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<br />~ <br />463 <br /> <br />Council Chambers Eugene, Oregon <br />April 14, 1941 <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />~ <br />~ <br />J-o:'~\i <br />'~9 <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />The minutes of the regular meeting of the Common Council held on Monday <br />evening :pq;A):R~hJl,le4, 1941 at 7 :30 0' clock p.m. Mayor Elis'ha Large presided over the <br />eeting. Councilmen present were: Sam C. Bond, A. C. Farrington, Louis Koppe, E. A. <br />~arette, Ira O. Stewart, Orren Brownson, A. L. Hawn and John Pennington; absent: <br />1... Inone. <br /> <br />1 <br /> <br />The minutes of the previous meeting were presented and ordered placed on <br />file. The meeting was herewith called to order. <br /> <br />I ' Mayor Large said he noticed quite a delegation representing the swimming <br />!pool and would ask them at this time to make whatever statements they wished. Mr. <br />~. B. Gard said that they had a written report and he would ask Kenneth Shumaker, <br />member of the commmttee, to read this report. The report)~ presented by Mr. <br />Shumaker, ~ was signed by School District No.4, Eugene Playground Commission, <br />[Lane County Fair Board, Eugene Chamber of Commerce, Eugene Youth Council, American <br />[Legion, representatives of the Press, and Mrs. W. S. Love of the PTA. In addition <br />fO this report was attached Exhibit A and Exhibit B recommending sites for the <br />swimming pool. Mayor Large asked Councilman Hawn of the Park Committee if he. had <br />\:iny further report to make for the Council and he replied that at this time he did <br />hot have but requested that the matter be held over for further consideration by the <br />aifferen~parties interested. Councilman Hawn pointed out that there had been <br />bbstacles in the way of locating the swimming pool on the Amazon tract and it <br />beemed that the location on the FaEirgrounds recommended in the report this evening <br />.... r' as probably the most acceptable at this time. Mayor Large said that if there was <br />3 ho objection, the matter would be laid over for further consideration. <br /> <br />I Mrs. Corbett addressed the council requesting the Eugene Water Board to chang <br />~he time of her water meter reading so that it would comply with the dates set by the <br />fugene Water goard for the summer rates to go into effect for water users. It was <br />~ointed out that the council had no authority to ask this of the Eugene Water Board <br />'land Mrs. Corbett was told that the Eugene Water Boar'd was in sessiilin at this time and <br />4' for her to take the matter up with them. <br /> <br />I The matter of accepting the liability and property damage insurance policy <br />~endered by the Terminal Taxi Company was brought up at this time. Attorney Reese <br />~ingard representing the Taxi Cab Company explained the situati9n stating that the <br />~axicab company was willin~ to put up $50.00 ca~h to cover the $50.00 deducti~ claus <br />an the insurance policy. ~here was some discussion regarding this and Councilman Haw <br />~sked that in case of an accident if this $50 would be used to pay for the loss or if <br />~he taxi-cab company was willing at all times to keep the $50.00 on deposit with the <br />~itYOf Eugene. Mr. Gabried was present and he and Mr. Wingard assured the council <br />~hat the $50 would be kept intact for the duration of the policyl Upon motion by <br />Councilman Farrington, seconded by Councilman Bond, this insurance policy was <br />, Ii <br />5 accepted. <br /> <br />II Mr. C. A. Wilcox of 55 Washington Street reported he had secured a building <br />permit to make certain imporvements on his house and the Building Inspector had <br />put up a stop work sign claiming the conditions of the permit were not complie~vith. <br />Mr. Wilcox asked that be be permitted to restore the porch to its original condition <br />~nd let the matter rest there. Councilman Farrington explained that there were <br />~lready three buildings on the lot and they occupied more than 30% of the ground <br />~nd that further extensions could not be allowed. Upon motion, the request of <br />6~ Mr. Wilcox to put the porch back into i~s original shape was granted. <br /> <br />II Councilman Farrington, Chairman of the Finance Committee, presented the <br />property offers at this time beginning with the offer of Frank Sustello, $100.00, <br />~20.00 cash and the balance at ~5.00 or more per month plus interest at 6% for <br />Lot 5, Block 5, 6roner's Addition (222-2/3 feet West of the Southwest corner of 4th <br />~venue and Almaden Street) with the recommendation that the offer be accepted and <br />~ ~pon motion made and seconded the recommendation was unanimously approved. <br /> <br />II The offer 'of James H. Baker, $425.00, $85.00 cash and the balance at $10.00 <br />lPr more per month plus interest at 6% for Lot 77x150.6 on Van Buren Street 100 feet <br />~orth of 8th Avenue was presented with the recommendation that the offer be held <br />klintil the size of the lot is decided and the recommendation was unanimoumly approved. <br /> <br />I The offer of Andy W. Corbin, $200, $10.00 cash and the balance at $10 <br />~r more per month plus interest at 6% for the West 60.5 feet of Lot 16, Huddleston <br />4ddition (242.17 feet West of the Southwest corner of 8th Avenue and Almaden <br />Street) was presented with the recommendation that the offer be rejected and the <br />9' ~ecommendation was approved by the Council. <br /> <br />8 <br /> <br />2,/ <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />I' <br /> <br />The offer of Paul W. Campbell for client, Harold McKenZie, $600.00, $120 <br />cash and the balance at $15.00 per month plus interest at 6% for the West 181.59 <br /> <br />~ <br />