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<br />e III. CALL FOR PUBLIC HEARING: INITIATION OF ALLEY VACATION (CITY OF <br /> EUGENE) (AV 89-2) <br /> Ms. Bascom moved, seconded by Mr. Rutan, to initiate alley <br /> vacation proceedings and call for an October 23, 1989, public <br /> hearing for an alley vacation request by the City of Eugene <br /> (AV 89-2). The motion carried unanimously, 8:0. <br /> IV. APPOINTMENT: DOWNTOWN COMMISSION <br /> Ms. Bascom moved, seconded by Mr. Rutan, to appoint Peter <br /> Bartel to the Downtown Commission to complete the unexpired <br /> term of Anne Bennett expiring December 31, 1990. The motion <br /> carried unanimously, 8:0. <br /> V. WORK SESSION ON DRAFT ORDINANCE REGARDING THE ESTABLISHMENT OF A <br /> HOSPITAL AUTHORITY <br /> Citing a conflict of interest, Mr. Rutan excused himself from the discussion. <br /> City Attorney Bill Gary explained that although Ms. Bascom's husband has <br /> staff privileges at Sacred Heart General Hospital, Ms. Bascom does not <br /> legally have a conflict of interest because Dr. Bascom is not an agent of the <br /> hospital. Ms. Bascom excused herself from the discussion, however, because <br />e of the possibility of a perceived conflict of interest. <br /> Warren Wong, Finance Director, referred councilors to the draft ordinance for <br /> the establishment of a Eugene Hospital Authority contained in the agenda <br /> packet for the meeting. He noted that the draft ordinance provides the power <br /> to issue bonds and other obligations on behalf of acute care in-patient <br /> hospital facilities and supporting structures, services, and equipment. Mr. <br /> Wong said that the power to "acquire, own, lease, sell, and otherwise dispose <br /> of . . " is included in the ordinance because staff does not know at this <br /> time what type of security arrangements may be necessary as part of a debt <br /> obligation. . <br /> Mr. Wong said staff is recommending that the Board of Directors for the <br /> authority be composed of five elected officials. Staff considered other <br /> alternatives but feels this is the best course. If the council wishes to <br /> include lay members on the board, staff recommends a composition of four <br /> elected officials and one lay member, or of five elected officials and two <br /> 1 ay members. <br /> Mr. Holmer asked what type of projects could be financed by the hospital <br /> authority. Mr. Miller asked how the hospital authority might affect <br /> competition between medical businesses who do not offer acute care. Mr. Wong <br /> said that if a hospital authority were formed, medical facilities that <br /> offered acute care (i.e., Sacred Heart General Hospital) would be able to <br /> secure financing for facilities or equipment relating to in-patient care. <br />e MINUTES--Eugene City Council September 20, 1989 Page 2 <br />