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<br /> ~ <br /> 531 <br /> ~- ,- _. - ._- . ~.-- - -- <br /> -- -- _. - ~ . -".- .-. .'- ~. --. . - -.- - -' - - -- .. - - - - . --_.<. - -- - . ------. - '. - ," .. - --- -'-.. _. -- ".-"- - <br /> -----------~,-------- ~-----~-~---- ~~-- ._~--------~-----~--~---_._-,--- <br /> .Council Chambers, Eugene, Oregon <br /> August 25, 1941 <br /> .~~ <br /> I The minutes of the regular meeting of the Common Council held Monday evening, ,;;,~ <br /> 1 August 20th, 1941 at 7:30 o'clock. All councilmen were present. :....;\, <br /> 'Y. r<~.. <br /> The minutes of the previous m;e,eting were read and approved and. ordered <br /> 2 placed on file. The meeting was herewith c~lled to order. <br /> G. T. Dickinson representing the Seventh Day Adventists, was present and <br /> said. they had located a lot at 13th and Oak for their tabernacle. He stated the <br /> part of the lot that could be secured would. only be 100 feet long and they were <br /> I hoping they might. secure a modificati.on of the set-back line from Oak Street. He <br /> explained that their oldbuildlng was inadequate and. would not accommodate their <br /> congregations. He'wished to state that their meetings were orderlY and that the <br /> services were out at nine or shortly after in the evening. Mayor Large said there <br /> would be no objection to the services but that the property owners in the neighbor- <br /> hood might object to the temporary building. ,Mr..Dickinson explained that the <br /> building would not be an eyesore, but a painted. structure and the roof would be <br /> cO'l{ered with a silver colored roofing paper. Councilman Brownson said since the <br /> site had been changed from 7th and Lincoln to13th'and Oak, the health committee <br /> was not in a position to make any' recommendation. A motion was made by Farrington <br /> and seconded by Stewart that. the matter be referred to the Health Committee with <br /> the power to act. Councilman Farrington said that there might be consideTable;~:, <br /> objection from the property owners and he did not believe it was the council's <br /> business to find out whether this condition existed o.r not, but that it was up to <br /> the people asking for the permit. Councilman Bond agreed with Mr. Farrington on <br /> this matter. . Councilman Barette asked about what would become of the building <br /> after the .nine months period was up. The Mayor explained it was the intention of <br /> the church people to dismantle the building at that time and Mr. Dickinson said <br /> th,at if it was necessary they would be Willing to post a $1000.00 bond that the <br /> building would be removed in June, 1942. Mr. Dickinson was instructed to furnish <br /> the Health Committee with proof that there was no objection in the neighborhood <br /> 3 to this building. A vote was called on the previous motion and it waS carried. <br /> lAr. John Mencke was present and asked. about th.e request for a service <br /> I station at 11th and Ferry Streets. Mr. Calkins stated he thought. this was in the <br /> hands of the Planning Commission and if Mr. Mencke would call at his office, he <br /> 4 w~uld tell him what had been done in the matter. <br /> Mr. C. M., Miller at 1791 Alder Street, was present and asked for a modifi- <br /> cation of the set-back on a lot at the southwest corner of 18th and Alder Streets. <br /> He explained he had recently purchased this lot and had expected to build two houses <br /> on, it. He stated that the set-back requirements from Alder Street were thirty feet <br /> and that he had planned a building 42 feet long and this set-back would bring the <br /> building back so far as to almost prohibit a second building on the back of the lot. <br /> He asked thGt he be allowed to set-back not less than 22 feet from Alder Street. He <br /> stated he had ,not had an 9Pportunity to bring this before the Board Of Appeals. <br /> Councilman Barette had been with the three members of the Finance Committee during <br /> the afternoon looking over the property offers and stated they had viewed this <br /> ~ituation of Mr. Miller's. It was Mr. Barette's and the three members of the Finane <br /> Committee's recommendation that the set-back line of thirty feet should not be <br /> changed. It was suggested that this matter should be taken to the. Board of Appeals <br /> before the council acted upon it. Mr. Farrington thought it would be better for <br /> the council to render a deaisionat this time rather than have the matter go to the <br /> Board of Appeals and then be turned down at a later date. A motion by Barette and <br /> 5 seconded by Farrington that this request be denied, was carried. <br /> ~r. A. E. Peterson who lives on West Second Street, outside the City, made <br /> objections to the cost that had been designated for connection to the sewer on West <br /> Second from the City limits'to Garfield Street. It was his contention that the <br /> I Pl~ood Plant was a heavier user of the sewer than any private parties would be <br /> and he thought the amounts desiganted were out of reason. Mayor Large explained <br /> that Mr. Clubb, City Engineer, was out of town.'at this time and the matter would <br /> be taken up with him when he returned and if there were any equalities they would <br /> 6 be adjusted later. <br /> The Finance Committee recommended a counter offer of $275.00 with $25.00 <br /> \ returnable if construction is started within 90 days on the offer of M. Schroeder <br /> of $200.00, $40.00 cash and the balance at $10.00 per month or more plus interest <br /> I at 6% for Lot 4, Block 3, Rees Addition. Motion was made and seconded that the <br /> 7 recommendation of the Finance Committee be adopted. Motion was carried. <br /> . The offer of R. W. Potter for client, Mrs. Walter Holmes of $200.00, $40.00 <br /> cash and the balanc~ at $5.00 or more per month plus interest at 6% for the North <br /> 80 feet of Lot 8,' Block 4, Purkerson and Quimby Addition, was accepted by the Finane <br /> 8 Committee. Upon motion made ,and seconded this offer was acoepted by the council. <br /> . The offer of Paul W. Campbell for client, Manuel Antillon of $600.00, $120.00 <br /> cash and the balance at $15.00 per month plus interest at 6% for the West l81'.99~ <br /> feet of Lot 16, Huddleston's Addition was accepted by the Finance Committee and coun . <br /> 9 cil. <br /> .... <br />