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<br /> ""-54:0 <br /> '. ' <br /> - - - --. <br /> -- ~~-~- <br /> - -_. .- -- . - - - . .- . --"-- -- " ' <br /> - _.- - - -- --- <br /> Council Chambers, Eugene, Oregon <br /> November 25. 19~6 <br /> ; (Ir The adjourned meeting of the common council held at the hour of 7=30 otclock, I <br /> ' J. N.ovember 25, 1936. Mayor Large called the meeting to order; all councilm~n were <br /> present except Mr. Reid~ <br /> Rev. R. Bogstad, manager of the Sunset Home, addressed the council. He asked <br /> if provisions could be made to waive the penalty which had been assessedagainst <br /> Lot 2, Block 2, Ira Hawley's Addition as a result of foreclosure proceedings, if <br /> he were to take care of the principal and interest in ,full. Dr. Harris~ chairman <br /> of the Judiciary Committee, asked that no action be taken at this time and that <br /> they be permitted to report at the SUbsequent meeting. The matter was deferred <br /> /1 pending action of the Judiciary Comml t,tee. <br /> At this time Councilman Reid arrived~ <br /> V,lncent Monterola addressed the council concerning Universal Fingerprinting, <br /> pointing out that the modern trend in this country was fingerprinting of citizens . <br /> and advocating the same for the citizens of E~gene. The matter was referred to <br /> /2 the Police Commi~tee for study. <br /> , . - <br /> Inquiry was made in regard to Mr. Campbell stacking wood at First and Madison <br /> Stree ts '. It was reported that Mr.. Campbell had sold his interest and it was the <br /> understanding of the inquirer that this could not be done and still leave the wood <br /> there. The Recorder read the minutes of September 14th at which time special per- <br /> mission had been granted Mr. Campbell and it appears he was acting within his <br /> /3 rights. <br /> Chairman Harris of the Judiciary Committee, reporting on Mrs. Will~am'Millst <br /> request for waiver of interest on paving assessment, declared that it could not ::; <br /> be granted. Upon motion made and seconded, recommendation of the Judiciary Com- <br /> .,,4 mittee was adopted. <br /> I Dr. HarrIs, chairman of the Judiciary Committee, reporting further, declared <br /> that the protest of payment of George C. Christenson should be made a matter of <br /> 1'"5 officIal record and filed. I <br /> Councilman Eendershott, chairman of the Airport Committee, stated that only <br /> one me-e-t'lng had been arranged between Harry Young and the Committee concerning the <br /> lease of the airport and nothing had, been accomplished at that time. He stated <br /> that until Mr. Young could convince the Committee of the advantages to be gained <br /> (6 in a change of management that the Committee had no report to make. <br /> The offer of G. R. Blair for the esst 60 feet of 10t.12, Block 20; east 50 <br /> feet of south 40 feet of lot 11, block 20 all in college Hill Park AddItion, in the <br /> sum of $250.00 was re Jected;, the ci ty extends to him a counter-offer of $500.00. <br /> The Wilbur H. Hyland offer of '500.00 for property described as 'Beginning at a <br /> point on the South line of 3rd Street, 66 feet South of the Southeast corner of <br /> Lot 5 in Block 6, Shelton's Addition to Ctty of Eugene, and running thence West <br /> 160 feet, thence South to the North line of the Railroad Right of Way, thence <br /> Easterly along said Right of Way to a point que South of the Place of beginning, <br /> and thence North 78 feet to the place of beginning, was also rejected; the city <br /> extends to him a counter-offer of $800;00. ' The report of the Firiance Committee on <br /> II the Blair property was opposed and an appraisal of said property is to be secured . <br /> before any further action is taken. Councilman Carlson pointed out that the city <br /> , I should secure appraisals and we should not hold the values of properties so high <br /> 7 that we cannot sell it. <br /> I Finance Committee, by Chairman Hendershott, reported that appraisal had been <br /> I received on ,the South 44ft of the North loot of Lot 1, Block 7, Croner's Addition, <br /> in the 'sum of $250.00 for which piece of property Mr. B. F. Mack had made the city <br /> an offer of $300.00. It was moved and seconded that the Mack ofter be accepted onl <br /> after the Investor's Syndicate which Company is the garage which <br /> 's overlllPs the city property had been notified and given an opportunity to voice <br /> their opinion.. <br /> City Attorney Calkins presented offer of e586l.S0 from L. G. Leavitt for Lots <br /> 1,2,~,,4,&.',,6,,15 and 16, Block 30, Driverton Addition'to EUgene~ Lane CQunty, Oregon. <br /> The Recorder reported that appraisal for the same was' set at 9000. Upon motion I <br /> , made and seconded the offer of Mr. Leavitt was denied and a counter-offer then made <br /> 9 of $7000. <br /> The Finance Committee, by Councilman Hendershott, recommended the- payment of <br /> $400.00 to the Salvation Army for relief of transients and local cases. This was <br /> I moved and seconded. Thereafter, Councilman Carlson suggested that they be paid the" <br /> full.$600.0a, to which both Councilmen Bond and Lamb agreed. After considerable <br /> debate, motion recommending $400.00 was withdrawn and motion placed to vote for a <br /> contribution of $600.00,. The ayes and nays were called; cO\Ulcllmen'voting aye, ' - <br /> , Lamb, Hendershott, Reid, Simon, Zumwalt, Bond, Harris, Carlson; nay, none; "absent, " <br /> 10 none.. \.". <br /> . <br /> Not satisfied with the council's reaction to his property offer, Mr. Leavitt <br /> ~ <br />