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<br /> 51~ <br /> -_..~- ~- - -,- ~ ---. --- - -- -- <br /> .-- -- -. ---- - ., . -- -- - - <br /> .+- -- - . - *- -- ---, ---- .- - <br /> Conncil Chambers, Eugene, Oregon <br /> July 14, .1941 <br /> I The minutes of the regular meeting of the Common Council held Monday, <br /> 1 evening, July 14, 1941, at 7:30 o'clock. All councilmen were present. If ....1 <br /> \?j. <br /> .'" <br /> The minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved and the "- <br /> 2 meeting herewith ~alled to order. - <br /> Mayor Large called for anyone in the audience wishing to talk to the <br /> Council. C. F. Hyde, spoke Qn a.pposition to allowing a building permit for a <br /> grocery store on Lot 9, Block 7, Kincaid Park Addition.. He explained that all <br /> I deeds to tIlis.tract carried certain limitations and that no business of any kind <br /> could be allowed in that section. Permit to erect a grocery store under certain <br /> conditions had been granted at the Council meeting on June 24th. Attorney Calkins <br /> stated that he believed notwithstanding the limitations in the deeds, that the <br /> Planning Commission could make othe~ recommendations and the Council if they <br /> desired could carry out these recommendations. He said he was not .positive of <br /> this and would want more time to look into the matter. Councilman Hawn said if <br /> reservations in'the deeds expressed that this Should be only residential district <br /> . that he believed the Council should respect their wishes. After some discussion <br /> this. matter was referred to the City Attorney and Judiciary Committee to report <br /> back at the' .next Council meeting, with the understanding that the Building <br /> 3 Inspector would not issue any permits until after that time. <br /> ; , Otho E. Garver, representing the Standard Oil Company and the May and <br /> ~eadeMotor Company, asked for permission for the May and Meade Motor Company <br /> to install a computing gasoline pump at the curb in front of their place. Mayor <br /> Large explained that it had been the policy of the Council not to allow anymore <br /> c.urb pumps and that none of the old ones in town could be exchanged for the newer <br /> ones or any extensive repairs made on them in case 0.1' an accident. Mr. Garver <br /> .explained that there had recently been a new one put up by the Texaco company <br /> in front of the Willamette Motors. City Engineer Clubb said that there had been <br /> ,no .permit issued for this pump and he did not know there was one there. Council- <br /> ,. . . <br /> man Barette made amotion that the request of the May and Meade Motor Company be <br /> held up and that the Street Committee investigate the installing of the pump <br /> c at the Willamette Motors and that if the pump had. been installedwfuthout permission <br /> I from the Building Inspector, that they be instructed to take the pump out and <br /> 4 pay a penalty for having installed it. Motion was seconded by Brownson and carried. <br /> At t~is time the Whiskalantes entered the Council Chambers and deposed <br /> t~6 Mayor and took over the meeting. They held a session of their court and <br /> Mayor Large, City Attorney Calkins, several member~of the Council a~d three or <br /> 5 four from the audience were fined by this or:gafl.:fuzation.. <br /> ~ . B. .P. Dutke spoke to the Council at this time inregard to certain charges <br /> for repairs on his property located as. follows: Tract #64, Lot 4, Block 2, Shel- <br /> ton's Addition. He was ~nstructed to take this matter up with Engineer Clubb <br /> 6 and if adjustments were in order Mr. Clubb would see to the matter. <br /> . Jess Hayden add!essed the Council in~, regaf>d to his claim for damages <br /> to his motor car at 6th and Charnel ton Streets where he claimed the damages <br /> were done by the Stop button in the middle of the streetl He stated that he was <br /> proceeding down the street in an orderly manner and not at an excessive rate <br /> . . of speed and he thought the Council should reconsider their action 'and allow the <br /> , repair bill which amounted to $27.21. Motion was made by Farrington and seconded <br /> .7 by Bond that this request be placed on file. Motion was carried. <br /> Mrs'. Mary Ruth Campbell at 284 Pearl Street made. objections to Constructio <br /> of sidewalk repairs by the City to her property. She claimed she had recieved <br /> - notice from the City to repair her sidewalk and secured the services Of a private <br /> contractor and paid him for the work. Some.time after this the crew from the City <br /> I came out and started tearing up her sidewalk and cut into a tree that she didl:.:. <br /> not think was necessary. She claimed the sidewalk they tore up did not need <br /> repairing and that they left a considerable amount of dirt that she had to have <br /> hauled away ather expense. As a result she objected to paying for the work done <br /> by the City. A motion by Brownson and seconded by Farrington was made that this <br /> 8 be left in the hands of the Judiciary Committee and the City Attorney to investigat . <br /> A. J. Snider made objections to the cost of repairs for sidewalk on <br /> I property that he owns. He claimed that thesid-ewalk repairs were made in the fall <br /> of 1940 and that he purchased the property in December, 1940, and the owner of the <br /> property claimed there were no liens against this property. City Attorney Calkins <br /> explained t~at if the assessment had not been made when he purchased the property <br /> there was really no lien against it even thought the work had been done before. <br /> Attorney Calkins added that the Ci ty had.,.a right to assess the cost of the repairs <br /> at. this time and Mr. Snider would hage to settle the dispute with the former owner. <br /> Mr. Calkins stated that it: it had been a newly shingled roof, he would have <br /> probably investigated to see it had been paid for and a new section of sidewalk <br /> 9 should have been warning that there might be a bill to that effect. <br /> The offer of the Sma Rugh Company for a client of $125.00 cash for the <br /> South 50 feet of Lots 2 and 3, Block 8, Croner's Addition ~nd also a strip 11 <br /> '. <br /> .... <br /> - - - <br />