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<br /> --- <br /> \ <br /> e M I NUT E S <br /> Eugene City Council <br /> McNutt Room--City Hall <br /> July 12 t 1989 <br /> 11:30 a.m. <br /> COUNCILORS PRESENT: Ruth Bascomt Rob Bennett (after 11:45)t Shawn Bolest <br /> Bobby Greent Freeman Holmert Debra Ehrman (until 1:20)t <br /> Roger Rutan. <br /> COUNCILORS ABSENT: Emily Schue. <br /> The adjourned City Council meeting of July lOt 1989t was called to order by <br /> Mayor Jeff Miller. <br /> I. REPORT ON THE COMMUNITY RESPONSE TEAM PROGRAM EVALUATION <br /> Mr. Boles said he and Mr. Holmer met several times with staff over the past <br /> few weeks to develop an evaluation form for the Community Response Team <br /> Program. He said the evaluation will aid the City Council this fall when it <br /> e has to decide whether to continuet discontinuet or modify the program. <br /> Mr. Boles also said the police component of the program is scheduled for <br /> termination at the end of Septembert one month before the social service <br /> components of the program finish. He said it would be preferable to continue <br /> the police component through October so thatt if the council decides to <br /> continue the programt it would not have to be stopped and restarted within a <br /> month. Extending the police component another month will cost $20tOOO to <br /> $25,000. This money could come from reserves in the Community Response Team <br /> Program budget or from the General Fund contingency account. <br /> II. ANNEXATION AND SEWER ISSUES IN THE RIVER ROAD/SANTA CLARA AREA <br /> This item was a continuation of City Council discussions on May 31 and June <br /> 21. At those meetings the council discussed options for addressing the sewer <br /> and annexation issues in the River Road/Santa Clara area. The discussion <br /> focused primarily on Option It a council-initiated annexation and follow-up <br /> election for the River Road area, and Option 2t connecting the area to the <br /> sewer system without annexation. <br /> Staff reviewed information regarding annexation and sewer issues in the River <br /> Road/Santa Clara area. Most of the information was contained in a July 12 <br /> memo from staff to the Mayor and City Council. <br /> - MINUTES--Eugene City Council July 12 t 1989 Page 1 <br /> -~ ....~.~. <br />