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<br /> e <br /> M I NUT E S <br /> Eugene City Council Work Session <br /> McNutt Room--City Hall <br /> .../ December 6, 1989 <br /> 11:30 a.m. <br /> COUNCILORS PRESENT: Ruth Bascom, Rob Bennett, Shawn Boles, Debra Ehrman, <br /> Bobby Green, Freeman Holmer, Roger Rutan, Emily Schue. <br /> The adjourned meeting of December 4, 1989, was called to order by His Honor <br /> Mayor Jeff Miller. <br /> 1. ITEMS FROM THE CITY COUNCIL, MAYOR, AND CITY MANAGER <br /> A. Arts Funding Committee <br /> Ms. Bascom announced that the Arts Funding Committee meeting scheduled for <br /> December 7 has been postponed at the request of hotel and motel owners. <br /> e Meetings have been scheduled for January 4 and 16, 1990. <br /> B. WISTEC <br /> Ms. Bascom reported that Governor Goldschmidt spoke in favor of science <br /> education earlier in the day and announced a $16,000 challenge grant on <br /> behalf of WISTEC. Ms. Bascom hoped the City will participate in funding the <br /> continued operation of the facility. <br /> C. Budget Committee Nominations <br /> Councilors confirmed that Jack Eberly (Mr. Rutan's nomination) and Bobbie <br /> Green (Mr. Green's nomination) were appointed to the Budget Committee at the <br /> December 4 meeting. <br /> D. Drug Abuse <br /> Mr. Green reported on a forum held earlier in the day for elected officials <br /> to hear from young people involved in the Drug Abuse Response Team (DART) and <br /> Sacred Heart Adolescent Recovery Program (SHARP). He said that resources <br /> should be focused on education in the schools and homes and on treatment <br /> facilities. <br /> E. Announcements <br /> Ms. Bascom announced the recent birth of a grandson. <br /> e MINUTES--Eugene City Council December 6, 1989 Page 1 <br />