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<br />e <br /> <br />e <br /> <br />e <br /> <br />Councilors proceeded to individually question Ms. Ehrman on a variety of <br />issues from prepared questions. <br /> <br />Councilor Schue asked Ms. Ehrman to comment on specific Ward 3 issues such as <br />the planning process, the parking program, the woonerf, etc. <br /> <br />Ms. Ehrman said that she has lived in the ward as a student and as a professional <br />for six or seven years. She became familiar with the woonerf setting when she <br />was a student, and felt that it was accomplishing its objectives of diverting <br />traffic and retaining the neighborhood atmosphere. She described the physical <br />boundaries of the ward area, stating that the bulk of the residential area was <br />the West University Neighborhood. While she does not live there, she said she <br />had an understanding of the goals of the neighborhood refinement plan. She felt <br />that the parking program had not been in operation long enough for the council <br />to make an evaluation. Bike paths and transportation are major issues of the <br />ward, as well as downtown development. <br /> <br />Councilor Smith asked Ms. Ehrman if she could address some of the major issues <br />facing the city as a whole. <br /> <br />Ms. Ehrman believes that the number one issue is economic development. She <br />supports the Six-Point Plan but feels that State support is needed for the <br />success of this plan. She felt that her legislative experience could be a help <br />in accomplishing this, and all councilors could assist with State contacts. <br />Eugene's downtown development is a major issue, and incentives for business <br />location should be developed. Major retailers, such as Nordstrom's, should be <br />pursued; the athl etic cl ub shoul d be supported. Financing and taxation are <br />other issues, and perhaps the City should consider some alternate methods of <br />financing. The Hult Center operation and Airport upgrading are major concerns, <br />too. <br /> <br />Councilor Wooten asked Ms. Ehrman to explain some of her priorities should she <br />become a City Councilor. <br /> <br />Ms. Ehrman referred to her experi ence in San Jose, in that they lost 1 ivabil ity <br />at the expense of excessive economic growth. She felt it was important to <br />retain Eugene's reputation for uniqueness in being a good place to work, <br />rai se a fami ly, and enjoy recreational activi ti es. The Community Goal s Confer- <br />ence demonstrated that citizens have a commitment to retain this uniqueness. <br /> <br />Councilor Ball asked Ms. Ehrman if she would object to a combined delivery of <br />the services now delivered by three governmental bodies. Ms. Ehrman said that <br />she would not object if it meant lower costs to the citizenry. <br /> <br />Councilor Hansen asked Ms. Ehrman if she thought the Council handled the 6th and <br />7th Avenue widening issue correctly. She said she had attended the council <br />meeting at which this was discussed, and agreed with the Mayor's comment that <br />lithe process worked". A compromise was achieved by citizen participation. She <br />said that if she were analyzing the issue, she likely would have drawn on her <br />legal background and precedent philosophy. <br /> <br />MINUTES--Eugene City Council <br /> <br />February 15, 1984 <br /> <br />Page 2 <br />