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<br /> ~53tl <br /> ." <br /> -. - - --..-. , -- --..- - - ~ --- -. - -- <br /> Council Chambers, Eugene, Oregon <br /> November 9, 1936 <br /> ,. <br /> . .~,., I <br /> 'J';'.,' <br /> "..... Minutes of the regular meeting of the common council, held at the hour of <br /> 7:30 o'clock P. M., November 9, 1936. Mayor Large called the meeting to order <br /> with all councilmen present except Reid, Simon and Zumwalt. Minutes of the pre- <br /> v vious meeting were presented and ordered filed as read. <br /> ~4 <br /> ~J In conjunction with the regular meeting of the council, members of the Budget <br /> Committee together with citizens of the city of Eugene were present for discussion <br /> of the 1937 budget. The two budgetmen present were George H. McMorran and Matt <br /> Wilhelm. The meeting of the budget committee was turned over for taxpayers hear in . <br /> at this time by Chairman Mayor Large. Mr. F. J. ReAse pleaded for a reduction of <br /> taxes and strenuously objected to the budget's item or $450.00 "for feeding the <br /> bears in the city park.1t At the conclusion of his remarks, Councilman Lamb moved <br /> and Hendershott seconded to overrule the protest. George McMorran, member of the <br /> budget committee, prfsented the following resolution and moved its adoption: <br /> . <br /> RES 0 L UTI 0 N -. <br /> I BE IT RESOLVED by the Budget Committee of the City of <br /> Eugene that it shall go on record as endorsing and ap- <br /> proving the conduct of the city administration during <br /> Ii the past year. <br /> ! The Committee further expresses confidence in the con- <br /> I <br /> I tinued management of the city's finances, and particu- <br /> larily calls attention to the carefully prepared and <br /> I orderly proposed budget and recommendations furnished <br /> b~ the Recorder's office as being in harmony with an <br /> Ii economy intelligently applied, and which we believe <br /> II will secure for the city a maximum of benefits. <br /> It was seconded and so ordered. The final meeting of the Budget Committee, upon <br /> If motion made and seconded, vvas ad j ourned. Mayor Large expressed sincere apprecia- <br /> 1 : tion for the help rendered by the citizen members of the committee. I <br /> , <br /> I <br /> II. An Ordinance levying the annual tax levy for the city of Eugene for the city <br /> of Eugene for the fiscal year of 1937 was read the first time and passed its secon <br /> [I and third readings by title under suspension of the rule by the unanimous consent <br /> l1i of the council and was placed upon its final passage. The ayes and nays were <br /> cal}ed; councilmen voting aye, five; nay, none; absent, Reid, Simon and Zumwalt. <br /> 2 I The ordinance was declared passed and numbered 8492. <br /> At the request of Roy E. Morse, chairman of the Salvation Army drive, the <br /> ~ity Recorder presented a letter addressed to the Council, asking for the sum of <br /> $1200 to be used for relief of transients Bnd local cases. Dr. J. E. Richmond, <br /> treasurer of the organization, believed that such a contribution would be worth- <br /> while as it would relieve the Police Department, business men and residents of <br /> II the worry occasioned when hungry, homeless and jobless men are in the community <br /> with no provisions made for their temporary relief. It was pointed out that the <br /> ,\ city of Marshfield had levied $600.00 for such a cause. Mr. Morse stated that the <br /> I drive at the present time had yielded $1100.00 of its quota of $5000 and respect- <br /> ;i fully requested the council's assistance in this matter. Councilman Lamb suggeste <br /> 3 I that the Mayor place the entire problem in the hands of a committee to report at . <br /> Ii the next meeting. Mayor Large referred the matter to the Finance Committee. <br /> At this time Councilman Reid arrived. <br /> I City Recorder read the communication from Mrs. William Mills, asking for <br /> i waiver of seven years accumulated interest on pavement assessment, upon payment <br /> jl of the unpaid balance of principal amounting to ~338.22. Mrs. Mills also made <br /> 4 II a verbal plea. The matter was turned over to the Judiciary Committee and City <br /> Attorney for consideration. <br /> I <br /> Glenn Byrne, present at the meeting, asked for permission to install 10,000 <br /> II gallon tanks for diesel oil; City Engineer Clubb pointed out that installing <br /> II tanks of such proportion was not according to the specifications under the code, <br /> /11 but inasmuch as the location was within the right zorJe, he therefore recommended <br /> 5 ,I that a special permit be granted. On motion made and seconded, it was so ordered. I <br /> II <br /> I <br /> :1 ~vfr . Harry Young, who asked the council at the last meeting for a five-year <br /> 'I <br /> II lease on the municipal airport, stated that he had not yet been consulted by <br /> I members of the Airport Committee in regard to his re~uest. Chairman Hendershott <br /> I did not believe that he should be forced to look up an unknown man when he had an <br /> established business downtown and was available for consultation at all times. <br /> J II Councilman Lamb suggested that Mr. Young and the Chairman of the ~irport Committee <br /> come to some agreement as to the proposed lease. The matter was cut short of <br /> 61 discussion pending action of the Airport Committee. <br /> Harold Sanders, representative of the United Airlines Transport Company, . <br /> ~,I <br />