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<br />~562 <br />- _'c_~; ;=_,~=~'c....:..~_-=-::.:",::=~,:,c_c~_c ~~~-c,- c,-cC__-~~'_'C ''---C"-'-': iL?=-===-.:~= -~~-=-_ _ -~.:::--..:--:--~~-~-;-.n__._"7:""-:-_.-"-~-'::--:'~__-_--:--::;-;-_ -:;::- ;-.- ------. -_--;:cc--::----:: ----::::-:;~---,------;;-:--__::__::_.-_--. --=-__c:.::::-~- -- -_ <br /> ------- ------~---_.- --- <br /> 'l-c=~=~c~~c-,,-c,c C'.C-_. ---. - ~ ~-_.- -~---~- _X~=___ - --- .-- - - ~- - -~ - . c==,= ='cc=~c ,-~- <br /> i _u <br /> . 4. Upon the completion of the plans and specifications necessary for <br /> the construction of said bridge, submit the same to Lane County for examination and __' <br /> I approval, and, upon completion. of the plans and specifications necessary for the I <br /> construction of said grade separation project, submit the same to the City of <br /> I Eugene for examina tion and approval, and, upon completion of the plans and speci- <br />~:. I fications for the p::opos~~ stre~t an~. highway - cC;lnstruction, including necessary <br />-;' : contacts or c onnect1.ons W1. th sa1.d br1.dge and sa1.d overhead crossing, submit to the <br />01 ! City and, the County copies of the same for examina tion and approval. <br />~i 5. Construct at state expense a highway along a route and over a right <br />N~ <br /> , of way to. be procured jointly by the State and th.e City, which route is described <br /> i generally as beginning at a point on Broadway in the City of Eugene and extending <br /> thence northerly along the Mill Race to a point of dual connection, with Seventh <br /> and. High Streets and with Sixth and High Streets, the first connection above named <br /> , to se~ve south-bound traffic and the second connection above named to serve north- <br /> bound tr.affic. <br /> i 6. Upon the execution of this agreement by all parties and the com- <br /> I pletion of all necessary plans and specifications, prepare and publish a call for <br /> i bids for the performance of all work constituting said project or projects, and, <br /> . if and when a satisfactory bid or bids is or are received, prepare and award ~ <br /> contract or contracts for said work, and thereafter supervise all construction <br /> and contract details; provided, however, that the prosecution of any of the work <br /> herein contemplated on whic~ Federal funds are used shall be subject to the I <br /> approval of the Federal authorities. <br /> . <br /> ? . At the close of each month after construction work has commenced <br /> : . under the contrac t or- contracts awarded for said work, prepare and submit to <br />, , the City and the County an estimate of work accomplished during the preceding month <br /> : and the money earned pursuant to the terms of said contract or contracts and due <br /> ! the contractor or contractors, which said estimates of work done shall show sepa- <br /> Irately work done on the City part of said project and work done on the County part <br /> I of said project in the event all units of said project are under contract at one <br /> i and the same time. <br /> I 8. After a contract or, contracts for any part of said proje~t has or <br /> t I: <br /> have been awarded, require its Engineer to ~uarterly prepare in triplicate an I <br /> estimate of the work then accomplished, and, if said work is with respect to the <br /> i construction of the bridge, deliver to the County a copy of such certificate and <br /> , estimate, and the County shall then reimburse the State in the amount of such .~ <br /> I estimate less such part thereof as maybe an obligation of the State; and, if <br /> , said work so completed is work for. which or toward which the City is to contribute, <br /> the estimate made by the Engineer shall disclose the amount of work accomplished an <br /> the money earned thereunder, and the Engineer shall deliver a certified copy of <br /> ; such estimate to the City, and the City shall then reimburse the State in the amoun <br /> I of such estimate less such part thereof as may be an obligation of the'State. In <br /> this connection it is ~greed and understood that the City shall be required to <br /> , contribute only to the cost of improvements or things which are wi thin the meaning <br /> and authority of said charter authorization, and for such purpose such items shall <br /> i be kept separate in all construction contracts. A copy of such quarterly statement <br /> shall by the State be delivered to the Secretary of State. <br /> 9. When said project, inCluding the bridge, the grade separation, the <br /> street or streets and the highway and other items and matters related to and <br /> comprising this project, is completed and the final amounts are ~~own and determine , <br /> prepare a complete and final statement, in which statement the cost of the bridge, <br /> ; street and highway construction, the overcrossing and all rights of way shall be <br /> ! segregated and separately stated so that the complete obligation of each party shal <br /> ! be clearly disclosed and set forth, and a correct statement shall be delivered by <br /> : the State to the City and to the County and a like copy to the Secretary of State. <br /> 10. Assist the City in the acquisition of necessary rights of way for <br /> the construction of the connecting highway and the rearranged or relocated streets <br /> i or sections of streets and cooperate toward the payment of the costs of necessary <br /> ,! rights of way, and share with the City in the a cquisi tion of the Mill Race and the <br /> i Excelsior Mill properties. <br /> I <br /> t 11. After consultation and in cooperation with the City and the County, <br /> i prepare the necessary call or calls for bids for the construction of the bridge, <br /> , the construction of the grade separation project and the construction of the <br /> I highway and street connections, which call for bids may provide that all of said I <br /> . .~ <br /> i items may be submitted in one and the same call, or bids may be required separately <br /> t for the bridge, for the grade separation and ~or the h~ghway and stre~t constructio . <br /> , <br /> but in any event the things for the construct1.on of' the County 1.S to pay the <br /> cost arid the things for which the City is to pay the cost, shall be kept separated <br /> and ~egregated so that at all times and in all respects City funds and' County funds <br /> can be traced and accounted for. <br /> I <br /> , <br /> I <br /> , <br />~ -- <br />