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<br />) <br /> Mr. Gleason introduced City Traffic Engineer Jim Hanks. Mr. Hanks said that the <br />. council was being asked to hear an appeal of an administrative decision to <br /> remove three automobile and one motorcycle parking spaces on the east side of <br /> Olive Street, north of 11th Avenue. He said that the parking removal had been <br /> requested by Lane Transit District (LTD) and noted that a memorandum on the <br /> matter from Ellen Bevington, Planning Administrator for LTD, had previously been <br /> distributed to the council. Mr. Hanks said that if the council took no action <br /> on the matter, the staff decision would be upheld but that a council motion <br /> would be needed to uphold the appeal. <br /> Public hearing was opened. <br /> John Hammer, 369 Sunset Drive, said that he and Don Furtick were owners of <br /> the buildlng at the northeast corner of Olive Street and West 11th Avenue. <br /> He noted that the building had in the past few years attracted six new businesses <br /> to Eugene. He said that he and his partner had more than $500,000 invested in <br /> the building and that they feared removal of the subject parking spaces would <br /> cause tenants in the building not to renew their leases. He said that buses <br /> stopping in front of the businesses would detract from the visibility and <br /> identity of the businesses in the building. <br /> Edmund Gibson, 2606 Windsor Circle West, represented himself and his wife, <br /> owners of Gibson's Hair Design, located in the Hammer/Furtick Building at 11th <br /> and 01 i ve . He referred to the memo from Ms. Bevington cited above by Mr. Hanks <br /> and said that the 14 parking spaces that had already been lost due to remodeling <br /> of the bus transfer area were already a great detriment to area businesses. He <br />e said his business was totally dependent on automobile traffic and parking. <br /> Charles D. Hawk, 3069 Kentwood Drive, said that the parking spaces recommended <br /> for removal were directly in front of his business and that buses stopping there <br /> would block the visibility of the business, thus detracting from the walk-in <br /> trade on which the business relied. He said that the bus stops would also cause <br /> traffic and pedestrian congestion in the area. <br /> Glen Bluestone, 2980 Madison Street, said that his business needed exposure to <br /> the public to survive. He felt that the buses would detract from this exposure. <br /> He was concerned that the noise of idling motors of the buses would interfere <br /> with business activities. <br /> Gre~ Marsh, 1860 West 14th Avenue, said he hoped that LTD would re-examine the <br /> optlons for this area, since he felt having the buses stop in front of his <br /> busin'ess would have an adverse impact on the business. <br /> Kim Bedell, 1071 Olive, said she was the manager of the Eugene Plasma Corporation, <br /> located in the Hammer/Furtick Building. She said that twice a month large <br /> semi-trucks park in the area under discussion for parking removal to pick up <br /> plasma from the business. She said the trucks were too large to use the alley <br /> and therefore needed the on-street parking spaces. She said that the business <br /> also received deliveries of supplies three times per week and that these trucks <br /> also needed places to park. Ms. Bidell said that the business discouraged <br /> loitering in front of the building, and she was afraid that having the bus stop <br /> there would create a loitering problem. She said that donors at the center use <br />e the parking spaces in question. She opposed removal of parking in this area. <br /> MINUTES--Eugene City Council November 17, 1982 Page 4 <br />