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<br />522 <br /> . _.. <br />c'., .-"- '.- - - .. -- - _d_ - - . -- ~._- -- -- .-.. - - . <br /> NOTICE OF SPECIAL COUNCIL MEETING <br />If'H I <br />i-:l To the Members of the Common Council of the City of Eugene: . <br />(<,;. , <br />{5 <br /> NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVENt that on this 6th day of August, 1941t the Mayor of Eugene <br /> hereby calls a meeting to be held at 5:00 o'clock P. M. in the Council Chambers <br /> of the City of Eugene for the following purpose: <br /> For the purpose of passing a resolution for increased appropriation at the airport I <br /> Al so, such other business as may come up. <br /> Eugene, Oregon <br /> August 6, 1941 /s/ ELISHA LARGE <br /> Elisha Large, Mayor <br /> * * * * * * * * * ?t' * <br /> Council Chambers, Eugene, Oregon <br /> 'Augus t 6, 1941 <br /> The Council met in a special meeting pursuant to a call by Mayor Large. <br /> Councilmen present were Bond, Barette, Koppe, Hawn and Farrington.' Absent <br /> Stewart and Pennington. <br /> Mayor Large explained that a new proposal had been made to the City by the <br /> Civil Aeronautics Administration to spend an additional sum of $113~0~0.00 on <br /> the Municipal Airport to construct a, <br /> "NE by SW150' by 4000' runway and necessary 50' wide taxiways , <br /> including grading and paving and extend basic lighting." <br /> A sample resolution authorizing this work had been presented by the C.A.A. and <br /> from that City: Attorney S. M. Calkins prepar-ed a resolution which was presented <br /> to the council. After a,few remarks by different members of the council; a <br /> motion was made by Councilman Bond and seconded by Hawn that the resolution be - <br /> adopted. Motion was carried. I <br /> RESOLUTION <br /> RESOLUTION CONSTITU'1'ING ,AGREEIvlENT .VITTH.THE <br /> UNITED STATES. RELATIVE TO. OPERATION.AND.MAINTENANCE <br /> (t-::", I' <br /> OF THE.EUGENE.MUNICIPAL AIRPORT <br /> WHEREAS , the Administrator of Civil Aeronautics of the United <br /> States Department of Commerce (hereinafter referred to as "Administrator") <br /> acting pursuant to the terms of the Department of Commerce Appro- <br /> priation Act, 1942 (Public Law 135, 77th Congress, Title II)t has <br /> designated as necessary for national defense a progect (herein called <br /> the "Project"), for development of the Eugene Municipal Airport <br /> (herein after called the "Airport"), which project is identified as <br /> S-904-35-3; and <br /> WHEREAS, as a condition precedent to release ani operation of <br /> 'the f>r-oj ect, the Administrator requires that the City of Eugene', <br /> herein called the ("City"), have title in fee simple -to the landing <br /> area of the Airport and the lands to be improved under the Project <br /> and enter into an agreement with the United States (herein called <br /> the "Government"), in the manner and form hereof; and I <br /> VillEREAS, the City is legally, financially and other~ise <br /> able to e~ter into such an agreement and desires to avail itself <br /> on the benefits of prosecution of the Project: <br /> NOW, THEREFORE, <br /> BE IT RESOLVED BY THE COM1VION COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF EUGE1\TE I <br /> Section l~ That for and in consideration of development of <br /> the Airport by the Government as contemplated by the Project, the <br /> City does hereby covenant'and agree with the Government as follows: <br /> .' <br /> (a) The Government shall have the right to develop the Airport <br /> as it sees fit, including the right to determine the exact nature <br /> of the improvements to be made under the Project, the manner in <br /> which the Project is to be conducted, the amount of Federal funds <br /> to. be ~~eJ.aded, and all other matters relating to the Project. The <br /> City will cooperate with the Government to ensure prosecution of the <br />~ <br />