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<br /> .; <br /> , <br /> . M I NUT E S <br /> Eugene City Council <br /> Dinner/Work Session <br /> B.J.'s Restaurant <br /> August 14, 1989 <br /> 5:30 p.m. <br /> COUNCILORS PRESENT: Ruth Bascom, Bobby Green, Debra Ehrman, Emily Schue, <br /> Freeman Holmer. <br /> COUNCILORS ABSENT: Rob Bennett, Shawn Boles, Roger Rutan. <br /> The regular meeting of the Eugene City Council was called to order by Mayor <br /> Jeff Mi 11 er. <br /> I. PRESENTATION ON WILLAMETTE SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY CENTER <br /> Ed Smith, Executive Manager of the Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services <br /> Department, gave the staff report. He said the City presently owns the land <br /> upon which the Willamette Science and Technology Center (WISTEC) sits. <br /> e Ownership of the building will be transferred from the County to the City <br /> soon. Mr. Smith said the building has an area of 6,300 square feet and is <br /> worth approximately $1 million. He said several agencies contributed funds <br /> for construction of the building--the City contributed $75,000, WISTEC <br /> contributed $50,000, Lane ESD provided $158,000 for the planetarium, and the <br /> County provided the balance. Mr. Smith said WISTEC and Lane ESD were <br /> guaranteed 10 years of free rent in exchange for their contributions. The <br /> free rent ends in February 1990 and at that time, negotiating use of the <br /> building will be the City's responsibility. <br /> Mr. Smith said the County installed an 8-inch watermain to the site. WISTEC <br /> has been paying the water bill for not only its own facility, but at times <br /> for rental houses adjacent to the property and for irrigation of the Cuthbert <br /> Amphitheater. Mr. Smith said staff is in the process of rectifying this. <br /> Mr. Smith said WISTEC's current budget is approximately $150,00 per year; 25 <br /> percent of this is raised through admission fees. <br /> Mr. Smith said WISTEC's program fits within the definition of appropriate <br /> uses of room tax monies, but it would probably not be legal for the City to <br /> grant room tax money to WISTEC for the purpose of retiring the center's <br /> debt s . He said that the City could buy programs from WISTEC in the future, <br /> using room tax funds to pay for the programs. <br /> e MINUTES--City Council-- August 14, 1989 Page 1 <br /> Dinner/Work Session <br />