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<br /> ---- <br /> e M I NUT E S <br /> Eugene City Council <br /> McNutt Room--City Hall <br /> November 30, 1988 <br /> 11 : 30 a. m . <br /> COUNCILORS PRESENT: Cynthia Wooten, Ruth Bascom, Rob Bennett, Debra <br /> Ehrman, Freeman Holmer, Jeff Miller, Emily Schue. <br /> COUNCILORS ABSENT: Roger Rutan. <br /> COMMISSIONERS PRESENT: E11i Dumdi, Steve Cornacchia, Bill Rogers, John Ball. <br /> COMMISSIONERS ABSENT: Jerry Rust. <br /> The adjourned meeting of the Eugene City Council was called to order by Mayor <br /> Brian Obie. <br /> ,I. WORK SESSION: JOINT MEETING WITH LANE COUNTY BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS <br /> Mayor Obie welcomed the Lane County Board of Commissioners and said this <br /> e joint meeting was overdue. He expressed pleasure that the relationship <br /> between the City and the County is a fairly positive one. He said the joint <br /> work on the homeless shelter is one example of how this positive relationship <br /> pays off and thanked Jim Johnson, County Administrator, for his leadership in <br /> the project. <br /> Ms. Dumdi said the County Commissioners have been holding meetings around the <br /> County to find out what is happening in other areas. She said the Board of <br /> Commissioners was especially pleased to meet with the City Council as there <br /> are several items of joint concern to the jurisdictions. <br /> A. Golf Course for Alton Baker Park <br /> Peter Thurston, County staff, said there has been discussion of developing a <br /> public golf course in Alton Baker Park since the 1960s. In 1988 Lane County <br /> contracted with ECO Northwest to evaluate the feasibility of developing a <br /> golf course at Alton Baker Park. The company studied several issues <br /> surrounding the development of a golf course in the park, including economic <br /> development questions related to the marketability of the site, possible <br /> tourism generated, how the golf course would improve the look of Eugene from <br /> the freeway, job creation, multiple uses of an old landfill site, and public <br /> sa fety . Other major questions were whether a golf course would fit on the <br /> site and how to deal with existing uses. <br /> e MINUTES--Eugene City Council November 30, 1988 Page 1 <br />