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REPORTS OF OFFICERS <br />I . <br /> <br /> <br />I ~ . <br />i' A report from the office of the City Manager re: purchase of certain <br />4 ~,' properties along the Amazon Basin for park development purposes, was submitted ~ <br />' and read as follows: ::..;) <br />~ <br />~; ,,~ <br /> <br />I,: "At the last meeting of the Common Council, this office was instructed ~::;" <br />I, to negotiate for the purchase of certain properties lying in the Amazon Basin ,..:.. <br />I; for future park development with the suggestion that monies derived from the <br />.' sale of present ci ty owned property at 13th and Chambers be set aside for such <br />'I <br />~i purchase. <br /> <br />'I: I beg to report that at the present time the Century of Progress Park <br />; Fund is contemplating a public subscription campaign in the City of Eugene for <br />I: the purpose of acquiring and developing the Amazon Park site of approximately <br />~; 30 acres. In order that the Century of Progress Fund"will be enabled to make <br />necessary down payments on the tract in question and to permit itself to take <br />.' an option for this property, it is necessary that a commi ttment be secured <br />I' from the City Council to the end that monies derived from the sale of the 13th <br />: and Chambers tract be ear-marked for the Amazon properties. <br /> <br />,I . <br /> <br />I: It is, therefore, recommended that the Council by motion instruct the <br />~ proper city officials to the end that any monies derived from the sale of the <br />I: Chambers tract be set aside in a special reserve fund and designa ted for pur- <br />i, chase and development of park properties." <br />~':, <br />: It was moved by Crumbaker, seconded by Davis that the report of the City Manager <br />~ be received and placed tin file and that the Council authorize the placing of <br />~; monies to be received from sale of Medical Center tract into a special reserve <br />!i fund f or "Park and Recrea tional Facilities". l'v1ot ion carried. <br />'1 <br />I! <br />Ii A report from the office of the City Manager re: various department <br />5;' activi ties was submitted and read. <br />I' <br />I' I <br />!: "The following report is herewi th submitted for your informa tion. I <br /> <br />I I, At the last regular meeting of the Common Council, July 29, '1946, II <br />!: the.matter of con~ra?ting fo: the services of J. C. Compt?n Co. for oiling of <br />i: var1.OUS streets w1.th1.n the C1.ty was referred to the Counc1.1 Street Committee <br />:. with power t,o act. A meeting of the committee was held on July 30, 1946 and <br />i! action taken, instructing the Manager's office to employ the services of the <br />it company for oil treatment of various streets wi thin the City of Eugene, total- <br />,! ing approximately 12 miles. <br />I <br />!' <br />j' On August 5th the Empire Construction Company started work on Unit <br />i: No. 1 of the Amazon Interceptor Sewer and the work is progressing very satis- <br />i'l factorily. The section of 36" line running easterly through the Fairgrounds <br />:: will be rushed to completion in order that the ground may be restored prior <br />11 to the County Fair opening September 25th. <br /> <br />'1 At the Eugene Airpark, the work of widening, and oil mat <br />\i surfacing of the main diagonal runway has been completed during the past month <br />I; and wi th installation of necessary drainage should provide safe use of the port I <br />f! during the coming winter months. <br /> <br />,I I <br />1! The Fire Department has recently completed the installation of a new <br />j dormitory room on the third floor of the City Hall. Members 'of the department ' <br />1,1 have done a splendid job in converting this area into a light, modern dormitory I <br />li: room and will be in a position to accommodate 12 "sleepers" for night duty : <br />il wi thin a short time. Fire department strength is now 26 men, plus 10 well I <br />i.,; tra inedvolunteer members. I <br />I" <br />,I . <br />ji The Police Department has recently recruited three new officers from <br />!l the Civil Service list, bringing the department to its full authorized strength <br />Ii: of 29 uniformed men, one license collector and dog control man, meter service <br />Ii: man and secretary, total of 33. The two-way system authorized by the Common <br />IICouncil is now in the process of being installed and will be operating within <br />II a short time. <br />" <br />I Ii Revised plans and estimates in connection with the construction of a ..- <br />l"sewage disposal plant have been completed by the consulting engineer and the X <br />llsewers committee of the Council will be called upon shortly to passon this <br />:l!report and direct the completion of the new specifications. <br />I 1 <br /> <br />j1 The summer recreation program is closing this week after a highly I <br />I.,.lsuccessful 9-week program that has included many activities for youngsters ~n \ <br />i: the various age groups during the season. The Anchorage swimming pool record i <br />I <br />n I <br />Ii <br />,:1 <br />!1 <br />t' <br />.:, <br />),! <br />, <br />~ <br />