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<br /> 506 <br /> ~ .", -~ <br /> -- --.- :;. --" -' - _._'~.". ~." .;,,-- -- ,"., -- -.. .- - -- -- _...... ... -- . ...-- _ _ _b_ ..-.. . - - "'7_ .......-- - .- .- "--- ~- -- <br /> NOTICE OF SPECIAL COUNCIL MEETING <br /> . " <br /> <I"'..... I <br /> ~t To the members of the Common Council of the City of Eugene: <br /> 0 <br /> ,.......... <br /> '-" <br /> NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that on this 18th day of June, 1941 the Mayor of Eugene <br /> hereby calls a mee~ing to be held at 7:30 o'clock P.M. in the Council Chambers <br /> of the City of Eugene for the following reason: <br /> For ~he purpose of discussing the Cantonment and Defense. Also, such other <br /> business as may come up. I <br /> Eugene, Oregon /s/ ELISHA LARGE <br /> June 18, 1941 Elisha Large, Mayor- <br /> * * * * * * * * * * * * * * <br /> Council Chambers, Eugene, Oregon <br /> June 18, 1941 <br /> The council met in special meeting pursuant to the call of Mayor Elisha <br /> Large. All councilmen were present with the exception of A. L. Hawn and John <br /> 1 Pennington. <br /> The meeting was called to order by Mayor Large, who explained that .the <br /> meeting had been called regarding the proposed Cantonment. Colonel Waller of the <br /> National Defense Council and ClarenceE. Lombard, Treasurer of the organization <br /> were present. The Mayor called upon Colonel Waller, who explained that the work <br /> on the Cantonment and the defense situation had become so heavy that the committee <br /> were unable,Lto handle it alone and help had to be employed.. In addition to the <br /> office and office help they had hired Howard Merriam who had been compelled to go <br /> to San Francisco twice tn connection with the work. All this had proved to be <br /> a vast amount of detail work and expense. He said the Committees had worked out <br /> a budget amounting to $12,500.00, that seemed to be necessary to carryon the <br /> work properly. They had set the amount for Lane County at $2,500.00; the Eugene <br /> Water Board at $2,500.00; the City of Eugene at $1,500.00; and the balance they <br /> expected to get by subscription from the business people iO Eugene. Colonel' I <br /> Waller stated that about the only way they could get at the taxpayers, other than <br /> the business men of Eugene, wa"s through subscriptions from Lane COl.lnty, the City <br /> and the Water Beard'. 'Lane County had already contributed $1,000.00 and had promis d <br /> more. They had talked to members of the Water Board who seemed to favor .the <br /> subscriptions, but Mr. McArthur was out of town and a Board meeting'had not been <br /> called. Colonel Waller said theYcwereeasking the City for $1,500.00 at this time, <br /> since they had received a ~etter from Govenor Sprague explaining there was no <br /> money available from the State, and that all exPense would have to be met locally. <br /> At thiS time, Mr. Lombard explained that all bills were passed on by the Finance . <br /> Committee of the Chamber of Commerce and the Defense Committee. Howard Merriam <br /> was also present and explained at lenght regarding the Cantonment site known as th <br /> Crow Site and also the ~oburg Site. He pointed out on the map the locatmonof <br /> these two sites and explained that the Xings Valley Site, North of Corvallis, <br /> had become quite prominent within the last twenty-four hours. He stated that <br /> any site would require about 60,000 acres and if Eugene was fortunate enough to <br /> secure the Cantonmei1t,:,JthereiJWould be approximately $22,000,000.00 spent for land, <br /> construction of buildings, roadways, and other necessary improvements. Most.of <br /> the Coburg Site would be in Linn County but practically all of the buildings <br /> would be located in ~ane County. The merits of the two Eugene sites were discusse <br /> " by the council and many questions were asked Mr. Mer.riam. He explained there was <br /> nothing definite about the situation at this time but that news might break any <br /> time overnight while on the other hand it mig~t be many weeks before anything <br /> definite was known. It was stated that so far the committee had not been trying <br /> to promote any site but was only trying to get in shape to handle the situation I <br /> should anything definite be decided. ' Councilman Bond stated that for any other <br /> reasOn than National Defense he would not be in favor of making any contribution <br /> but that the National Emergency was upo'n us whether we liked it o'r not and that <br /> these things would have to be worked out. Mayor Large explained .that there was a <br /> law that allowed Cities and Counties to make contributions out of the general <br /> fund whether it had been budgeted or not. A motio'n was made by Bond and seconded <br /> by Brownson that the National Affairs Committee be granted the sum of $1,:000.00. <br /> This amount to be taken out of the EmergencyFund~ 'The roll was called with all <br /> 2 Councilmen present voting aye: absent Hawn and Pennington. I <br /> Upon motion the meeting was adjourned. ~ <br /> ields, Recorder Pro-Tem <br /> ~ <br />