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<br /> Mr. Whitlow said the subcommittee recommended approval of $300,000 for design <br /> and administrative costs for the expansion until March 31, 1987. He sa i d <br /> e construction could begin in Mayor June 1987 on the pa rk i ng and road <br /> improvements and in December 1987 on the terminal. He said the'council will <br /> take testimony this evening and probably take action on the proposal on <br /> December 17, 1986. <br /> Mayor Obie opened the public hearing. <br /> Dennis Huserik, 3581 Agate, represented the Eugene Area Chamber of Commerce. <br /> He sa i d Chamber of Commerce representatives have rev i ewed the proposed <br /> expansion and concluded that the project should be pursued aggressively. He <br /> said the current scope of the project is appropriate. He said the financing <br /> for the expansion has become regional because Federal, State, and Lane County <br /> funds will be used and because many airline ticket buyers are from outside <br /> Eugene. <br /> Mr. Huserik said an attractive and efficient airport is an important community <br /> asset. He said the Fantus Report identified the existing airport as a <br /> liability for the community. He recommended the expansion be approved and <br /> financed with existing City resources as soon as possible. <br /> Fergus McLean, 2920 County Farm Road, referred to an article in a June 1986, <br /> issue of What's Happening. He said he distributed a questionnaire to people <br /> present to determine their economic development goals. He said people should <br /> create a vision of the community they want and then pursue the creation of <br /> that community. He said the library can be open every school night, downtown <br /> housing can be provided for the elderly, a swimming pool can be provided for <br /> e inner-city neighborhoods, and the Willamette Greenway can be preserved if <br /> people want those things. <br /> David Wildermuth, 4856 Donald, is chairperson of the Eugene Public Library <br /> Board. He said the library and the airport do not compete for City funds. He <br /> said Library Board members find it distasteful to compete with the Police, <br /> Fire and Emergency Services for scarce City funds. He said Library Board <br /> members are conscious that some service foundations may be undermined. He <br /> wondered how many businesses have not come to Eugene because of drug problems <br /> in the community. <br /> Mr. Wildermuth said the library and the airport were the most important <br /> projects in the Eugene Agenda and the voters should take responsibility for <br /> financing the airport expansion and other City services. He said the voters <br /> also should take responsibility for cuts in services. He cautioned against <br /> using the kind of financing for the airport expansion that was used for the <br /> fine arts center. He discussed the excellent Boise, Idaho, airport. He said <br /> the council should "work on" attitudes in the community. <br /> Helen L. Howard, 888 Armstrong, said she does not want the City's operating <br /> funds to be squeezed to provide capital funds to pay the debt service on the <br /> airport expansion bonds. She said she would like the council to use new funds <br /> for the debt service. She said the Eugene Pub1 ic Library book budget was <br /> about $165,000 in 1981 and it is about $104,000 in 1986. She pointed out that <br /> book prices have risen in the last five years. She said the capital budgets of <br /> e MINUTES--Eugene City Council December IS, 1986 Page 2 <br />