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<br />. ,'... ~ <br />. " <br /> <br /> <br />.53..9 <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />:c~__.___"_ _..__~.~_ ________.._ ____ _.-- -~--_..~::::;:--------~ -----:---_-::-.-"'::-:----.--- -- --________________ __ <br />- -- ~ - - -- - - --- -- --- - - - - -- -~ - <br />-- -- - --- - ---- - - - ,\* - - -- . - ----- . .---------- - - ..c:__-~_~:c.....___~._. .--. ..------.. _ _.-~-_c.=-_ -.::-.-.__C~=--:C--'-:-- =c:-_-=-=.-..:-..--.:-- .:C'. <br /> <br />o I Council Chambers, Eugene, Oregon <br />: October 30, 1946 <br /> <br />I ' <br />I <br /> <br />I ~~ <br />i The adj ourned session of the Common Council of Eugene held October 30 '~".J <br />, 1946 at 7:30 P.M. The Meeting was called to order by his Honor, Mayor Earl L.,~:~' <br />McNutt. Councilmen present a t rollcall were: Hawn, Davis, Crumbaker, Bailey, ~:~:: <br />Johnson and Allen. Koppe absent -Hurley already resigned. <br /> <br />" REPORTS OF OFFICERS <br />" <br />I <br />A report of the City Manager re: Proposed Mill Race Highway Project, <br />was s ubmi tted and read. ' <br /> <br />1 "At the last regular meeting of the Council held October 14, 1946, <br />various matters pertaining to the proposed Mill Race Highway project were set over <br />to this date as a special order of Business. <br /> <br />" Since that meeting certain members of the Council and the Mayor have <br />I.' consulted with State Highway Department representatives and have discussed the <br />proposed routing, right-of-way acquisitions and other details. <br /> <br />I The Ci ty has been informed by the State Highway Department tha t it <br />, desires to incorporate a section of this highway construction into its plans f.or <br />the projected Walnut Street-Broadway improvement on U.S. No. 99 for which a bid <br />call is scheduled within the next 60 to 90 days, prov~ded a joint agreement can <br />" be reached with the City of Eugene and Lane County, together with necessary com- <br />I mitments on the completion of the overhead connector and ,Willamette. River Bridge <br />!: within a five-year period. <br /> <br />t Preliminary discussions of such an agreement indicate that'the City's <br />:: interests can be best served by an arrangement whereby the .o,verhead structure, <br />~ traffic interchange and acess streets be constructed by the State, with t~e City <br />! agreeing to accept its obligations and allocation of costs in a sum not to exceed <br />I: $500,000, as authorized by the voters. A previously discussed agreement would <br />11 '",,; have allocated certain portions of the project as a responsibility of the City. <br />!. On the basis of preliminary estimates, these costs would exceed $500,000. <br />I <br /> <br />I, If the initial portion of the proj ect (namely the connection of Sixth <br />11 and Seventh Avenues) is to be accomplished in 1947, it appears necessary that <br />action be taken by the City and Lane County authorizing the negotiation of the <br />three-way contract, without.. undue delay.. · <br /> <br />, <br /> <br />~; Two other items in connection with the project, namely the purchase of <br />II the Mill Race and the approval or rejection of a Council Bill tha t would eliminate <br />I;, the Sixth Avenue grade crossing are on this evening's agenda. Bother of these <br />!I matters, however, appear to hinge on whatever course of action the Council deems <br />~.i fit to adopt with reference to the agr.eement as outlined, above. <br />~!I <br />. <br /> <br />~ In connection with the Mill Race acquisition, attention of the Council <br />I is called to the fact tha:t our opt ion on the same expires November 1, 1946." <br /> <br />'II,: It was moved by Bailey, seconded by Davis tha t the report of the Ci tyManager be <br />; received and placed on file. <br /> <br />Ii Various persons, including J. J. Rogers, P. Tillman, James Rodman, Tom Russell, <br />tl Howard Buford, L. Scharf, et. al. appeared before the Council with reference to <br />II highway project. <br />I' <br /> <br />l,; It was moved by Bailey, seconded by Hawn. that the pr.oper city officers exercise <br />',': the option of the purchase of the Mill Race from the Eugene Power Company and that <br />,i! the sum of $1,000.00 be expended from the improvement bond revolving sinking fund as <br />~i a down payment toward the purchase. <br /> <br />I! It was. further moved by Bailey, seconded by Hawn that the proper city officers be <br />Ii instructed to initiate the sale of bonds in the sum of $50,000.00, the proceeds of <br />I,' such sale to be. used for the Mill Race purchase and upon the sale of the bonds, <br />I the sum of $1,000.00 to be reimbursed to the improvement Bond Revolving Sinking <br />II Fund. Rollcall - Hawn, Davis, Crumbaker, Bailey, Johnson and Allen voting AYE. <br />I I' Koppe absent. . <br /> <br />,l It was moved by Crumbaker, seconded by Hawn tha t the proper city officers be <br />. ,: authorized to negotiate an agreement with the State Highway Commission for the <br />Ii construction and financing of the Mill Race Junction project, and that the draft <br />i of such agreement be returned to the Common Council for its ratification. <br /> <br />I:, Motion carried. <br />,I <br />I'~ <br />I,; <br />Iii t <br />. I I <br />, . !:,:, i <br />, , <br />, I <br />, I <br />I" <br />, <br /> ! <br />, ~ <br />