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<br /> C. New Business Center at the Airport <br />e Mr. Rutan said the secondary wood products group of the Metropolitan <br /> Partnership has agreed to work on the design and financing of the new business <br /> center at the Mahlon Sweet Airport. After the current design and development <br /> process, the next stage is to put together specific proposals for the council <br /> to consider. He said the business center has potential to be a high-quality <br /> display of the importance of wood products to the community. <br /> D. Hayward Field Project <br /> Regarding the Hayward Field project, Mr. Rutan said the intergovernmental <br /> agreement detailing the use of City room tax revenue will soon be delivered to <br /> the counci 1. He said much progress has been made although some complications <br /> remain. Respondi ng to a question from Mayor Obi e, Mr. Rutan sa i d the <br /> University of Oregon employs a different construction process than the City. <br /> However, Mr. Rutan said he and Dave Whitlow, Assistant City Manager, have been <br /> careful not to take on the University's project. <br /> E. Fire Insurance Program <br /> Ms. Wooten reported on a presentation at the Budget Commi ttee meeting <br /> regarding capital improvments in the Po 1 ice, Fi re and Emergency Servi ces <br /> Department (PFES). She said it would be timely to proceed with a review of the <br /> fire insurance program in light of the City.s deficit problem and the rising <br /> cost of police and fire services. The council agreed, and Ms. Wooten said she <br /> would ask City Manager Micheal Gleason to proceed with an evaluation of the <br /> program and possible modifications the council would consider at a later date. <br />e F. University Area Concerns <br /> Ms. Ehrman said she attended the monthly meeting of the University Small <br /> Business Association. She said businesses still have to pick up litter left <br /> by students in the street. Parking, crime, and transients remain a problem, <br /> although crime has dropped off slightly with the increase of vehicle patrols <br /> in the area. Association members also said lighting is a problem in back of <br /> their businesses and along 13th Avenue. <br /> Mr. Rutan said the real problem is not litter but the standard that throwing <br /> garbage on the ground is acceptable. He said the merchants should develop a <br /> IIpride programll on their own to upgrade the area. Mayor Obie said there might <br /> be an opportunity to enact a special district. Ms. Ehrman said the merchants <br /> have discussed that possibility. <br /> Ms. Ehrman said she also mentioned to the association the City is considering <br /> a restaurant tax to help trim the budget deficit. She said one problem is that <br /> restaurant owners say the tax is aimed at them. Ms. Ehrman said she tried to <br /> impress upon the owners the City is targeting customers and not owners. <br />e MINUTES--Eugene City Council November 18, 1987 Page 2 <br />