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<br />";,..;;", <br /> <br />'Mrs. Beal moved seconded by Mr. Williams that hearing on the appeal be <br />rescheduled for March 26, 1973 Council meeting. Motion carried unanimously. <br />(Council meeting subsequ~ntly postponed to March 27, 1973.) <br /> <br />(-\ <br />\.!i <br /> <br />_, 1 <br /> <br />.,- <br /> <br />II - Consent Calendar <br />Items previously discussed in committee meeting February, 28, 1973 CRresent: MaY9r, <br />Anderson; Councilmen Beal, Wiiliams, Her$hner, Campbell, Keller, Murray, and Wood). <br />Minutes of that meeting appear below printed in italics. <br /> <br />A. [Request for 'Cominltt;ee-~ Needs of Handicapped'- Jim Martin of the' "Wheels"- organiza- <br />!. tion requested that t:he Ci t:y work wi t:h Springfield in creat:ion of a commi t:t:ee on <br />!a metropolit:an basis to review t:he needs of the handicapped. He said t:he need for <br />~such a body is evidenced by architectural barriers and the recent increase in taxi <br />i fares. Mayor Anderson said that he is prepared t:o discuss wi th the Mayor of Spring- · <br />'field, and possibly with the County, the need for a program, to assist the disabled. ' <br />'He felt that rather than keeping assistance on a voluntary basis, a committee might: <br />, Comm <br />help in suggesting changes, legislation, and other items which are often overlooked. <br />2/28/73 <br /> <br />Mr. Murray moved seconded by Mr. Wood to authorize the Mayor to proceed as requested., <br />Motion carried unanimously. Approve <br /> <br />B.,Right-of-Way Purchase, Echo Hollow and Norkenzie Roads - Authorization was requested <br />I to exercise options for the purchase of Echo Hollow and Norkenzie right-of-way: <br /> <br />A. Delmar and Ellen Lynch, 2240 Norkenzie <br />B. Nelson and Frances Page, l8~5 Norkenzie <br />C. Margaret: and Earl Simmons, 2220 Norkenzie <br />D. Daniel and Susan French, 2090 Norkenzie <br />E. Robert and Hazel a/Neil, 260 Blackfoot-(EchooHol.low) <br />'-- - . --'--<- <br />F. Robert and Joan Kiene, 2190 Norkenzie <br /> <br />$ 262.00 <br />910.00 <br />260.00 <br />684.00 <br />1,310.00 <br />325.00 <br /> <br />.e <br /> <br />Mr. Williams moved seconded by Mr. Wood to purchase the properties as recommended. <br /> <br />lin answer to Councilwoman Campbell, Public Works Director said the design for the <br />: streets provides for bicycle paths. In answer to Councilman Williams, Manager ' <br />lsaid the purchase figures are generally based on square foot appraisal by the city <br />I I <br />, pI us damages for development. He added that formal appraisal on these small pi eces , <br />~would -cost more than the value of the land involved. ' <br />,,2!j28/73, <br />I ' <br />Vote was taken on the motion to approve. Motion carried unanimously. : jApprOVe <br /> <br />,,>..-..._~. <br />C.purchase of Property, 301 North Lincoln, Parks'Wareoouse - CopIes' of memo from <br />,Parks Depart:ment recommending purchase of this property for warehouse needs were <br />previously distributed to Council members. Present: warehouse space on the Raup <br />'property will soon be unavailable because of ciearance of the propert:y in line <br />,wit:h agreement with HUD., Also, warehouse space in Alton Baker Park is scheduled <br />to be removed. The propert:y proposed for puchase is adjacent t:o the Public Works <br />; shops and to Skinners Butte Park. It is also adjacent to Southern Pacific prop- <br />'erty now being considered for dedication as public right-of-way and would allow <br />: widening of that right-of-way if desired in the future and assuming the warehouse <br />,use is no longer needed. <br /> <br />. <br /> <br />· Authorization for negotiation of a lease/purchase arrangement for the property is , <br />: proposed, since funds are not available in the, current budget for outright purchase.! <br />This would provide for an l8-month lease at $450 per month, the City providing in- : <br />.- <br />surance and paying taxes for that period of time. The City will have the option I <br />to purchase for $50,000 with 50% of the first six months' rent to apply on the <br />'purchase price; the option may also be exercised during the second six months, but <br />the rent would not then apply on the purchase price. It was understood approval <br />of this parti cular amount of money was not being sought at this time. <br /> <br />Mr. Williams moved seconded by Mrs. Beal to authorize staff <br />tion and bring back to the Council a purchase agreement for <br />North Lincoln. ,Motion carried unanimously. <br /> <br />Comm <br />2128/73 <br />to enter into negotia- i <br />Approve <br />the property at 301 <br /> <br />Manager reviewed the proposal as presented at committee and explained that the lease/purchase <br />agr~ement as presented at that time was the result of negotiation and 'the actual agreement <br />under which the option for purchase was to be exercised. Staff recommended authorization <br />to enter into the agreement as presented. <br /> <br />e <br /> <br />Councilman McDonald raised the question of making lease payments in the event the City's <br />budget is not approved. Manager noted that the terms of the agreement would allow the <br />City to occupy the building for 18 months; however, there would be no credit from rent <br />toward the purchase price after the first six months. <br /> <br />\0 <br /> <br />3/12/73 - 2 <br />