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<br />. <br /> <br />Councilwoman Beal asked for clarification of Item 2(b) in the resolution which would <br />permit extension to planned urban areas outside established urba~ s.ervice areas. <br />Mr. Chenkin explained that this provision would allow extension of service to an <br />urban area for which there was a recognized plan 11ut which had need for outside <br />,source of w~ter. It would prohibit tap of that service between tb~ source and the <br />urban area. Councilman Wood said that an established residence ~tween the source <br />and the urban area however could be served for health hazard reasOns ~pOn approval. <br />;He added that without the prohibition for tapping a service line there would be no <br />:way to determine the service available to any particular area. rhis Policy would <br />;provide a plan for the available service and the need as a basis for making decisions 'Comm <br />with regard to extension of lines. ,,_3./13/74 <br /> <br />, -Approve <br />Mrs. Beal moved seconded by Mr. Williams to inform LCOG that the Eugen~ City Council <br />had no suggestions, changes, or recommendations with regard to the proposed policy. <br />Motion carried unanimo!:1sly.__,____ <br /> <br />C: Licenses <br />1'1. Wrecker's License - John Davis Auto Company, 3808 West 11 th 'Avenue <br />Change to partnership - John Davis and Roger Le{f;iak <br /> <br />I <br />I <br />. ,2 ~ RMBC Tavern - Sam's Place, 825 Wilson Street <br />Change of ownership - Glen and Gussie Jordan <br /> <br />--- <br /> <br />i ;3. RMBC <br /> <br />Cracker Barrel, 211 Washington Street <br />Change of ownership - Carl-Lee Corporat:ion (RObert Smif;h, Daniel Fairchild) <br /> <br />: 4~ Package Store - Willakenzie Market, 1645 COburg Road <br />Change of ownership - Lowe Markets, Inc. (Iraa~d Phyllis Lowe) <br /> <br />! ;~~ RMB - Oakway Golf Course, 2000 CalYoung Road <br />Reinstatement - Oakway Development Co. (Robert and Mildred Hope, Alice <br />Shirey, and Frances Ho~e) <br /> <br />Comm <br />3/13/74 <br />Approve <br /> <br />Mr. Williams moved seconded by Mr. Hershner to recommend approvaJ. of 'the licenses <br />and release the applications prior to the March 25 Council meet~ng. Motion carried <br /> <br />:, -'~E~_nimou~ I y. . __=_. . <br /> <br />,~ --.'"' <br /> <br />"-~ <br /> <br />D. (Bike Easement, 12th between WiLlamette and Oak - Councilman Murray wondered <br />Iwhether it would be appropriate for staff to investigate the possibility of ac- <br />iquiring an easement through the property where ,12th Averme would run if dedicated <br />I between Willamette and Oak Streets. He said it was his understanding the property <br />: was being considered for development and he wanted to explore whether ,the current <br />:;~ike route through that location, created by popular use, could be retained. <br />[Bill Sugaya, comprehensive planning, said he had seen plans in the building de- <br />!partment for a high-rise condominium type structure at that location. <br /> <br />JMI'. Murray moved seconded by Mr. Wood that staff explore the possibility of the <br />leity's acquiring a bike easement through the property. <br />I <br />I <br />I <br />! Councilwoman Beal suggested adding to the motion that if acquisition of an ease- <br />i ment was not possible, the developer would be encouraged to set aside a portion. <br />; of the property to be used for a bike path. Councilman Wood recognized the value/ <br />iofthe property and the developer's interest and said his interpretation of the/ <br />; motion was that inquiry would be made how best to.achieve a bike route from . <br />: Willamette to Oak connecting the designated bike path between Chambers and <br />willamette to the campus area. <br /> <br />Comm <br />3/20/74 <br />Approve <br /> <br />! <br />i <br />'l.~~te ~~s ~,:-ken on' the If}o.t~?r:_~s stated. Motion carried _~~r:.~~!?'::t;!}J.,.,____._. <br /> <br />~ <br />r;t.,:: <br /> <br />E. Appointment, Citizen Represen61tive, Regional Sewer Commission - Managerre- <br />ported that Mark Westling of the Bureau of Governmental Research and Service <br />'was willing, if appointed, to serve as the City's citizen representative on the <br />'recently created Regional Sewer Comm,ission. Manager reviewed Mr. Westling's <br />j'qualifications and his tenure with the. Bureau 'during which he was concerned <br />[primarily with public works and planning activities in the Bureau's advisory <br />I <br />j role toci ties throughout ~the State. <br />I <br /> <br />IM~YOr Anderson S~j:d,..he was recommending Mark Westling as the Ci ty , s representa- <br />.~t~ v~ on the Comm~ss~on 'in line with Councj,L's previous request for suggestions.. <br /> <br />} <br />tMrs. Beal moved <br />; Motion carried <br />~_-.4--_~.~' <br /> <br />seconded by Mr. Wood to make the appointment as recommended. <br />unanimousl y . <br /> <br />-~"'':'''----_'_.~''.~-':';''_'';:':;;''''---':'''''''4''--__'_''-'''~~__'-_v__~~L.._~~._~.~'' .........:.~,';.:.. ~..:.' <br /> <br />Comm <br />3/20/74 <br />Approve <br />i <br />---' <br /> <br />a. <br /> <br />3/25/74 - 3 <br />