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<br />. <br /> <br />. <br /> <br />. <br /> <br />"More than any other project, the Riverfront Research Park represents the hope <br />for the future--a future based on the industry of knowledge and research. A <br />tomorrow that is built upon three great assets of today: the University of <br />Oregon, a workforce that is among the most educated in the country, and a <br />superb quality of life. <br /> <br />"In 1987, the vision of the Riverfront Park began to take shape. Working with <br />the communi ty, the Ri verfront Park Commi ss i on and our pri vate partners <br />developed a master site plan that has been presented to you. <br /> <br />"Eugene is well-known for its active public process. And this project has <br />been no exception. The Riverfront project emerged from a series of community <br />forums and intense scrutiny, and I am confident it emerged a better project. <br />I'd like to thank each of you that were involved in that process. You own a <br />part of that development. <br /> <br />"I'd like to share with you a meeting that I participated in just a few weeks <br />ago, a meeting that was set up by the chair of the Lane County Commission, Bill <br />Rogers, a meeting that John Ball and I attended along with Bill in Salem. It <br />was with the State Transportation Department and the State Department of <br />Economic Development. We went there to put to rest the rumors and to ask the <br />direct question, whether they were ready to proceed on their commitment. <br />Basically they asked us, 'What are you waiting for?' <br /> <br />They are committed and will spend millions--millions of dollars--on that <br />project. They will begin those expenditures in (FY)1988--just months away. <br /> <br />"And when we talk about that meeting--and it was a particularly, I think, <br />fundamental meeting that had to take place. It was kind of a checking: are we <br />headed the right direction? It was really a checking on the Governor's <br />commitment of a year ago, if you'll recall, when he was here and declared that <br />that was an ideal strategy. <br /> <br />"And when we talk about that, I want to tell you one other good thing that <br />happened. Without a request from us, Senator Larry Hill drove from Eugene-- <br />had heard about the meeting, drove from Eugene, and walked in and sat down-- <br />and was very supportive of that project and the legislative history that has <br />gone on. <br /> <br />"I mention that because Larry made that commitment--hedidn't have to be <br />there--I mention it because the rest of our delegation has been equally as <br />committed to this community and this metropolitan area. And I appreciate it <br />very much. I don't think Larry's in the audience today--if he is, certainly I <br />thank him, and he has already received a letter from me acknowledging and <br />expressing our appreciation for that type of support. <br /> <br />"And lid like you to join with me to recognize a group of people that have been <br />gi ven a task of formul at i ng a Regi ona 1 Economi c Strategy--one that is <br />difficult because it is almost a political impossibility to make friends out <br />of everybody--but people that have taken it serious and that's our Lane County <br />Commissioners. Unfortunately Bill Rogers is not here, but we have four of <br />them. I wonder if you would stand up, Ellie and Steve, Jerry and John. I want <br />to recognize you and thank you. <br /> <br />MINUTES--Eugene City Council <br /> <br />January 4, 1988 <br /> <br />Page 4 <br />