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RESOLUTION NO. 4832 <br /> <br />A P~SOLUTION AUTHORIZING THE CITY MANAGER <br />TO MA~ APPLICATION TO THE STATE OF O~GON <br />FOR DESIGNATION OF A WEST EUGENE ENTE~RISE <br />ZONE. <br /> <br />The City Council of the City of Eugene finds that: <br /> <br /> The City of Eugene and Lane County are jointly sponsoring an application for <br />designation of an enterprise zone. <br /> <br /> B. The City of Eugene is interested in an enterprise zone to encourage new business <br />investment, job creation, higher incomes for local residents, and greater diversity of economic <br />activity. In accordance with ORS 285C.150, the City of Eugene intends to adopt job quality <br />standards applicable to eligible business firms seeking the enterprise zone tax exemption, with <br />the intent to impose a public benefit contribution of-up to twenty-five percent of the value of the <br />tax exemption from elig/ble business firms based on their conformance with specific job quality <br />standards. Ln addition, no investment within the Enterprise Zone will receive a tax exemption <br />benefit greater than an amount per new job created, to be determined prior to July 1, 2005. <br /> <br /> C. The proposed enterprise zone, as depicted on the drawn-to scale map attached as <br />Exhibit A, has a total area of 7.67 square miles and meets other statutory limitations on size and <br />configuration. <br /> <br /> The proposed enterprise zone contains significant land that is designated for <br />industrial use as indicated by the land use map(s) from Comprehensive Plan(s) acknowledged by <br />the Land Conservation and Development Commission, and included in the application, and such <br />industrial sites are accessible, serviced or serviceable, and otherwise ready for use and f~arther <br />development. <br /> <br /> E. The des/gnafion of an enterprise zone does not grmat or imply permission to <br />develop land w/thin the enterprise zone without comply/ng with prevailing zoning, regulatory <br />and permitting processes and restrictions for applicable jurisdictions; nor does it indicate any <br />intent to modify those processes or restrictions, except possibly as otherwise in accordance with <br />Comprehensive Plans. <br /> <br /> F. The City of Eugene appreciates the impacts that a designated enterprise zone <br />would have and the property tax exemptions that eligible business firms might receive therein, as <br />governed by ORS 285C.050 to 285C.250. <br /> <br /> G. All of the municipal corporations and special service districts, other than the <br />sponsoring governments, that receive operating revenue through the levying of ad valorem taxes <br /> <br />Resolution <br /> <br /> <br />