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<br />the application. Mrs. Bartels said location of a tavern here would not be in keeping <br />with the residential neighborhood. <br /> <br />Mayor Anderson arrived at the meeting. <br /> <br />~ Jeff Lynn, area supervisor for McDonalds' restaurants, objected to the tavern's location <br />. in a residential and family-type business area. He also felt owners of a tavern would <br />not observe landscaping and aesthetic values. <br /> <br />John Langan, applicant, said he did not feel proximity to schools a problem since their <br />customers were limited to 21 and over. He also stated his belief that there is not an <br />oversupply of taverns in the River Road area. <br /> <br />In answer to Councilman Mohr, Manager said the proposed location is in a C-2 SR zone, <br />under which the Planning Commission can require staff approval of plans for buffering, <br />landscaping, access, drainage, etc. Mr. McDonald said it was his understanding the zone <br />was residential and wanted it made clear to those objecting to the tavern that it is a <br />commercial zone. Manager said there is considerable residential use still in the area <br />though it was zoned commercial shortly after its annexation to the City: <br /> <br />At the request of Councilman Teague a show of hands was reqasted of those opposed to the <br />tavern's location. Some of those responding also remarked on the length of time they <br />have maintained homes in the area and felt a tavern in the neighborhood undesirable. <br /> <br />Jan Turk, reisdent in the Riviera Village apartments, commented on the traffic situation <br />~ as it exists and opposed the tavern's location on the basis it would tend to increase <br />~ traffic congestion. <br /> <br />Councilman Williams said it is his feeling the question is one of equity - City zoning <br />ordinances prescribe the type of uses allowed in different areas and in this instance <br />the zone is proper for this use. In no other instance is the Council requested to pass <br />on whether a business should be allowed in a certain zone when it meets the criteria <br />of that zone. He cited the areas of concern of the OLCC and said the applicant has <br />met those requirements. So, he questioned whether it is proper for the Council to con- <br />duct a "popularity poll"~ in its consideration of liquor license applications when there <br />is no other business subject to the same consideration. Mr. Williams added that with <br />respect to this location's proximity to residential areas it would seem of social benefit <br />for customers to be close enough to walk to and from a tavern rather than having to drive. <br /> <br />Mrs. Beal moved seconded by Mr. Williams to recommend approval of the applica- <br />tion for the Riviera Tavern. <br /> <br />I Councilman Teague expressed the opinion that it is quite evident the people in that area <br />I do not want a tavern there, and for that reason he would not vote in favor of it. <br /> <br />Vote was taken on the motion as stated. Motion carried, Mr. Teague voting no. <br /> <br />i~ Manager said OLCC has indicated they would make staff available to work with City staff <br />, in developing criteria for use in consideration of future liquor license applications. <br /> <br />Mayor Anderson assumed the Chair. <br /> <br />I D. Bid Openings - Public Works <br />1. Paving and sanitary sewer alley l;letween Oak and High from 27th to 270 feet north <br />(Opened June 20, 1972) - Considered at Council meetings on June 26 and July 10,1972 <br />< '.-and'" heid:for~-c;o-lli1cil to view and to consider possibility of vacation (see tabula- <br />tion iri -Juries"26' ;. 1972 Council minutes). <br /> <br />Albert Cheevers, 135 East 27th Avenue, gave his reasons for opposing the paving as <br />stated as previous Council meetings. Mrs. Beal reiterated her belief that <br />Mr. Cheevers is in the position of other owners of small properties having to pay <br />for alley and street improvements for the major benefit to apartment complexes. <br /> <br />,Manager explained in answer to Councilman Williams the process for vacating alleys <br />should property owners consent, and the assessment pro rated to the abutting prop- <br />:,erties should the alley in question be paved. <br /> <br />~ Mr. Mohr moved seconded by Mrs. Beal to award contract to the low Bidder <br />. for paving the alley (Wildish Construction for $7,343.10). ! <br /> <br />Mr. Williams said he could see no clear public purpose for alley paving as com- I <br />pared to street improvement at the expense of abutting residential properties. I <br />,He suggested stating a policy that City will not use power of assessment to force I <br />,residential property owners to share cost of alley paving when it is of major : <br />.benefit to other properties. Manager said such a policy would result in fewer! <br />, ~ ~ -- - ------,.- .-:-~ _ ---.-,--....-.-. ;;.~,..... -:r!._ -~_~".._____' ~ ~..~__.__'" .__. ".......--..-~___~_r-- '_'_" ---,~__....J <br /> <br /> <br />02 , lD 7/24/72 - 2 <br /> <br />---- <br />