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<br />e M I NUT E S <br /> Eugene City Council <br /> Dinner/Work Session <br /> McNutt Room, City Hall <br /> October 24, 1988 <br /> 5:30 p.m. <br /> COUNCILORS PRESENT: Debra Ehrman, Freeman Holmer, Jeff Miller, Roger Rutan, <br /> Emily Schue, Cynthia Wooten. <br /> COUNCILORS ABSENT: Ruth Bascom, Robert Bennett <br /> The adjourned meeting of October 19, 1988, was called to order at 5:45 p.m. <br /> by His Honor, Mayor Brian B. Obie. <br /> Mayor Obie said the Council Subcommittee on Library Financing would meet <br /> November 1 to discuss its recommendation to the council. Councilors dis- <br /> cussed whether it was necessary to consider the issue prior to that recommen- <br /> dation being made, and agreed to place it on their agenda as soon as possible <br /> after the subcommittee's meeting. <br />e Mayor Obie referred to a memorandum relating to a recent arbitration award <br /> and asked for a discussion of the matter to be placed on the agenda for the <br /> October 26 council meeting. He commented that the arbitration process ap- <br /> pears to lack effectiveness. <br /> Susan Brody, Planning Director, reviewed the City's annexation program. The <br /> council adopted a formal program in April 1986. Since that time, staff has <br /> been hired, a brochure has been developed and mailed, letters and information <br /> packets have been mailed to over 600 property owners, 750 people have attend- <br /> ed 19 meetings, and an early referral process to agencies has been developed. <br /> The City has processed 23 annexations in River Road/Santa Clara, 18 of which <br /> are effective and involve 225 acres. The City has installed about ten miles <br /> of trunk sewer lines in the River Road/Santa Clara area and the Irving Road <br /> sewer line is presently under construction. Annexations have received con- <br /> sistent approval from the Boundary Commission. In spite of these successes, <br /> the program has faced significant political opposition and several legal <br /> challenges. <br /> Ms. Brody said seven of 17 appealed annexations have been decided by the <br /> Court of Appeals in the City's favor. She mentioned a lawsuit filed on <br /> behalf of the "Keep Our Ground Waters Clean" organization challenging the <br /> City's policy of requiring annexation prior to connection to the sewer sys- <br /> tem. Remonstrances on two annexations have resulted in one annexation being <br />e MINUTES--City Council October 24, 1988 Page 1 <br /> Work Session <br />