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<br />570 <br /> ~ ---- - -- - -- <br />--- _.. --- - - ..-- --- -- -..- - - -- - - - - -- <br /> Council Chambers, ~ugene, Oregon <br /> December 8, 1941 <br />Vq The minutes of the regular meeti,ng of the Common Counci 1 held Monday I <br />~~. <br />.Q.:~ evening at 7:30 in the Council Chambers. All councilmen were present with the <br />~. exception of Farrington and Pennington. <br />.:,.....' <br /> The minutes of the pr~,vious meeting were read and approved and the meeting <br />2 herewith called to order by ~ayor Large. <br /> Mayor Large said undoubtedly all the Council members were familiar with the <br /> conditions concerning the declaration of war with Japan and there was probably I <br /> not much the council could do regarding the matter but stated there had been a <br /> resolution prepared and asked to have it read at this time. <br /> RES 0 L UTI 0 N <br /> WHEREAS, an unwarranted and treacherous attack has been made upon the ,~ <br /> United States, resulting in destruction of prpperty and loss of life, followed <br /> by a Presidential call for a declaration of war by the Congre$s, and <br /> WHEREAS , the safety of the nation must at last reat in the SOlidarity, <br /> loyalty and unity of all its parts, <br /> THEREFORE, the Common Council of the City of Eugene calls upon the <br /> citizenry for alert response and prompt obedience to any and all measures deemed <br /> necessary by those in authority, and the Common Council particularly imposes. <br /> upon the conscience and conduct of everyone in Eugene that cheerful and prompt <br /> compliance with any and all requirements, and unity and loyalty to our duly <br /> constituted authorities is our first and imperative duty. <br />3 On motion made and seconded this resolution weB unanimously adopted by the Council <br /> Mayor Large explained that the Air Filter Center wished to sign a lease <br /> for the quarters they were occupying in the Armory and that the rental was to <br /> be $100.00 per month. He said it was necessary that the Council authorize the <br /> Mayor and Recorder to sign this lease. A motion by Bond and seconded by Stewart I <br />4 that the Mayor and Recorder be authorized to sign this lease was carried. <br /> Mr. Theodore Johnson stated that on the second Sunday in August, 1941, <br /> he had been on.:.-Skinner's Butte and there were six well dressed Japanese ~here <br /> and two of them had cameras. He stated that they were looking over the ~ity and <br /> asked another gentlemen who was there, where the reservoirs were located. He <br /> managed to catch the attention of this gentlemen and told him not to give the <br /> Japanese any information. He said he did not think they belonged around here but <br />5 were strangers in this locality. <br /> J <br /> Mr. D. T. Bayley was present and stated the P.T.A. Safety Committee had <br /> worked out quite a large schedule for the safety of the school children. He <br /> wished to express the pppreciation of the committee for the effort the co~ncil had <br /> made regarding this work, especially for placing the man at Broadway and high <br /> Streets and for the signs that had been furnished and for the cross walks on ' <br /> Franklin Blvd. He said it was the committee" s idea that there should be more <br /> playgrounds for the school children to take them off the streets. He said one <br /> place in particular they had thought of was at Patterson Schoibl grounds. He <br /> said it was their recommendation that the Bicycle Ordinance should be enforced <br /> as thoroughly as possible. Councilman Bond stated that Mr. Bayley had given him <br /> a copy of the committee report but had not had time to look through it and would <br /> like to have a meeting of the Police Committee regarding the matter and would <br /> 6 report at the next meeting. <br /> Judiciary Committee had no report. I <br /> In the absence of Chairman Farrington, Councilman Hawn of the Finance <br /> Committee reported regarding the bills for the month of November. Mr. Hawn said <br /> the bills had not been o,k'd but that it would probably be well for the Council <br /> to order the payment of the bills after they had been G.k'd by the Finance <br /> Committee. Motion was made and seconded that the Council authorize the payment <br /> of the bills after they had been properly passed by the Finance Committee, and on <br /> roll call all councilmen present voted aye. Farrington and Pennington absent. .1 <br /> 7 The motion was carried. <br /> GENERAL FUND <br /> Aetna Life Insurance 128.00 Aetan L.ife Insurance 70.35 <br /> Pacific Hospital Ass'n. 72.00 Eugene Hospital'& Clinic 29..75' <br /> Valley Printing Co. 2.90 J. K. Gill Company 3.15" <br /> First Nationaili Bank of Eugene 7.50 Cressey's 25..05 . <br /> Danner Service Station 11.50 Eugene Laundry , 33 ~ 42 <br /> Carlson Hatton and Hay 2.58 Vitus Electric Works 1.00 <br /> Fred Lengacher 12.50 Medo-Land Creamery 1.75 <br /> Eugene Water Board 2.28 Ford Nelson Mill Co. 1.30 ~ <br /> Geo. A. Halton Company .80 Jim Brannen Tire Co. 23.94 ' <br />~ . <br />