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<br /> ".... 5 7 8 <br /> , . ~ <br /> , ~ ,. - ,- - <br /> Council Chambers, Eugene, Oregon <br /> December 2~t 1941 <br /> The minutes of the regular meeting of the Common Council held Monday I <br /> ~ ........ evening, December 22nd, 1941 at 7:30 o'clock. All Councilmen were present with <br /> (1' the exception of Farrington. <br /> 1"".......7- <br /> ~.~If <br /> C","l The minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved and the meeting <br /> ~ herewith called to order. <br /> - <br /> Mayor Large asked if there was anyone in the council chambers w~o wished <br /> to address the counc il and theI'e being no answer, the Mayor called for committee <br /> 3 reports. I <br /> The Judiciary Committee recommended ,the refund of ~9.27 to Fred Knox on <br /> account of payment for sidewalk repairs on property_ which he,~had sold previous <br /> $0 the time the sidewalk repairs were m~ade. Mr. .L>.nox had paid this amouI)t <br /> before he realized what property is was on, thinging it was his property on <br /> "'- another street. A motion by Koppe, seconded by Brownson that the refund be ,made <br /> 4 was carried. <br /> In the absBnce of Councilman Farrington, Councilman Hawn reported regarding <br /> the property offers. <br /> The offer of Mrs. Grace Alford, of $185.00, '$37.00 cash and the balance , <br /> at $5.00 or more per month plus interest at 6% for Lot 3, Block 2, Shelton's <br /> 2nd Additio~ was held for the appraisal price of $200.00, by,the Finance Committee <br /> 5 ~ and the Council. <br /> Councilman Barette, report-ing for the Street Committee said they were using <br /> 6 every effort to get the sewers and catch basins in good shape for the winter rains <br /> 7-. The Fire and Water Committee reported that the hydrant at 15th and Poll <br /> Streets had been installed. <br /> The Health Committee had no report. <br /> Councilman Hawn said the only report he had was they were compelled to I <br /> install a switch amounting to $12.75 which was to take care of the Park lights <br /> 8.... in case of a blackout~ <br /> , Sewer Committee and Police Committee had no reports. <br /> An ordinance changing ,from a single family residence district to a multiple <br /> family residence district, Lot 2, Block 15, College Hill Park Addition, having had <br /> its first reading December 8th, was read for the second time. Mayor Large called <br /> for obj$ctions ~nd there being none, under suspension of the rules the ordinance <br /> was read for the third time. Roll wascalled with all councilmen present voting <br /> 9 ,aye. Farrington absent. Ordinance 8707 was declared passed. <br /> An ordinance adopting the 1940 edition of the Pacific Coast Conference <br /> Building Code for the City of Eugene was read for the first time and under <br /> , suspension of the rules had its second xeading. The Mayor called for objections <br /> and there being none, the ordinance was read for the third time. Roll was called <br /> with all councilmen present voting aye. Farrington absent. Ordinance 8708 was <br /> 10 declared passed. <br /> "- <br /> An ordinance providing for uncompensated special emergency police officers <br /> other than the regular police force, waiving civil service, and declaring an <br /> emergency was read for the first time and under suspension of the rules had its <br /> second reading at this time. The Mayor called for objections and there being <br /> none, the ordinance had its third reading. Roll was called with all councilmen I <br /> 11 present voting aye. Farrington absent. Ordinance 8709 was declared passed. <br /> A letter from W. T. Bridges, District Manager of the Northern Life Insuranc <br /> Company, asking that the City make deductions from city employees for insurance <br /> policies they might sell, was read. Counciilnan Hawn said Mr. Bridges had talked <br /> to him and he said the only tLing he wished to bring up regarding the situation <br /> was that while the city was on a cash basis at the present time, that in five or <br /> six years there might be a depression and the insurance company would have to <br /> accept warrants which might have to be registered.' Councilman Stewart said that I <br /> this was not exactly like the plan that the city was carrying with the Aetna <br /> Insurance Company but more like a salary saving policy. After some discussion <br /> ,regarding the advisibility'of this move, the matter was referred to the Judiciary <br /> 12 Committee to report back at the next meeting. ' <br /> Councilman Barette reported that the new International truck recently <br /> ordered by the Street Department was ready for delivery and the bill should be <br /> paid. The purchase price of the truck was $1474.50 less allowance for 1930 model <br /> A Ford truck of $174.50, making a net of $1300.00. A motion by Barette, seconded <br /> 13 by Stewart authorizing the Recorder to pay for this truck was carried. <br /> ~ <br />