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<br />t <br />I <br /> E. Appointments <br />e 1. Announce results of speclal meeting held earlier concerning <br /> appointments to the Planning Commission and Joint Housing Committee <br /> Mayor Keller announced that this item would be held over and discussed at <br /> the council work session following this meeting. <br /> F. Announcements <br /> 1. Council work session <br /> City Manager Micheal Gleason announced that the council would hold a work <br /> session on improvements to 6th and 7th avenues and on the Capital Improvement <br /> Program, in the McNutt Room immediately following the regular council meeting. <br /> 2. Legislative Dinner <br /> Mr. Gleason said that the dinner with the Lane County Legislative delegation <br /> would be held at 6:30 p.m. on December 9 at the Eugene Conference Center. <br /> Responding to a question from Councilor Obie, Mr. Gleason said that the two <br /> councilors-elect had been invited to attend. <br /> II. ROUTINE ITEMS FOR COUNCIL APPROVAL <br /> A. Reconsideration of 1983 City Council Meeting Schedule (memo distributed) <br />e Mr. Gleason introduced his Executive Assistant, Cathy Freedman. Ms. Freedman <br /> said that the 1983 schedule formerly considered by councilors did not provide a <br /> full week in March with no council meetings. She said that Council Administrator <br /> Pat Lynch had also reminded her that the Congressional Cities Conference would <br /> be held in Washington March 5 through 8, 1983. Councilors Wooten, Ball, Lindberg, <br /> and Schue have indicated that they hoped to attend that conference. Ms. Freedman <br /> suggested that the council could 1) reschedule the February 28 Monday night <br /> meeting to February 21; 2) reschedule the March 9 meeting to March 2; or 3) do <br /> nothing, in which case there would be no week free of meetings until Spring <br /> Break, beginning March 21. <br /> Mr. Obie moved, seconded by Mr. Lindberg, to adopt <br /> recommendation 3. <br /> Ms. Schue said that it might be difficult to obtain a quorum at a March 8 <br /> meeting, since four councilors hoped to attend the conference in Washington. <br /> Mr. Obie amended his motion to adopt recommendation 2. <br /> Mr. Lindberg agreed to the amendment. A roll call vote was taken <br /> on the amended motion. Motion carried unanimously, with Mr. Hamel <br /> abstaining, because he would no longer be on the council in 1983. <br />e <br /> MINUTES--Eugene City Council December 8, 1982 Page 2 <br />