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<br /> '.536 <br /> -- . -- - - - .~- ~- - -- - - - - - ~-- - ",.- , - - - <br /> Council Chambers, Eugene, Oregon <br /> . September 8. 1941 <br /> r.' The minutes of the regular meeting of the Common Council held on Monday I <br /> .-". evening, September 8, 1941. All councilmen were present with the exception of Mr. <br /> ~ "'- <br /> '1:. Koppe. <br /> r .- <br /> ...'1 The minutes of the previous meeting were read and' approved and the meeting <br /> , , . <br /> ~..._" <br /> ~:2 herewith called to order by Mayor Large. <br /> Fred G. Knox was present and requested permission to hang banners adver- <br /> tizing the Lane County Fair. This permission was granted upon motion made, seconded I <br /> and carried by the council with the understanding that he cooperate with the buildin <br /> 3 inspector's office. <br /> Delbert R. French, president of the Lane County Humane Society, requested <br /> that the funds taken in from the dog licenses be turned over to the Humane Society. <br /> He stated that they would employ an officer for the full twelve months of the year <br /> to look after dogs and other animals. He said it was his understanding that the <br /> dog licenses would be collected by the City as before, but that he would likekto <br /> request that their man be allowed to issue licenses and collect the money and. turn <br /> it over to the City. Councilman Bond stated he was in accord 100% with the Humane <br /> Society, but the City had been conserving their funds and had been keepipg the pay <br /> of city employees down to bed-rock and as the city represented some 20,000 people, <br /> he did not believe it was wise to turn over this $700.00 or $800.00 in revenue .to <br /> an organization that .was representing some one hundred. to five hundred people. <br /> Councilman Farrington said he could see Councilman Bond's side of the case, but he <br /> felt that this 150 or 200 people representing the Humane Society were also repre- <br /> senting the entire city. Councilman Brownson agreed with Mr. Farrington in this <br /> matter and he stated he understood the law was for dog regulation and as the matter <br /> was now handled. there was no regulation to speak of and if the city was going to <br /> continue as they had been, it should be considered as a tax rather than a regulatory <br /> measure. Councilman Hawn wanted to know just what was the object of the dog license <br /> and Attorney Calkins explained it was mostly for the protection of sheep and other <br /> animals that might be ,killed by dogs. Councilman Stewart stated he believed the <br /> Humane Society could improve very nicely on the job the city had been doing. After <br /> considerable discussion a motion was made by Hawn, seconded by Bond that the. City I <br /> split its share of the dog license;money fifty-fifty with the Humane Society as the <br /> 4 collections were made. Motion was carried. <br /> A petition from the patrons of the Washington School District, petitioned <br /> the council for a police officer to be stationed at Broadway and High Streets during <br /> the hours that children were going and coming from school. It was pointed out that <br /> this district had been extended to South of Broadway and it was impossible for ~small <br /> children to cross this intersection alone. Councilman Bond said he thought this <br /> was a fair request and of. much more impor,tance than all of the dogs they had just <br /> considered. Mr. Bond pointed out that two new policemen had been asked for and if <br /> they were granted by the budget committee they would be able to take care of this <br /> intersection. Mr. Bond made a motion that this request be taken care of, motion was <br /> seconded by Stewart. and carried. Mr. C. A. Barnes, who had presented the petitions, <br /> stated it would be impossible for them to wait until the first of the year to have <br /> an officer at this intersection and it seemed to be the opinion of the council that <br /> this was a traffic situation that should be taken care of as soon as school started. <br /> Mayor Large suggested that two new policemen might be put on at the present time and <br /> paid out of the Parking Meter Fund. That way the situation could be taken care of <br /> as soon as school started. Councilman Bond told Mr. Barnes that they would endeavor <br /> 5 to take care of the traffic there. <br /> The Finance Committee recommended that the offer of C. D. Reynolds of $250. 0 <br /> , $50.00 cash and the balance at $50.00 each three months plus interest at 6% for <br /> the South 80 feet of Lot 1, Block 11, Sladden's Third Addition be accepted. Upon <br /> 6 motion made and seconded this was accepted by the councill I <br /> The Offer of Clyde McDougall of $400.00, $80.00 cash and the balance at <br /> $40.00 each 6 months plus interest at 6% for the lot 50 x 100 beginning 50 feet West <br /> of Taylor Street on the South side of Broadway. The City tb reserve five foot right <br /> 7 of way on West side of lot, was accepted by the Finance Committee and the council. <br /> A counter offer of $450.00 with payment of to remain the Same on the Offer <br /> of John H. QuineI' of $400.00, $200.00 cash and the balance at $10.00 or more per 'I <br /> ont~ plus interest at 6% for Lot 7, Block 24, James Huddleston's Extended Addition <br /> ~as recommended by the Finance Committee. Upon motion made and seconded this counte . <br /> 8 offer was accepted by the council. <br /> The offer of Elton Rippel of $450.00, $90.00 cash and the balance by June 1, <br /> 1942 for Lot 10, Block 25, College Hill Park Addition plus interest at 6% was <br /> 9 accepted by the Finance Committee and the council. <br /> I A counter offer of $950.00 on the offer of V. C. Engwall of $750.00 cash for <br /> !Lot 3, Block 2, Maplecroft Addition was recommended by the Finance Committee. Upon <br /> 10 kotion made and seconded this counter offer was accepted by the council. <br /> ~ <br />