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<br /> M I NUT E S <br /> e City Council Revenue Work Session <br /> McNutt Room <br /> June 19, 1984 <br /> 6:55 p.m. <br /> PRESENT: Brian Obie, Mayor-elect; Richard Hansen, Debra Erhman, Freeman <br /> Holmer, Cynthia Wooten, John Ball, Councilors; Ruth Bascom, <br /> Councilor-elect; Mike Gleason, City Manager; Dave Whitlow, <br /> Assistant City Manager; Warrren Wong, Finance Director; Ed Smith, <br /> Hult Center; Gary Long, Administrative Services; Bob Coleman, <br /> Facilities; Marilynne Musso, Bob Deis, Finance; Bill Guenzler, Dave <br /> Reinhard, Public Works; Tim Birr, City Manager's office. <br /> Mayor-elect Obie called the worksession to order. <br /> Mr. Wong said the staff would present information about the capital project <br /> needs of the City. The council would then have an opportunity to decide about <br /> appropriate funding for the projects. <br /> 1. CAPITAL PROJECT REQUIREMENTS <br /> e A. Street System <br /> Mr. Guenzler reported on the street system using charts, a map, and slides. <br /> He discussed the need for street overlay, reconstruction and new construction. <br /> He estimated the ten year cost to be $29,500,000. The estimate would not <br /> solve all the problems. Many large projects had been excluded from the list. <br /> There was a big back-log of work that needed to be done. The estimate did not <br /> include any streets in the Santa Clara area or the unannexed section of the <br /> River Road area. <br /> Revenues from a three cent/gallon, four cent/gallon, and five cent/gallon gas <br /> tax were estimated. <br /> Answering questions, Mr. Gleason said new streets are constructed with systems <br /> development charges, Bancroft moneys, and other funds. Several years ago, a <br /> reserve of systems development charges was built up, but it has now been spent. <br /> Street repairs and constructions would have to be financed some other way. <br /> Adjacent property owners would not be assessed for overlays or reconstruction <br /> if they had paid for the streets once. Property owners could be assessed <br /> for reconstruction of streets which were not built to City standards. Those <br /> property owners could use Bancroft funds for the assessments. Some block <br /> grant funds are used for the Capital Improvement Program (CIP). They might be <br /> allocated for street improvements if the streets affected blight or low-income <br /> people, but the funds are very limited. <br /> e MINUTES--City Council Revenue Work Session June 19, 1984 Page 1 <br />