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<br />"...- 552 <br /> . <br /> ~ - . - ~~ ..-- - - - ---- ---' - --. .. ~- - --- - ..- -- --- - --- -- n <br /> ~ -...." ~ _ _' _T~ - - - ------ ,- - - .....-~-- -- - - ~ " Po h' _ .n_ __ _ <br /> the Methodist Church and one small parcel between 13th and 14th amounting to <br /> probably $8.00 and the corner' lot on 14th between 14th and 15th and small amount <br /> due between 15th and 16th, but between 16th and 17th there is approximately <br />, '- $1000 or more delinquent. Mr. Lamb stated that there would be an added expense to I <br />,.....- <br />f'Cllthe general tax roll of the city should such an improvement be contemplated due to <br />'~i:~1 the fact that the ci ty owns the properties whereon the Ci ty Hal-I and Public Library <br /> [ I are situated. In addi tion the ci ty is responsible for the payment of all inter-- <br /> sections. Such an improvement would not only involve paving of all streets but also <br /> the curb and sidew~lks because widening of the street would have to be "from the <br />/ crown of the present street and in order to secure proper fall the leveling of the <br />12 prasent curb and sidewalk would have to be changed. <br /> Mr. T. C. Bradley asked that an estimate on the proposed project be secured <br /> before proceeding with the construction. Ci ty Eng ineer' Clubb stated. thati twas <br />,13; impossible to make a definite estimate until a complete engineering project was made <br /> I Mr. E. N. Hathaway stated that many of the signers of the petition signed <br /> jfor the improvement without due consideration of the cost to be entailed but felt <br />(14 I that the great majority ~ere totally in favor of it. <br /> il Mr. Frank H. Seal said he had signed the petition and was 100% for the .- <br /> !project. At the same time he felt that the city should avail itself of the new <br /> !! zoning law which requires set-backs for build ings not less than seven. feet. The, <br />, Ii entire matter was placed in the hands of the Street Committee for further considera- <br />15 I tion. ' <br /> !i Permission was granted ,the Fire & Water Committee, at the request of <br /> I ' <br />~ I Councilman Bond, to purchase two batteries and two tires for the trucks in the <br />16 I Fire Department. , <br /> I <br /> I Upon the suggestion of Mayor Large and upon motion made and seconded, the <br />/ I Fire and Water Committee was granted power to act with respect to the possible <br />17 11 purchase of fir'e hose before the end of the year. <br /> Ii Councilman Reid, Chairman of the Sewer Committee, reported that the city <br /> I was badly in need of a new sewer drag. He stated that the Sewer Department had <br /> been using one on trial which they had found completely satisfactory and recom- I <br /> Ijmended its purchase. Upon motion made and seconded purchase of the equipment was <br /> : duly approved. It was determined that the balance of funds in the budget of the <br />, [I Sewer Department would be used as a payment down and the balance to be paid in the <br />18 I year 1937. . <br /> I <br /> !j Councilman Bond, at the request of Dr. Simon, chairman of the Police <br />, II Committee, presented the list of applications for renewal and original beer and <br />19 Ii wine applications. The result of acceptances and rejections are as follows: <br /> I <br /> ~ ACCEPTANCES <br /> Ii The Ace Lawrence Street Grocery <br /> II Brown's Emergency Store McCrady's Cafe <br /> I Broadway Cash Store Moose Club '686 <br /> I Brigg's Restaurant Moriarity & Huntley <br /> ~ Billy's Emergency Store New Deal Bowling Alley <br /> ~ Bell's Basket G~ocery Oregana <br /> 'I Club Cigar Store Osburn Hotel <br /> I Coimo Cigar Store Oregon Hotel Fo~tain . <br /> I College Side Inn Oldham's Lunch <br /> I Doc's Buffet Pastime <br /> r Dut6h Mill Petersen <br /> I Del'Rey Cafe Perlich's Food Market <br /> 1 Eugene Hotel Percy's Place <br /> I Elks-Lodge Ralph & Stanley <br /> tl Eagles Lodge Robert's Drink & Lunch <br /> ! Fir Tree Inn Rainbow Restaurant <br /> I Five & Ten Cents Grill Rich's Cigar Store <br /> Frank's Place Snappy Service Sandwich <br /> Gosser's Cafe . Stage Hotel Company, Inc. <br /> George's Cigar Store Seymour's Cafe <br /> I Imperial Lunch Tap Tavern <br /> :1 Jack's Cafe Ted's <br /> Jurgen's Grocery Tiny Tavern I <br /> II J & B Coffee Shop Tip Top Lunch <br /> I Kilburn Coffee Cup Lunch Tiffany-Davis Drug Company <br /> 11 Korner Store Taylor's Coffee Shop <br /> Lo~~:Star Cafe White Palace <br /> . <br /> Yo-Yo Lunch rejected <br /> I <br /> I <br /> \ . <br />~\! <br />