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<br />~;tB~ <br />e. '~i <br /> <br />11/18/63 <br /> <br />_ _ ___ __ _ __ _= "'-':>It ~.. _ . -".,,..,.-,. - -_-.... ~- <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />-1 . . - . .... - -- - -- . ..--- i' 1- <br /> <br /> <br />Council Chamber I <br />Eugene, Oregon I <br />November 18, 1963 I <br /> <br />A special meeting of the Common Council of the City of Eugene, Oregon, was called to I <br />order by Acting Mayor and Council President John O. Chatt in the absence of Mayor Edwin E. <br />Cone at 4: 30, p.m. on Novemb,er 18, 1963 in the Council Chamber wi~h other members ,of the J <br />Council' present as follows: Mrs. Lauris, Messrs. Christensen, Deverell, and Hawk. Messrs. <br />Swanson, Crakes, and Pur~y were absent. <br /> <br />Part I of the Committee report date~ Novem?er l~, 1963 was, presented: <br /> <br />"Present: Acting Mayor Chatt; Council members Lauris, Swanson, Christens~n, .a <br />Deverell, Hawk, and Purdy,; City Manager;, City Attorney; City Recorder; ., <br />Asst. City Manager.; Director of Pub"iicWo'rks; and others.' ' <br />. ' <br /> <br />1 I 1. Bethel-Da.?-ebo< AnnexaI:ion' Etection, - Aft,er prev~ous disc~ssion with Coun~il I <br />President Chatt and Mr. Ken Kohnen, chairman of the Bethel-Danebo Sewer I <br />Study Committee, and ,members of the City staff, the City Manager,. recom- I <br />'mended a specialineeting of- the Co:rncil be held at 4:'30 p.m. on Monday: . "" . I <br />November 18, 1963, to consider an ordinance which would call for anelec~ . <br />.tion in the: prop?se? terri~ory ~o be anne~ed, ~lection t? be held on Thurs- _ <br />day, December 19, 1963. It was also recommended that at the November 25, f <br />1963 Council meeting an ?rdinanc~'. should be consider,ed for hO,lding an ~lec- , <br />tion on January 7, 1964, Tuesda~; in t~e City of, regar~ ing annexation I <br />of the Bethel-Danebo area, providing the election in the territory to be- <br />annexed proved favorable. If the vote for annexatio~ with 'the area pro~~d : <br />unfavorable, the the election w~thin the ~ity "?lould not ~ave to be;held. , <br />. Should both' elections prove favorable, this would indicate that the people <br />in~e ~i~y.of Eugene might votefavo~~bly on a possible whic~ I <br />would prov~de funds for the construct~on of a, sewer ~y~tem:w~th~n the ! <br />Bethel-Dinebo area. ' <br />I <br />Mrs. Julia Wick raised an objection to the inclusion in the proposed annexa- ' <br />.. . . . ~ . , . <br />'tion the area in which she lives along Jessen Drive, saying they felt it would <br />be of no advantage to them to be annexed to the City, and asking sever~l q~es~ <br />Otions of the Council, piuticulariy co~cerning ta~ levies. 'In answer to <br />""Mrs. Wick, Council 'President Chatt explained the'situation with regard to I <br />the annexation of this area to the Ctty of Eugene and what 'the result 'w~uld <br />be with regard to taxes. Mrs. 'Wick then thanked Council President Cha~t . <br />'for the expianation~ . <br /> <br />Some, further ,discussion' by ~embers of:the'Counci~ invo~ving the Pla~ni~g I <br />Commission staff and the City staff resultedin a 'motion by Mi. Christensen I <br />,seconded by:Mr. ~awk to approve the reco~e~da~io~,to ho~d anelection,with-, I <br />in the proposed territory on December 19, 1963, and, if that election is <br />favorable, to set a date of January 7, 1964 for the election within the City <br />of Eugene~ Motion carried.U ! <br />I <br />. " I <br />Mrs. Lauris moved seconded by Mr. Hawk to approve the Committee report: Motion carr{ed. <br />I <br />I ORDINANCES I <br />I <br />2 Council Bill No. 6381 - Calling an election on December 19, 1963 within the area I e <br />concerning annexation to the City of Eugene of the Bethel-Danebo area, was submitted <br />and read in full. ' <br /> <br />Mrs. Lauris moved seconde4'by Mr. Deverell that the bill be read the second time by <br />council bill number only; with unanimous consent of the Council. Motion carried unani- <br />mously and the bill was read the second time by council bill number only. <br /> <br />I Mrs. Lauris moved seconded by Mr. Deverell that the rules be suspended and the bill be I <br />I read the third time by council bill number only, with unanimous consent of the Council. I <br />I Motion carried unanimously and the bill was read the third time by council bill number It <br />only. <br /> <br />I <br />Mrs. Lauris moved seconded by Mr. Deverell that the bill be approved and given final I <br />passage. Rollcall vote. All councilmen present voting aye, the bill was declared I <br />passed and numbered 13227. 1 <br /> <br />3 Mrs_ Lauris moved seconded by Mr. Deverell that the notice of anne~ation election i I <br />be approved and the City Recorder instructed to post the area proposed for annexation I. '~~ <br />in four different places as required. Motion carried. <br />,I <br /> <br />.1 Upon motion duly made, seconded, and carried, the meeting was adjo"U~~ed. III <br />, .~ I <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />\ I . <br />\1 I, <br />~ ij <br />