Addition. It was moved by Mr. Hendershott that the $300 I. <br />~ offer of Mrs. Kathryn B. Barney for said lot be denied. It was seconded and so <br />51 ordered. <br /> <br />X Counc i Iman Lamb chai rman of the Street Commi ttee,. recommended that truck <br />/11 traffic be routed from Broadway on High to 5th and then to 5th over to the <br />6 i Pac ific Highway and this was approved by the counc il. <br /> <br />il Police Committee, by acting chairman Bond recommended the re-granting of a <br />taxi-cab license to Robert Burns with permission to paint off a strip on the curb <br />~ on the west side of ~illnmette Street between 7th and 8th as a permanent stand <br />7 I and this action was unanimously approved by the council. <br /> <br />1 An Ordinance levying assessments for paving the alley running north and <br />II south between Potter and University Streets from l~th to 20th Streets in the city <br />I of Eugene, O~egon was read the second time and passed to its third reading by <br />I title under suspension of the rule by unanimous consent of the council. The ayes <br />X and nays were called, councilmen voting aye, Lamb, Hendershott, Reid, Bond and <br />vii Harris; nay, none; absent, Simon, Zumwalt and Carlson. The ordinance was declared ,_ <br />8 i passed and numbered 8490. :. <br />1 <br />II Letter from J. S. Middleton, Portland Attorney, wr it ten in behal f of Mr. <br />II Edwin T. Hodge was presented together wi th check for $27.35, representing the <br />I original unpaid principal of the lien, lp,ss the credit of $22.56 due Mrs. Hodge <br />with the request that it be acc€pted in full payment of the sewer lien and in <br />X accepting the amount in full payment, cancel the balance of $22.56 shown due Mrs. <br />v'11 Hodge and cancel all accrued interest on the sewer lien. Matter was referred to <br />9 I the Judiciary Committee. <br /> <br />One application for rebonding delinquent assessments were presented and <br />10 on motion duly seconded and carried were accepted: <br /> <br />I No. Name Amount <br /> <br />I 467 R. C. Claude & Edna O. Gray $100.00 I. <br /> <br />1 Offer of Wilbur H. Hyland in the amount of $500.00 for property described - <br />II as "Beginning at a point on the South line of 3rd Street, 66 feet south of the <br />! Southeast corner of Lot 5, in Block 6, Shelton's Addition to the city of Eugene, <br />II and running thence west 160 feet, thence south to the north I ine of the Rai lroad <br />Right of Way, thence easterly along said right of way to a point due south of the <br />place of beginning, and thence north 78 feet to the place of beginningtt, was <br />presented to the Finance Committee for consideration. Mr. Hyland proposes to pay <br />$200.00 cash and $20.00 plus interest per month until the full sum of $500.00 is <br /> <br />I pa i d . . <br /> <br /> <br />~!I <br />