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<br />D. Urbanization Report <br /> <br />e <br /> <br />Councilor Holmer, referring to the minutes of the City Council meeting of <br />January 25, 1984, stated that he had not clearly understood Ms. Wooten's <br />comment about "concentric circle development charges" at that meeting. Having <br />subsequently been advised that variations exist in the manner in which develop- <br />ment charges are imposed, he noticed the words "strong emphasis on a review of <br />concentric circle development charges II in a staff revision of the Urbanization <br />Report. Mr. Holmer was not sure he would have accepted the statement without <br />protest had he been aware of what Ms. Wooten was suggesting at that meeting. <br />He wished this to be made a part of the record. <br /> <br />E. Proposed Dinner Session with University of Oregon Officials <br /> <br />Councilor Obie suggested that the City Council invite the University of Oregon <br />president and his key department heads and officers to the next council dinner <br />session to outline the impact in historic and foreseeable funding levels on <br />the University's role in the community and the University itself and to <br />develop a two-way dialogue relative to the University's perspective of its <br />role in economic development and the council's areas of involvement. While he <br />felt that a common desire existed, he also believed that a gap existed in <br />communications relative to the capabilities and actions of the two groups. <br /> <br />F. Announcements <br /> <br />1. 50th Anniversary Celebration of Eugene Junior Symphony Association <br /> <br />tit Alice Dugan and Dick Long of the Eugene Junior Symphony presented a poster to <br />Mayor Keller as part of the symphony's celebration activities during the week <br />of April 3-7. She encouraged the council to participate in the activities. <br />Mr. Long stated that a piece written especially for the symphony will be <br />premiered at the April 7 concert. Mayor Keller congratulated the symphony for <br />its work over the past 50 years, stating that it has provided a quality <br />learning experience for the youth of the area. <br /> <br />2. Media Presentation <br /> <br />City Manager Michea1 Gleason stated that the area media had been generous with <br />their time and technology in assisting the Eugene Fire Department in its fire <br />prevention program. In recognition of the effort provided through public <br />service announcements, Mayor Keller presented plaques to representatives of <br />KEZI-TV, KVAL-TV, KUGN, KEED, and KPNW. <br /> <br />3. "Shaping Up '8411 Campaign <br /> <br />Mayor Keller encouraged the councilors to wear the "Shaping Up '84" buttons <br />distributed to them. He said he would provide copies of the first report on the <br />campaign to the councilors. <br /> <br />- <br /> <br />MINUTES--Eugene City Council <br /> <br />r~arch 14. 1984 <br /> <br />Page 2 <br />