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2. Administrative Order Nos. 56-04-04-F and 56-17-01 are repealed as of the effective <br />date of this Order. <br />3. Private Commerce on Public Property Administrative Rule R-3.336 is amended and <br />adopted to provide as follows: <br />PRIVATE COMMERCE ON PUBLIC PROPERTY <br />ADMINISTRATIVE. RULE R-3.336 <br />R -3.336-A Definitions. <br />As used herein, words and phrases have the following meanings and those ascribed in <br />Sections 3.005 and 4.871 of the Eugene Code, 1971 (the "EC"). In the event of a conflict, the <br />definitions in EC 4.871 shall control. <br />Abutting Property: Any separate parcel of real property which has a legal <br />boundary touching the boundaries of City streets and alleys. For any place within the <br />Downtown Activity 'Lone, the abutting property shall be that parcel of real property closest <br />in any direction, measured along the surface of the Downtown Activity Zone. <br />Admission. A monetary fee charged for the privilege of attending, observing, or <br />participating in an activity, event, or performance occurring in or upon public pedestrian <br />areas in the downtown activity zone. "Admission" includes a monetary fee charged on a <br />fixed basis or a donation basis. The charging of "admission" prevents those persons who <br />have not paid the monetary fee from accessing the area in which the activity, event, or <br />performance is occurring. Where access to the area is not restricted, "admission" does not <br />include soliciting donations during an activity, event, or performance. <br />Authorized Activity: Any activity for which a Downtown Activity Permit has <br />been issued, or a city -sponsored event. <br />Block Face: The area facing one street between curb corners of the parallel streets <br />perpendicular to it. <br />Broadway Plaza: The plaza located at the intersection of Broadway and <br />Willamette Streets as designated by Resolution Number 4505 adopted by the Council on <br />October 28, 1996. <br />City Manager: The city manager or his or her designee. <br />City -Sponsored Event: An activity carried out by a city employee in the <br />performance of assigned duties or an activity authorized by the city manager or city council <br />to use the city's name, which includes, but is not limited to, annual events such as the <br />Eugene Celebration and First Night. <br />Administrative Order - Page 2 of 29 <br />