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<br /> 457~ <br /> e <br /> 12/23/63 <br /> I <br /> Council Chamber . <br /> Eugene, Oregon <br /> December 23, 1963 <br /> 00 <br /> . <br /> ~ The adjourned meeting of the Common Council of the City of Eugene, Oregon, adjourned <br /> ~ <br /> ~ from the regular meeting of December 9, 1963, was called to order in the ~ouncil Chamber <br /> ::0 at 7:30 p.m. on December 23, 1963 by His Honor Mayor Edwin E. Cone with the following <br /> CO Council members present: Mrs. Lauris, Messrs. Swanson, Christensen, Deverell, Hawk, and <br /> Purdy. Messrs. Chatt and Crakes were absent. <br /> The minutes of the regular meeting held December 9, 1963, as mailed to members of <br /> e the Council, were approved. <br /> NEW BUSINESS <br /> 1 The City Manager read a proclamation concerning canvass of votes cast in t~e Decem- <br /> ber 19, 1963 Bethel-Danebo annexation election within the area to be annexed, which indi- <br /> cated votes cast for annexation 1,170, and votes cast against annexation 999, and by <br /> which Mayor Cone proclaimed the annexation measure passed within the area proposed for <br /> I annexation. <br /> Mrs. Lauris moved seconded by Mr. Swanson to approve the p~oclamation of canvass of <br /> vot es. Motion carried. <br /> 2 The City Manager then asked the Council members if they wished to actively promote <br /> the proposed annexation of the Bethel~Danebo area, or Mould they prefer to be available <br /> for informational talks on TV, radio, and before groups of interested citizens. The <br /> City Manager then stated he had listed several points which might help any of the Coun- <br /> cil members in speaking in favor of the proposed annexation, and t hat if the Counc il <br /> members wished, arrangements might be made with the television and radio peoRle for <br /> time. The Council members stated they would be very willing to appear on this type of <br /> program. <br /> . <br /> 3 Councilman Deverell commended Chief Ellsworth and the Police Department on the <br /> efficient handling of the excessive amount of vehicular traffic in the downtown area <br /> during the current Christmas season. <br /> 4 The City Manager then read a letter from the City Attorny regarding the outcome <br /> of the case Milligan & Brown, Plaintiff, vs City of Eugene in which the plaintiff <br /> sought to have set aside the sections of the City Code 8.11 to 8.15 which .provide ~~ <br /> per square foot .municipal tax lien imposed on all property annexed to the City after <br /> January 1, 1948. The case had gone to trial on February 15, 1963, and the trial judge <br /> had handed down a decree on November 6, 1963 in favor of the City. The time having <br /> I passed for the plaintiffs to appeal the decision of the circuit court appeal <br /> having been made, the decisbn of the court validating the sections of the Code 8.11 to <br /> 8.15 providing for a ~~ per square foot trunk sewer line assessment is vaLid and en- <br /> forceable. <br /> 5 Councilman Swanson said he felt that a decision on the 18th-19th couplet should <br /> not be delayed, that if a decision could be reached in a very short time, .then the <br /> couplet may possibly be in operation by the time school starts next fall. Mr. Christen- <br /> e sen then stated that the matter of the 15th Avenue extension, 18th-19th .couplet, and <br /> also the one-way grid ~nvolving 10th anq 11th Avenues and the widening of Alder Street <br /> should all be considered at one time, and a decision made. On further discussion by <br /> the Council, it was suggested that a summary of all previous reports be brought to the <br /> Council which concerned one-way grid systems and street widening projects. It was <br /> further suggested that this report be brought before the Council at the meeting of <br /> January 27, 1964. <br /> . . . <br /> 6 Mrs. Lauris moved seconded by Mr. Swanson to .approve the fili~g of the application <br /> for recertification of the Workable Program. Motion carried. <br /> 7 Payment estimates, as approved by the Public Works Department, were presented and <br /> read as follows: <br /> . <br /> Inter-City Construction Company <br /> 7th - Sanitary sewer - Willakenzie Area, Phase IV $ 13,813.14 <br /> I <br /> George A. Moore & Associates, Inc. <br /> 6th & Final - Sanitary sewer - Willakenzie Imp.Dist.No.WS-63-2 1,306.04 <br /> 12/23/63 - 1 <br /> ~ <br /> e <br /> I ~ <br />