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<br />e <br /> <br />2'87' .., <br /> <br />5/13/63 <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />00 <br />,.-.! <br />~ <br />~ <br />~ <br />CO <br /> <br />e <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />e <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />e <br /> <br />COUNCIL CHAMBER <br />EUGENE, OREGON <br />MAY 13, 1963 <br /> <br />THE REGULAR MEETING OF THE COMMON COUNCIL OF THE CITY Of EUGENE, OREGON, WAS CALLED <br />TO ORDER AT 7:30 P.M. PDT ON MAY 13, 1963 IN THE,COUNCIL CHAMBER BY HIS HONOR MAYOR <br />EDWIN E. CONE WITH THE FOLLOWING COUNCILMEN PRESENT: MR. CHATT, MRS. LAURIS, MESSRS. <br />SWANSON, CHRISTENSEN, DEVERELL, CRAKES, HAWK AND PURDY. <br /> <br />THE INVOCATION WAS GIVEN BY PASTOR ADAM RUDY, SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTIST CHURCH. <br /> <br />THE MINUTES Of THE ADJOURNED MEETING Of APRIL 22, 1963, AS MAILED TO MEMBERS Of THE <br />COUNC IL, WERE APPROVED. <br /> <br />NEW BUSINESS <br /> <br />A LETTER DATED APRIL 30, 1963 fROM WINN, SHINN & CO. WAS READ WHICH"REPORTED COMPLE- <br />TION Of THE INTERIM AUDIT Of BOOKS fOR THE CITY Of EUGENE fOR THE PERIOD ENDED MARCH 31, <br />1963. THE LETTER WAS RECEIVED AND fiLED. <br /> <br />MAYOR CONE ANNOUNCED THAT MEMBERS Of THE AIRPORT COMMISSION HAD ASKED TO BE RELEASED <br />SINCE THEIR JOB HAD BEEN COMPLETED. MAYOR CONE ASKED THE COMMISSION TO CONTINUE AS AN <br />ADVISORY BODY TO THE CITY. HE WOULD MAIL A LETTER Of COMMENDATION AND THAN~ TO THE COM- <br />MISSION, ,AND THE COUNCIL APPROVED. THE CITY MANAGER COMMENDED ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT <br />LLOYD CASTNER fOR THE FINE WORK HE HAS DONE ON THE AIRPORT IMPROVEMENT PROGRAM IN CO- <br />ORDINATING THE WORK OF THE VARIOUS AGENCIES INVOLVED. <br /> <br />2 <br /> <br />3 <br /> <br />BILLS AGAINST VARIOUS DEPARTMENTS OF THE CITY fOR THE MONTH OF APRIL 1963 WERE PRE- <br />SENTED AND READ AS fOLLOWS: <br /> <br />GENERAL FUND <br /> <br />E. A. BARTON & ASSOCIATES <br />PUBLIC EMPLOYEES RETIREMENT <br />PERS SOCIAL SECURITY <br />PERS POLICE & FIRE UNITS <br />CITIZENS BANK <br />CITIZENS BANK <br />STATE TAX COMMISSION <br />AETNA ~lfE INSURANCE CO. <br />PACIFIC HOSPITAL ASSN. <br />EUGENE HOSPITAL & CLINIC <br />THOMAS BEATY, WREAS.REVOLVING <br />THOMAS BEATY, U.S.BONDS RVLVNG <br />THOMAS BEATY, POLICE UNifORM <br />THOMAS BEATY, PARKS UNifORM <br />EUGENE FIRE FIGHTERS ASSN. <br />EUGENE MUNICIPAL FED.CRDT UNION <br />BLUE CROSS PLAN <br />UNITED ApPEAL - LANE COUNTY <br />WILLAKENZIE VOLUNTEeRS <br />E~ E. CONE, MAYOR <br />LANE HUMANE SOCIETY <br />STATE I~DtiSTRIAL ACCIDENT COMM <br />A&M BODY & FENDER SERVICE <br />ADDRESSOGRAPH-MULTIGRAPH CORP <br />AIR MAC, INC. <br />A~BERS FEED & FARM SUPPLY <br />ALLEN OffiCE EQUIPMENT <br />AMERICAN LIBRARY ASSN <br />AMERICAN STEEL & SUPPLY CO. <br />ANALYTICAL SERVICES, INC. <br />GENE ANDAL <br />ARROW DISPOSAL SERVICE <br />ART'S GARBAGE SERVICE <br />AUTO BODY & PAINT SUPPLY <br />AUTOMATIC FILE & INDEX CO. <br />B&R EQUIPMENT SALES <br />BAIRD SAfE & LOCK Co. <br />BAKER & TAYLOR COMPANY <br />BAKER & TAYLOR COMPANY <br />BARKER MOTORS, INC. <br /> <br />$ 1,000.00 <br />SYSTM 8,134.02 <br />12,536.38 <br />-.179 I .20 <br />20.806.20 <br />318.75 <br />4,182.20 <br />3,219.65 <br />3,052.30 <br />52.00 <br />I ,442.3 I <br />390.50 <br />127.13 <br />10.00 <br />487.00 <br />3,588.38 <br />75.90 <br />164.31 <br />50'.00 <br />100.00 <br />783.33 <br />2,846.06 <br />30.00 <br />49.51 <br />18.00 <br />26.45 <br />19.35 <br />1.58 <br />662.28 <br />75.00 <br />28.56 <br />38.50 <br />6.20 <br />4.91 <br />48.80 <br />22.75 <br />11.05 <br />1,163.83 <br />225.68 <br />92.10 <br /> <br />BARNES & NOBLE, INC. $ <br />BEARING SUPPLY COMPANY <br />THOMAS BEATY, EQUIP.REVOLVING <br />THOMAS BEATY, GASOLINE REVOLVING <br />THOMAS BEATY, REAS.REVOLVING <br />CHARLES BENEVENTO <br />BILL'S GARBAGE SERVICE No. I <br />BLAKE, MOFFITT & TOWNE <br />MISS MARGARET BLOCK <br />BLUE SEAL DUST Mop SERVICE <br />LEW,IS S. BLUM <br />R. R. BOWKER COMPANY <br />BRAD'S BODY & FENDER SERVICE <br />BREWER's, INC. <br />BRO-DART INDUSTRIES <br />BRODIE NATIONAL OF OREGON <br />BRONSON TRAV-EL <br />BROOKS OFFICE MACHINES <br />BURKE AND JAMES, INC. <br />BURKE CONCRETE ACCESSOR I ES, I NC. <br />BUSINESS EQUIPMENT CENTER, INC. <br />C&S ELECTRIC <br />CARLSON,HATTON & HAY, INC. <br />CARSON SAW SHOP <br />CASCADIAN BOWMAN <br />CENTRAL HEATING COMPANY <br />JIM CHADEK <br />R. H. CHAPMAN COMPANY <br />CHAPMAN BROS. <br />CHASE COMPANY <br />CHICAGO PUMP <br />H. G. CHICKERING, JR. <br />WM. CHRISTENSEN <br />COAST CABLE COMPANY <br />COBURG PLUMBING & HEATING <br />COBURN FILM SHOP <br />CO~E ARTIST'S SUPPLIES <br />CROWELL-COLLIER PUBLISHING CO. <br />COLUMBIA RIBBON & CARBON PACIFIC <br />F. E. COMPTON & CO.,PUBLISHERS <br /> <br />4.15 <br />73.48 <br />~,203.66 <br />220.59 <br />2,702.84 <br />3.29 <br />25.50 <br />63.48 <br />19.50 <br />9.70 <br />60.00 <br />8.50 <br />25.10 <br />200.46 <br />162.50 <br />5.34 <br />52.54 <br />142.10 <br />181.03 <br />362.00 <br />25.25 <br />99.24 <br />35.26 <br />2.50 <br />400.00 <br />425. 13 <br />36.68 <br />4.47 <br />276.05 <br />157.80 <br />309.44 <br />26.50 <br />80.00 <br />6.88 <br />14.90 <br />1.00 <br />9.56 <br />8.50 <br />9.93 <br />4.95 <br /> <br />5/13/63 - I <br /> <br />~ <br />