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<br /> ~ <br /> 547 <br /> .. -- - ~- - -~ -- - -- --~ ~- - -- <br />~-- -- --- .--- -"- n_ <br />.. -..." -. - --- . - - -- -- -- - ~ - - - - --- ~--- - -- ---- ----- -- --- -=-= ~-:-.::~~--=:.:..;-=-~-~~--=~---=---= - - - - -....:....:...:.-=-=-.---- --=- -~----;;:.,;,::::;:...:::;..::...~.;....:;:... ~...;:::.:;;:-::-;:: <br />_._-------~.---~---- ---,---' ------- -- --- --- -----~-- <br /> NOTICE OF SPECIAL COUNCIL 1ffiETING <br />I To the Members of the Common Council of the City of Eugene ~.n <br /> ~ <br /> NOTICE IS, HEREBY GIVEN, that on this 29th day o~ September, 1941, the Mayor of :5J <br /> ...,..>"\ <br /> Eugene hereby calls a meeting to be held at 7:30 P. M. in the Council Chambers of ,,- <br /> the City of Eugene for the following purpose. <br /> For the purpose of discussing a lease for the old airport.' Also, such other bus- <br /> iness as may come up. <br />I September 29, 1941 /s/ ELISHA LARGE <br /> Eugene, Ore~on Elisha Large, Ma~or <br /> * * * * * * * <br /> Council Chambers, Eugene, Oregon <br /> September 29, 1941 <br /> The minutes of a special council meeting called by Mayor Large. Councilm n <br /> present were Bond, Farrington, Koppe, Barette, Brownson and Pennington. Absent <br /> 1 were Stewart and Hawn. The meeting was called to order by Mayor Large. <br /> Mayor Large asked for a report of the special committee consisting of <br /> Koppe, Fa~rington and Barette, which had been appointed to investigate regarding <br /> a new contract with Joe Harrell for the old Airport. Chairman Koppe reported <br /> that they had made an extensive study and that it was not easy to arrive at just <br /> what was the best thing to do. He stated that previously Mr. Harrell had indicated <br /> to the Mayor that he would be agreeable to a 5% charge on the gross receipts, but <br /> that when the committee talked to him l1e only wanted to pay the City $125.00 per <br /> month and wanted to extend the contract to April 1, 1943. Mr. Koppe reported that <br /> Mr. Harrell had made repiars to the shop which had cost in the neighborhood of <br /> $1800.00, put in a cement floor that had cost another $300.00 and was going to buil <br /> a n~w hanger which would cost about $2600.00. Mr. Koppe said it was the committee' <br /> recommendation that Mr. Harrell should pay the city 5% on the gross revenue of ' <br /> the field. Mayor Large stated that Mr. Harrell did have, as many as.fifty students <br />I a t one time but that a: fair average would be from thirty to forty. ~ \Thirty students <br /> at $325.00 each and three classes would amount to $29,250.00 gross ~evenue for a <br /> year. The Mayor also stated that the arrangement with Mr. Soukup was for about <br /> twenty students at $750.00 each and three classes a year. This would amount to <br /> $45,000.00 gross revenue. Mr. Koppe ~xplained ,that the city was furnishing the <br /> Airport and it had cost considerable money as the yearly upkeep, consltsting of <br /> mowing the field, keeping up the runways and other expense, amounted to quite a <br /> sum. ,Councilman Brownson said a 5% charge generally might be all right, but <br /> questioned whether there should be a 5% charge on the sale of gasoline. After some <br /> distlussion, a motion was made by Pennington and seconded by Bond that the Committee <br /> report be adopted and the City Attorney be instructed to draw up a contract that <br /> Mr. Harrell pay the city 5% on the gross revenue of the field and that the Mayor <br /> and Recorder be authorized to enter into such a cont~act with Mr. Harrell. The <br /> new contract to run from October 1, 1941 to April 1, 1943. Councilmen Bond stated <br /> t~at he thought the council owed the special cornmittee a vote of thanks forthe work <br /> 2 they had done and it was so ordered. <br /> Mayor Large explained that about a month ago when the City, the Bouthern <br /> Pa,cific Company and the State Highway Co~ission were trying to make a settlement <br /> regarding the new highway through Eugene, Mr. Paul Farrens had been in Eugene and <br /> had to payout $3.50 and that in the proceedings Mr. Calkins that Mr. Farrens <br /> should be refunded this $~.50 and that Mr. Calkins fiadtreambursed Mr. Farrens. <br /> Mayor Large explained that he thought Mr. Calkins should be reimbursed this $3.50. <br /> .l. motion by Brownson seconded by Fal'rington was made and carri ed that this $3.50 be <br /> 3 refunded to Mr. Calkins. <br />I Mayor Large asked Mr. Brownson if there was any objection to allowing <br /> farmers to take a part of the turkey feathers as fertilizer. Mr. Brownson stated <br /> that just at this time the Eugene Chemical Works were figuring that they might take <br /> all of the turkey feathers and if this kind of an arrangement could be made, it <br /> 4 would be very staisfactory with the City. <br /> The meeting adjourned. ~ <br />I ~ John FJ.elds <br /> . City Recorder pro-tem <br /> . <br /> , <br /> . <br /> o , <br /> ~ <br />